Off-Duty Firefighter Victim Of Hit-And-Run

From Tara O’Neill, CT Post:

An off-duty city firefighter sustained serious injuries during a hit-and-run in the city on Friday, officials said Tuesday.

Around 11:18 p.m. Friday, police department patrol officers responded for a report of a serious crash at the intersection of Stratford Avenue and East Main Street.

“A pedestrian was crossing Northbound on Stratford Avenue from the southeast corner to the northeast corner within the crosswalk,” said a statement from Capt. Kevin Gilleran. “As he was crossing the westbound lanes he was struck by a vehicle. The striking vehicle turned northbound onto East Main Street, stopped briefly on East Main Street, then fled the scene continuing northbound. Officers that responded to the scene were unable to obtain suspect vehicle information at the time of report.”

… Anyone with information about the crash is asked to contact Sgt. Gabe Meszaros at 203-576-7640.

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  1. Around 11:18 p.m. Friday, June 28, police department patrol officers responded for a report of a serious crash at the intersection of Stratford Avenue and East Main Street. On Sunday, June 30, the Bridgeport Police Traffic Division was notified of the seriousness of the victim’s injuries and has since taken the lead on the investigation. It is unclear Tuesday night if the victim remains hospitalized. This story was not mention in the media until July 2. This is A HIT AND RUN CRIME and you would think that the police would want as much information involving this crime from the public who could have been in that area during time that this crime was committed by asking for the public’s help by letting the media know about this crime. Where is the concern from Mayor Ganim, he has said nothing publicly. Fire Chief Thode did go to all of the firehouses on Saturday to tell the firefighters about the condition of this firefighter, that the procedure was successful but he was still in critical condition. There nothing to in the media from the fire chief concerning one of his member’s and what the help is Police Chief AJ Perez doing concerning this crime. This whole incident has been handle wrong. Our prayers for a speedy recovery for our brother.

  2. Let me preference my remarks by saying I’ve never been a cop nor recieved any training there of, but I do have strong sense of common sense. A man gets run over by a hit and run driver and the cop on scene doesn’t ascertain the seriousness of the man’s injuries by, at the very least question the medics on scene. The cop on scene doesn’t go to the hospital to ascertain the Seriousness man’s injuries or talk to family members that may be there in support of their loved one.

    Two days later the BPD gets a call from whomever that says the Man that got run over by the hit and run driver is in serious condition and then and only then does the REAL INVESTIGATION begins. Now four days later it makes it into the paper with the BPD asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the vehicle that ran over this man who happens to be a Bridgeport Firefighter who puts his life on the line everytime he goes the work.

    I’m not saying that the Firefighter should have gotten better treatment from the BPD because of his chosen profession, I’m saying that no matter who he was he should have gotten better treatment from the Bridgeport Police Department in helping to capture the psycho who Ran him over and left for dead. Bridgeport deserves better than this from its Police Department, Much Better!

  3. Ron and Don, as retired firefighters are closer to the action than I am. But I have been wondering about how things are reported, especially when there is a story that might include Fire and Police professionals.
    An example: About five weeks ago, or so the story goes, a business next door to the Wood Ave Deli received significant damage from one or more individuals who ran into the business, with open flame and flammable fluids doused the place and ran away. If most of that is true, why was it not in the paper? What investigative technique would keep such a story quiet? What is the story? Hopefully, time will tell.

    1. John,
      This is strictly hypothetical!!!!!Their are any number of reasons why certain things don’t make the paper . Maybe they are going thru evidence and waiting for test results. Maybe a suspect in a case is known to Police and they don’t want to alert a suspect of that.. Their are numerous other reasons: to many to list. Give investigators a chance to do their job, even if YOU don’t approve of their tactics……….

  4. I have never understood how someone can just hit another human being with a vehicle and just drive off.

    The lack of human decency is pretty disgraceful.

    I hope this BFD Firefighter fully recovers and those responsible are apprehended.

  5. It’s sad but we should not be surprised what people do to one another for no reason. People hit parked cars or collide with other motorist and flee the scene all the time. Hitting a pedestrian and taking off happens too. In this case due to the fact where it took place the chances of a witness or witnesses was diminished due to the hour. Then there are those who will not help the police if they did see something. Throw in the delay to launch a proper investigation, with little or no forensic evidence to even identify the suspect vehicle, solving this will be difficult if at all. Hopefully the victim can help if he can, let hope he can recover and continue being a full time fire fighter.

