No Cruise Control, Cop Car Slams Into East End Building

cop smash
A police cruiser slammed into an East End building on Tuesday injuring one officer. CT Post photo Fausto Giovanny Pinto.

From CT Post reporter Fausto Giovanny Pinto:

A Bridgeport Police cruiser slammed into a building in the East End on Tuesday afternoon after a two-car crash.

Emergency crews were called to the intersection of Stratford Avenue and Carroll Avenue just after 3:45 p.m. when initial reports of the crash came in over a police scanner.

The cruiser was racing down Stratford Avenue without sirens on and swerved to avoid hitting a small gray sedan crossing Carroll Avenue, according to witnesses who did not wish to give their names. City officials did not comment on whether the cruiser was speeding.

Full story here.



  1. This car was being driven by Sergeant Grech who heads up security for the BPS. He was late for a meeting on CT Ave. because he had organized a group of security guards to convince them to volunteer in the parks this summer. He was going to try to use the number of volunteers to coerce Fran Rabinowitz and the BBOE to pay 100% of their salaries to work in the city parks.

    Reports are he was traveling approximately 90 miles per hour weaving in and out of traffic with no lights and sirens while on his cellphone.

    He struck a vehicle with an elderly female driver before he struck this building. Both he and the woman will be okay but they were both taken to the hospital.

    There are plenty of cameras on Stratford Avenue so this should be easy enough to verify.

    It is highly likely there is going to be litigation and a hefty payout.

  2. Were you there at the time of the crash? Were you in the police car?
    How do you report with such confidence details about the crash?
    Initial reports are not always correct.
    Were you at his meeting prior to the crash?
    Until facts are established it is an allegation!

    1. I guess everything the CT Post and Channel 12 News reported are just “allegations.” I guess even though we have a photo of a police car on a sidewalk that has clearly gone through a metal gate, all the media reports are just “allegations.” Only a spouse of a “clown” would write such nonsense.

      1. Maria,
        As an educator I am well versed in learning difficulties.
        What does my spouse’s profession have to do with my comments?
        Why must you stoop to a level that has no connection to the conversation at hand?
        Is your intelligence linked to the man you shack up with?
        I don’t believe it is, so why Maria must you be nasty, negative, rude and way off base?
        I asked questions. Do you have a problem with that?
        I did not name call or accuse you of anything. I was gathering info.

        1. Ann, I have no problem with whatever you want to dish out, but you have to be willing to take it, too.

          My comment was just a play on words. Your husband is a circus clown, therefore my comment was not derogatory.

          1. Wrong again. You have no idea what he is, what he does or how he makes a living that supports eight people and has paid for 17 years of private college tuition.

          2. Of course you again miss the point. The point has nothing to do with someone else’s job. I think and speak all by myself.
            It is crazy to claim my comments on this blog are directly or indirectly related to Joe’s profession.

          3. Ann, you have previously posted I live in a rented home. How has that contributed to any relevant exchange or dialogue? Ed Gomes rents his home. Does that make him less worthy or acceptable in your eyes?

      2. You know Maria, you just stepped to a new low. You are going after a person because of their employment. Well the clown you talk about worked for Ringling Brothers. He also teaches new clowns how to perform. How do you earn your living? Oh that’s right, you don’t have a job, you don’t have much of an education and someone else pays your bills. You really are a low life.

        1. Andy, you truly are not in a position to judge when others reach a “new low.” After all, you are the one who repeatedly uses foul language and calls others names.

          There you go. My tax returns contradict all your baseless accusations.

  3. That’s what she does, innuendo, insinuation and out-and-out lies. Having lived on the East End for 30 years, you can’t drive down Stratford Ave at 90 miles an hour during the day. Too many cars and people in the street. I said it once and I’ll say it again, I wouldn’t believe her if her tongue came notarized.

    1. I was about to say, 90 mph on Stratford Ave? LOL possibly 60 and that would still be flying like a bat outta hell. And a crash at 90 mph would look a hell of a lot worse than that considering no skid marks. But again it will cost the taxpayers hundreds of thousands we do not have.

