Pete Finch: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Don’t know if Pete Finch, son of hizzoner, is ready to bring his groove live to the Gathering of the Vibes this summer, but here’s his latest video, all in keeping with the spirit of money and politics.



  1. *** It’s got an old-school early “MTV-Raps” video’s style from what I remember my kids listening to back then; I liked it! I think the kid’s got some potential, no? *** WORK IT HARDER, KID! ***

  2. Pete Finch has potential. I posted the link to Money Mouth earlier when it was posted by a Facebook friend. I like ‘My Celebrity’ better and I give him credit for using his skills and talent to provide entertainment while sending a message.
    [It’s] a positive ‘sign’ and ‘beats’ getting in trouble.


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