Stafstrom Outlines $26 Million State Funds For City Projects

Bridgeport is awash in state and federal dough for infrastructure improvements, industrial remediation, social service support.

Here’s the latest from State Rep. Steve Stafstrom after the Connecticut State Bond Commission approved nearly $26 million for city initiatives.

The funding breaks down as follows:
$12,590,520 for repairs to the Greater Bridgeport Community Mental Health Center –the upper level parking garage will be replaced with a new structure that will accommodate more cars and bring the entire garage up to current code.
$10,000,000 to the City of Bridgeport for the redevelopment and remediation of the former Remington Arms Facility on Barnum Avenue.
$3,000,000 to the Wakeman Boys & Girls Club for the construction of the Madison Avenue Community Center.
$300,000 to the Klein Memorial Auditorium Foundation in Bridgeport to help cover the unanticipated costs of an elevator installation.

I am particularly pleased to see the commission passed funding to help rebuild the Madison Avenue Community Center that is behind Central High School. This 44,230 square-foot center is anticipated to serve thousands of children ages 3 to 18, providing nutritious meals as well as outlets for recreation, the arts, child care, and more.

The project’s total cost is about $23 million. Over $15 million has been raised privately and the City of Bridgeport, State of Connecticut and New Market Tax Credit will finance the remainder.

The construction of this state of the art facility has long been a priority of mine and I am pleased to have secured the critical State matching investment to bring it to fruition. This facility will offer children in our community an unparalleled positive, safe place to play, learn, and grow. I want to extend my thanks to Governor Lamont, Speaker Ritter and commission members for understanding this project’s value and their work to move it forward.



  1. Building the new Boys/Girl’s club on Madison Ave is such good news and too long coming.Kudos to all involved, HAVE too get these kids off the streets and get them involved in things like this.

    Again though,when I read “ Bpt is awash in State and Federal dough for infrastructure improvements etc”.. It makes me nervous,this is a one time deal to have this money so available.We have to be diligent with it.I worry about Joe and the temptation of corruption.EVERY dollar has to be watched closely,and every contractor this administration chooses to work with has to be scrutinized.It’s sad to have to think like this,but this is reality.


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