  4. So true, Donadl Day.
    Is she trying to impress people by making believe she has inside information? Is she trying to prove she has connections and is fed information?
    Quite frankly, who cares?
    I do care if you slander someone. I do care if you lie or tell the truth.
    It appears Maria cares more about image and making people believe she is in the know.

    1. Yes, I did receive inside information from two different Bridgeport police officers. As I stated, it was “reported” he was traveling close to 90 miles per hour according to multiple witnesses to the accident.

      Barney and Donald Day, you sound like five-year-olds on the playground.

      By the way Donald Day, if you are looking for a liar I suggest you start with your friend Ron Mackey. He wrote he had spoken with Bobby Simmons, Sauda Baraka and Judge Lopez about their current relationship with me and whether they supported me or not. He clearly implied there was an issue related to their support. I spoke with both Sauda and Bobby last night and they said it was a “lie.” In fact, both told me they had had no meaningful conversation with Ron Mackey on any issue in “years.” Bobby Simmons wanted his phone number so he could call him directly to confront him on his “lie.” Sauda Baraka told me I had her specific permission to post our conversation on this blog. You want to identify a “liar?” I recommend you start there.

    2. Ann, if you don’t care, why are you asking so many questions about my post? Let Grech worry about whether I slandered him or not.

      I don’t have to try to impress others. After all, I impress people all the time by just being me. There is no additional effort required. 🙂

          1. I said I cared about slander and I cared about lies.
            If the shoe fits, wear it. I did not accuse you of either.

  5. Here is Maria P making shit up to suit her purpose. Nowhere in any report does it say the cop was traveling at 90MPH. In fact, the woman’s car that was hit suffered only minor damage as did the police car. Maria, for once get the facts straight.

    1. Andy, the accident was so minor, Sergeant Grech is still in Bridgeport Hospital. If you don’t believe me because I am apparently a compulsive “liar,” call there yourself and confirm it. That is what I did.

  6. Maria, again it’s unnamed police sources told her the cop was doing 90MPH on Stratford Ave, what bullshit. Maria, I am telling you flat out you are an out-and-out liar and Lennie should remove these libelous posts from the blog. Taking a look at the police car and the other car there is no way this cop car was doing 90 at the time of the accident. There are no skid marks, the lady’s car is only slightly damaged and the police car is slightly damaged. Maria, you are a f’n LIAR, you have a thing against this cop and are trying to use this blog to get him.

  7. Maria,
    I feel sorry for you if you think I sound like a five-year-old on a playground.
    I don’t pretend to be important. I don’t try to impress people. I simply asked if you were present and therefore had firsthand information. Maybe you too were quickly trying to get from one meeting to the next. Sooo much of your life is attending meetings.
    But I guess now you are also an investigative reporter and will come out with information that as of now is hearsay!
    So who is the kid on the playground?

    1. Ann, no I was not present for the accident, and neither was the CT Post nor Channel 12 News reporter, yet they are reporting on this story based on what they are being told. It is referred to as interviewing bystanders and speaking with representatives from the BPD. You are behaving like a child.

      1. Why do you keep saying I act/behave like a child?
        Is it because I ask questions?
        I am not throwing a temper tantrum. I am not name-calling.
        What action have I taken that has you repeatedly calling me a child?

        1. Ann, you are making snake comments. Are you still upset you lost the TC election? There is another one coming up in March, and if you’re upset I could use a blue magic marker instead of black. Blue would probably work better with your coloring. 🙂

          1. Dear Ms. Pereira,
            As a proclaimed expert on one or more issues challenging Bridgeport citizens, what has any of the postings on this thread have to do with the ISSUES? Your need to be in the middle of the muddle barking out your opinions, but not facts and directions on what you have claimed is important to you like the progress of 21,000 Bridgeport youth, is primary. What will many people remember long-term about their interaction with you? And will it move the dial on what you purport to value? Time will tell.

