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  1. Got enough problems of your own, and facing foreclosure is not one of them. You do have a right to be happy then because of the stories coming back through parties who have learned many expensive lessons. Not all the lessons have been based on court records having been timely, accurate and filed appropriately. Wearing my Communications-News reporting card for the Greater Bridgeport NAACP Newsletter, I have been surprised on several occasions by the prodding and questioning of Court officials that has opened up a different outcome or consequence that was positive for someone caught up in filings and responses.

    There are four firms of considerable size operating in CT with case lists totaling 72095.
    In early January the New Haven Register reported that CT property values had dropped by 4.19% for an average loss of $12,068. Certain law firms have turned the foreclosure process into a booming opportunity for certain states that have been slow to update their responses to the foreclosure mess that includes mediations that are compromised. How do we seek as a legislature protections for owners as well as better certainty that completed foreclosure actions do not unnecessarily retard market values for all, and provide undue enrichment when equity values are lost in strict foreclosure actions, incorrectly raised? Time will tell.


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