Stallworth Must Rev Up Mayoral Campaign Fundraising

Charlie Stallworth with Democratic Town Committee member Tony Barr prior to his March mayoral announcement. If he’s going to save the city he must swell his campaign treasury.

If State Rep. Charlie Stallworth aims for any kind of financial relevancy in his campaign for mayor, he’ll need to step on the fundraising gas pedal. The city minster, a former Joe Ganim ally now waging a race against his former boss, raised just $9,160, according to his first quarter finance report, $1,500 of that from Stallworth.

Stallworth did not enter the race for mayor until early March so his fundraising is a product of less than one month.

Stallworth received a maxed-out $1,000 contribution from Greenwich entrepreneur Guy Smith who had a short-lived run for governor last year derailed by a failed petition effort onto the August primary ballot. Stallworth also had a brief campaign for lieutenant governor in an alliance with Smith. Marjorie Smith, Guy’s wife, added another $1,000, so nearly 40 percent of Stallworth’s financial support came from three donors.

Stallworth received a $500 contribution from Garvin Ambrose, a Chicago, Ill. attorney; Richardo Griffith, a Bridgeport contractor for Godly Hands Construction pitched in $300; Shelton resident Camelia Lawrence, a surgeon for Hartford Healthcare $500; Norman Brown, an optician from Stratford $500.

Several of Stallworth’s pastor peers also donated modest amounts.

Stallworth reports $1,150 in expenses, leaving $8,010 on hand.

By comparison, Ganim’s financial report shows $166,472 on hand and State Senator Marilyn Moore $66,345.



  1. Certainly Reverend Stallworth has every right to run for Mayor, but he might be better served to withdrawal from this mayoral election and throw his support behind Senator Marilyn Moore. Bring together the churches of the MMA and the thousands of people that they represent as their congregations in full support of the honorable Senator Marilyn Moore for Mayor of Bridgeport as its first Black Mayor.

    What a place in Bridgeport history Rev. Stallworth would have as one of the guiding lights of change for the City of Bridgeport in helping with the election of a Mayor that is honest and who’s integrity is beyond reproach, something Bridgeport has been missing for a lot of years. Reverend Stallworth, you can be the change, without the benefit of being the Mayor. Do you Love Bridgeport more than you dislike Mayor Ganim?

    C’mon aboard my Brother the Senator needs you, the Black community needs you, the residents of Bridgeport needs you, but more importantly Bridgeport needs you to DO THE RIGHT THING.

    1. Money is not an issue. The best thing Rev Stallworth could do is primary the mayor and force him to “show his cards” and give Marilyn Moore a platform to run against. She’s in a luxurious position thanks to her prior party endorsement. She has a clever way to enter the ballot in November.
      Stallworth’s underdog status will offset any financial woes and set the stage for Moore’s triumphant campaign. He’d be doing her a favor.
      Moore’s backers are counting on voter fatigue. To gain re-election, Ganim’s supporters will have to vote for him three times.

    1. Don’t laugh. Men of the cloth are great storytellers and Rev. Stallworth has a great story to tell.
      In a primary-one on one with the mayor-he might be victorious.
      I hear thunder in the distance.

  2. Let me get this straight.
    In Bridgeport, capital of Corrupticut, we would rather see people with government contracts who live in OUR suburbs(Trumbull, Easton, Fairfield, Shelton, Stratford) give to a mayor’s campaign than to see people who live in Greenwich.
    Is that what who are trying to sell Lenny???

    1. OIB felt it was important to highlight where Moore’s contributions came from. I called upon OIB several days ago FOR EQUAL TIME and show Ganim’s top donors. We are still waiting.

      1. Frank, the Ganim campaign finance report showed no donations for the first quarter of 2019. I’ve written plenty of stories about Ganim’s past contributors, be it for mayor or governor campaigns, and will do so again when the next quarter report becomes available in July. That report will be loaded with donations.

        1. Lennie,
          Thank you for the response. I look forward to seeing campaign contributions from all participants in the 2nd Quarter. Thanks for your work.


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