          2. Now Bow Tie, my initial posting was directly tied to the story. My rebuttals are in response to the MJF Gang. Are you equally concerned about the comments posted here by your dear friends that have nothing to do with the “ISSUES?”

            I have never proclaimed to be an “expert” on any issue, however I do possess significant knowledge regarding national, state and local education reform and policy “issues.” That is the only area I have professed a significant level of knowledge about.

            There is significantly more than 21,000 “Bridgeport youths.” If you are referring to the number of BPS students, that number is closer to 22,000.

            I don’t know what others will remember about their interaction with me years from now. I know years from now I will recall my first interaction with you. Rob Foley invited me to speak with community members at Harborview Market. You introduced yourself to me and proceeded to speak at me for close to 30 consecutive minutes. I believe I was only able to mutter just a few words. I remember thinking who is this condescending windbag who just loves to hear himself talk and wants to ensure I know how smart he thinks himself to be?

          3. Ms. Pereira,
            How far you have come since our first meeting that I had not remembered frankly. You were left to muttering and defensively projecting a construct on me. And in meetings since then have you tightly held on to that view or are you really a “lifetime learner” but that does not fit into your storyline today? What about the kids? Time will tell.

        2. You’re not name calling yet in one of your earlier posts you called me “nasty, rude and negative.” I guess you don’t consider that to be name calling.

  8. If Maria were a kid on the playground she would be laughed off the playground. This is a dumb woman dying to be recognized as an expert on everything and the person to go to if you want to find anything out. Maria pure and simple is full of shit.

      1. All of that is true but the one thing that’s a fact is I am way smarter than you are and don’t need to make up stuff because you don’t like the police officer involved. I would bet a week’s pay no cops told you this guy was doing 90 mph. Liar.

        1. The only people I have spoken with regarding this accident are Bridgeport police officers.

          As far as your level of intelligence, let’s just say based on MJF’s platform you would absolutely and unequivocally be required to take the civil service test to become a police officer. You are definitely not in the “high-achieving” category.

  9. barney, no need to feel sorry for me. I have been victorious in every election/referendum I have been involved in. We know you cannot say the same.

    I had direct conversations with two different police officers who investigated this accident. You, Andy and Donald have not, yet you want to imply I have no knowledge of what occurred.

    Witnesses at the scene reported the car was traveling at 90 miles an hour. As I stated previously, there are plenty of city cameras on Stratford Ave. and it will be easy enough to determine if their estimates are accurate.

    Yes, all three of you are behaving like five-year-olds on a playground. You are all MJF supporters and I dared to challenge a platform of the almighty, therefore I must be punished and attacked.

    I think it is funny and am more than happy to take all of you on. 🙂

    I have quite a few contacts throughout Bridgeport. And, often those people contact me to share information they believe to be relevant or important.

    1. Why would you stop at the accident and talk to police officers or witnesses? Nothing better to do? Or did you get your info at your next meeting? Better yet did you gossip at a local coffee shop?

      1. Ann, I am sorry, are you Meredith Viera and did I agree to play Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Who do you think you are to ask me one question after another as if you are an FBI investigator? Who do you think you are that you believe I owe you a multitude of responses? What is this? The Spanish Inquisition?

        Lennie, is there a way I can draw a black x with a sharpie on all barney’s posts?

        1. Maria,
          Unlike you, I will answer questions.
          You asked me if I was Meredith Viera and who was I to ask questions?

          I am more than you will ever be. I am a 53-year Bridgeport resident. I am a college grad with three advanced degrees.

          I am a wife, mother, daughter and sister.
          I have contributed to thousands of children and families in Bridgeport, and made their lives better.
          I have a long history of being involved in the community and for giving back. I have raised 6 AMAZING children.
          I am a strong independent woman capable of asking questions, gathering information, assessing the information and drawing conclusions. I do not need others to feed me info or tell me what to say.
          Maria, you owe me nothing.
          A blog is an opportunity for a free exchange of ideas. A chance for people to freely express their thoughts. It is not a place for someone to be so close-minded and not be accepting of other’s thoughts, ideas, questions and comments.
          What makes this land so great is we have the right to respectfully agree to disagree with others.
          Unfortunately, it is apparent you have not learned how to respectfully disagree with others.