    Let’s not forget the recent shootings, three were shot in PT, one in the Greenes and recently on Ch-12 the chief is asking for anyone who may have video when that woman was shot in her home. That’s 51 shootings to date and the victim in the Greens has died. Once again another family is now grieving .

    So what is the chief going to say? I have stepped up patrols in the problem areas how long and when it happens again somewhere else the same thing will start all over again.

    How is his so hired so called expert doing? You need a proactive approach to crime prevention this includes traffic enforcement too all the time. Posting a portable radar reminder is not going to do anything but tell people how fast they are driving and letting them know, their speedometer is accurate. Collecting shell casings is not going to help catch a killer.

    It not just Bridgeport it’s all over this country.

    1. Firstly,
      Collecting shell casings CAN help catch a suspect……
      You want proactive Policing? You say that now, but as soon as it happens, people be complaining cause they are getting harassed….. just saying, Can’t win either way nowadays……

  6. Frank,

    I have to respectfully disagree with part of your post. A shell casing tells you the caliber of the gun, not who fire it. The casing is too small for a proper fingerprint analysis. A fingerprint burns off the casing when it is fired that is all Hollywood B/S.
    I agree with you here.

    People are either going to be part of the solution or part of the problem. They can complain about the shootings or help when they happen.

    1. True dat! People need to get involved…. remember, it’s 2019….. DNA is left everywhere……… Can’t stop it….. Only time will tell….. I wanna be part of the solution, not the problem….. Sounds like we both do.

      1. Yes Frank DNA is everywhere all you have to do is take the time and look for it. Unlike television crime shows it takes time process it. Juries want to see DNA and other forensics it is not enough for Pookie to say he saw Junior shoot Flaco.

        People need to decide how they want to live they bash the police when it suits them. Complain not enough is being done to reduce crime or in this case accidents. There has to be a balance where people’s rights are not infringed. Clearly there are some who have no fear carrying and using an illegal gun, that has to change.

        You do need more cops walking and engaging the public before a crime happens. This is nothing new it is as old as policing itself. Just the presence of an Officer is a deterrent but it has to be all the time not when there is a spike in shootings.

        Try this take every available Officer, supervisors, narcotics and detectives that are on duty. As long as they are available take these cops and do a walk though your problem areas at least once a shift. No overtime is required just don’t have a specific time to do this just do it when you can. See what kind of results with calls for service especially the quality of life issues.

        I know this sounds kind of far fetched but you have to start with something.

  7. Proactive policing doesn’t mean the harrassment of innocent people. Proactive policing isn’t based on ethnicity and if done correctly no one will complain. Proactive policing means getting your ass out of the car and walking around meeting the people that you are paid to protect while fostering a better relationship with the community.

    Proactive policing isn’t Stop and Frisk nor does it mean that if a Black commits a crime it isn’t an indictment of all Blacks or reason to suspect that all young Black’s are part of a criminal enterprise. Frank from the tenor of your post you are under the belief that crime in Bridgeport has a face and a ethnicity which is ludicrous.

    1. Donald,
      Please put the race card back in your pocket!! That’s the exact problem I was talking about. Thank you for proving my point…… Race doesn’t matter!!! If you are a law abiding citizen, you have nothing to worry about. If you are dirty, you’re dirty regardless of where you from or what you look like. BPD don’t play that shit!!! Regardless of what you think or what past you living in……. Nobody likes the Police UNTIL they need em’……. THEN they want to know where they been?? Like right now!!!!!

  8. Frank, when race is no longer an issue in this America, with police across this America then I will certainly not speak to it. I have never played the race card and in fact have no idea what that entails or how it’s done.

    What I am keenly aware is Dog WHISTLING which you seen quite adapt at doing. Black’s are being harrassed, murdered and jailed by police on a daily basis for nothing more than walking down the street. May I suggest that you save your righteous indignation for someone that doesn’t know better or gives a damn.

  9. Frank Cuccaro, what are you talking about? What did Don say that’s not true? Frank, do you know who were the first police officers in America and what there job was?


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