For Third Time City Cop Charged With Domestic Violence

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

A city police officer has been placed on administrative leave following his third arrest for domestic violence.

Steven Figueroa, 28, was charged Saturday by Shelton police with third-degree assault, unlawful restraint, threatening and risk of injury to a child.

He was released after posting $150,000 bond following an arraignment in Superior Court in Derby. The judge issued a protective order ordering Figueroa to have no further contact with his girlfriend.

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  1. The city needs to fire this cop and let his union fight to get his job back. Maybe if he went without pay for six months or a year and have to fight to get his job back he will understand the gravity of his actions. When is assaulting women an acceptable behavior for a public servant, a Bridgeport police officer or a MAN.

  2. Not one time, not two times but this is the third time, what the hell is the police department policy, rules and regulations and where is the concern for children and women. Where is he outrage from the mayor and the police chief, I thought the City had a EAP program, Employee Assistance Programs do work but there must be follow-up and monitor. Where is the progressive discipline and where is the union in looking out for their member and to make sure that this member receives the help that he needs. These poor women need help and protection and guidance.

    1. According to the article the officer went through some type of help the first time. The chief is quoted “let the chips fall where they may,” after the second one.

      The challenge is getting the victims to continue to press charges.

    2. It’s actually the 4th time….. When your buddies with John Gomes, you’re protected……. I hope the victim is ok, and the Officer gets the help he needs…… SMFH

  3. You shouldn’t be to harsh with John. Don’t blame him for someone else actions and don’t kid ourselves. That was probably his MO growing up, his bulling and abusiveness in relationships. That’s all it really is, a form of bullying by weaker people to feel dominate. You just don’t start, and you definitely just don’t stop that type of behavior. Considering there seems to be a governance power that seems knows all. He was probably chosen to be a cop for those very reasons. That’s the police culture no one wants to talk about. I will say this, don’t expect becoming a cop to improve such a situation, count on it making is worse,for the most part. That being said I hope he gets the help he needs but not at the cost of the victim or the next victim. JS

    1. Too harsh with John? Why do you think this kid didn’t get fired the last 2-3 times? If you don’t know, ya don’t know…… jus sayin ‘……. their are a lot more than two types of people Tex….

      1. Alright, maybe three types 🙂 Please, not saying knowing John doesn’t hurt but lets face it you cops protect each other even when you don’t like each other. When it comes to that thin blue line. Have you forget? Over half a dozen officers lied a their official police reports about other officers being abusive, not domestic, but abusive in preforming their job, and that shit is come in making arrests, you know that. Are you saying John is the solely responsible for those officers not getting fired. One might maybe two. I don’t even want to bring up super-fly rook. JS. Let’s be real, Frank this is not one of police reports. 🙂

        1. Another one of my favorite movies!!!! Listen,
          No one in their right mind condones Domestic violence!! I’m saying I would have been fired the first or second time…. Three times is NOT a charm in this case….. Listen, I don’t envy Police Officers who are just starting out. They have a tough 25 years ahead of them. Even when Cops do the right thing, their are wackos pulling out the race card every time!!! If you only pull it out when it’s warranted, it would be more believable…..
          I am talking in general, not any specific case…

          1. That what wrong in the world to day. Lennie you posted my grammar correction but not my post. 🙂

          2. Let’s try it again. Unfortunately there are many who condone it. It’s very common to condone domestic violence against women in the US and around the world. The hatred of women runs deep. Be it penis size, the gayness, broken heart, hatred itself.

            When you bring up the race card on a conversation about a officer who was arrested 3 time for domestic violence you are pulling out the race card in itself.

            Generally speaking cops don’t have a touch 25 years ahead of them, however it can be very serious at times, and I’m not talking about ghetto parking either. I highly doubt you would have been fired for such an act if the system can protect you from it. They do it all the time. With your 25 years on the force I’m sure there were some fireable offenses you have gotten away it and that thin blue line protected you. When you have an officer smashing their flashlight in someone head when making an arrest that didn’t “warranted” it. It’s abuse.

            What makes a police officer’s job “tough” is they deal with shit all day, a lot of domestic violence shit, ironically, and that shit starts to piles up in the cop’s psyche. Until they are part of the shit themselves and view every situation, as shit. The physical aspect is the climax. The abuse was going on well before the cops are called. No one seems to truly care about that.

            Didn’t your department have to suicides. That is now a distant memory of and just a feel good memory of donation and fundraiser. Do you think it was because of the toughness of the duties of a being a police officer or the shit that piled up in them? At some point someone has to draw the line on police abuse, the demonization of the police,
            abuse on women in generally be it physical or mentally.

            P.S greatest story ever told. JS


  4. This is egregious. He not only needs to be out of a job, he needs to be in jail. Once is too many times. Three times is a distinct pattern of violence and abuse.


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