State Ed Chief Approves Testani As Acting School Leader

In one of her final acts as Connecticut Commissioner of Education, Dianna Wentzell approved the Board of Education’s appointment of Adult Education Director Michael Testani to serve as acting school chief commencing August 1, replacing Aresta Johnson who’s officially leaving the district July 31 to accept a post at the University of Bridgeport. Testani was selected by a 5-3 vote.

Testani’s tenure is expected to last at least one year as the school board undertakes a national search for a longer-term school district leader.

Letter from Wentzell to BOE Chair John Weldon:



  1. State Ed Chief Approves Testani As Acting School Leader
    What say you Now (?????) …………… Daughter of Frankenstein (!!!!!)

    Superintendent Testani (1) …………D.o.F (0)

  2. I find it so interesting that Peter Yazbuk, Commissioner Wentzell’s Director of Communication, told the CT Post that Wentzell had not granted the waiver on her last day which was Friday.

    On a good note I had a 45 minute conversation with the SEEC because I had additional information on Chris Taylor. I waa very pleased with the conversation. I feel confident that Chris Taylor is in very serious trouble and that he will be facing very real consequences.

  3. FaithACTS for Education, this significant pro-charter $chool organization, held a forum tonight where only Jessica Martinez.” Interim Superintendent” Testani and Chris Taylor were invited.
    Chris Taylor and Jessica Martinez have both missed over 60% of meetings so far this year. Jessica has the worst tardiness record and she constantly leaves meetings early

    They were so clueless. The amount of completely inaccurate information they stated would be funny if it wasn’t so discrsceful.

    Jessica Martinez the state has cut is $52, 000,000 over the last three years. This is false. Neither the state or city have increased funding for the BPS which has caused us to cut $40,000,000 over the last three years. We need to cut an additional $11.5 million for next school year which will result in $51.5 million in cuts over the last four years.

    Chris Taylor was just an idiot and fool who stated one stupid thing after another. He said that we need s forensic audit which will result ” in someone going to jail.” I do believe a school board member is going to end up in jail though.

    Our completely unqualified “Interim Suoerintendent” publicly stated on video that the BPS only has a 60% Graduation Rate. He doesn’t even know a critical data point like this. The most recent data shows we have a 74.5 % Gradustion Rate which showed an 8% increase in Dr. Johnson’s first full year as Superintendent.

  4. I was told that Mr. Testani directed all Principals to attend a meeting at CHS at 1:30 PM today to speak with them in his new role as “Interim Superintendent.”

    Mr. Testani does not become the “Acting Superintendent’ until August 1, 2019 as noted in the letter above.

    Dr. Johnson is the Superintendent until July 30, 2019.

    I contacted her to ask her was she aware of this Principal Meeting called by Mike Testani. Dr. Johnson stated she had no knowledge of it, was not consulted and had not authorized it.

    This unqualified political hack has absolutely no respect.

  5. And to further illustrate Mike Testani’s lack of decency and respect, he moved into Dr. Johnson’s office when she is still in the District until July 9, 2019. She is taking vacation from July 10, thru July 30, 2019.

    You think Dr. Johnson did that to Fran Rabinowitz?

    I was told by staff he moved into her office on Saturday and has been holding meetings with staff in Dr. Johnson’s office. Dr. Johnson is still working and at 45 Lyon Terrace today.

    What professional and decent person behaves like this?

  6. LOL! An administrator told me my post about Mike Testani calling a meeting of all Principals without Dr. Johnson’s knowledge or authority is circulating amongst Principals.

    This same administrator told me principals are saying this school year will be their “free year.” When I asked why principals were saying that I was told they believe the year will be easy because Testani knows absolutely nothing about curriculum, instruction, pedagogy , therefore he won’t be able to manage the most important aspect of their jobs which is student learning.

    I am so concerned for our students.

    1. That’s real intelligent for Principals to say it’s their free year? So they need to be babysat in order to do their jobs? That’s pathetic!!!! Yes, I feel sorry for the kids too……

  7. I started the petition with two other individuals. I am not the administrator of the page and have no access to any of the data.

    I have made it repeatedly clear that I helped create and circulate the petition. It’s allover my Facebook page. I am quite proud of it.

    Do you have anything else to offer?

  8. Well,,Frank, what I can promise you is that I would get SIGNIFICANTLY more votes than you ever would. You would fall into the Tony Barr category for mayoral votes.

    You have ZERO name recognition and have absolutely no idea what it takes to run a successful campaign.


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