Obama And Brad Pitt Cousins?

Wednesday (May 27) from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. the Black Rock Branch Library will host the “Unusual, Unexpected, Unbelievable but All-True Facts About America’s Presidents.” More from neighborhood librarian John “Salty” Soltis.

University of New Haven PROFESSOR STEPHEN SPIGNESI presents dozens of fascinating facts about all of the Presidents, from George Washington to Barack Obama, and his program includes a slideshow and a Q&A session.

Did you know …
• At his Inauguration, George Washington (#1) had one tooth in his mouth, yet he insisted that his horses had their teeth brushed every day.
• Thomas Jefferson (#3) invented the swivel chair and the dumbwaiter.
• John Quincy Adams (#6) liked to swim naked in the Potomac.
• Andrew Jackson (#7) most likely believed that the world was flat.
• Ulysses S. Grant’s (#18) favorite breakfast was cucumbers in vinegar.
• Warren Harding (#29) once lost a complete set of White House china in a poker game.
• Lyndon B. Johnson (#36) was a Fresca addict and had a Fresca fountain in the Oval Office.
• Barack Obama (#44) and Brad Pitt are 8th cousins. Also, President Obama has won two Grammy Awards.

These fun facts and many more are presented in a fast-paced, entertaining, and educational program that has been praised by audiences everywhere!


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