          Additionally Maria, I am a fighter for worthy causes. I am fighting for my life at this moment.
          In the past two years, I have undergone five lifesaving surgeries.
          I will fight for my life, my friends, my family and causes near and dear to me.
          You are none of the above to me. So while you may have nothing better to do with your time and energy than to name call, leave threats, and try to tear down people. I choose to agree to disagree with people. Conduct myself with some professionalism and dignity (although I do have my moments).

          By the way, is that another threat?

          1. Ann, I commend you for all your personal accomplishments. As far as your comments regarding the right to “disrespectfully agree,” you and your dear friends have been anything but respectful.

            For you to even write I am the one guilty of name calling, threatening and tearing others down is just ludicrous. Have you read the comments you, Andy and Pat have written about me?

            The three of you do not in any way shape or form represent respectful discourse. Not even close.

          2. You must be part of the MJF camp. You wrote “I am more than you will ever be.” That is exactly how “elitists” think. They are better than others, therefore they deserve to be treated differently with their own set of rules and privileges.

  10. Maria, I have lived my life debunking and discrediting lies and liars and you always give me meaningful work. You say about Ron Mackey, “He wrote he had spoken to Bobby Simmons, Sauda Baraka and Judge Lopez about you. Nowhere in anything he wrote does he insinuate, intimate or say he had spoken with any of these three individuals, NOWHERE. See that’s what I mean when I say you aggrandize, embellish and out-and-out lie about everything that comes out of your mouth. The witnesses at the scene all had speed guns that would gauge the speed of the police car? Stop it! You always have unnamed sources who said this or that or whatever point you’re trying to get across. Stop it and cut out your self-aggrandizing garbage. I once said about Finch, he would rather tell a lie for free than the truth for money. That’s you as well.

  11. Donald Day, I suggest you reread his posting from yesterday. I wrote to Ron if he was interested in knowing how Judge Lopez, Bobby and Sauda feel about me he should contact them directly and ask them. He responded by stating he already had. It is clear as day he stated he had spoken with all three of them. He got caught in a major lie. He has shown himself to be unethical, dishonest and untrustworthy whether you like it or not.

    Witnesses of the accident “reported” the police car was going 90 miles an hour. Clearly that is a guesstimate. The city cameras will easily determine the speed of the vehicle.

    Donald Day, you are garbage. I have never laid my eyes on you in my life and you have the nerve to repeatedly call me a liar.

    You are really upset about my criticizing MJF. Good! I will make sure to do it more often.

  12. Maria, you wrote:
    barney, no need to feel sorry for me. I have been victorious in every election/referendum I have been involved in. We know you cannot say the same.

    Who cares? What does that have to do with the topic at hand? You are reporting information as fact based on what eyewitnesses? The least reliable source. A couple of cops, but yet the paper doesn’t list a speed at the time of the accident.

    You wrote:
    I had direct conversations with two different police officers who investigated this accident.

    Why? Do you inquire about all accidents now in the city?

    You wrote:
    You, Andy and Donald have not, yet you want to imply I have no knowledge of what occurred.
    You have no idea where I was, who I spoke to or what I did last night or any other night. So who is assuming?

    I did not imply you had no knowledge of accident. I implied you are reporting “facts” that are not verified as facts yet.

    You wrote:
    Yes, all three of you are behaving like five-year-olds on a playground. You are all MJF supporters and I dared to challenge a platform of the almighty, therefore I must be punished and attacked.

    Where have I announced who I am supporting for Mayor? I have not donated, or attended anything for any candidate yet. Why do you assume I am supporting MJF? Where are your facts and evidence? Oh that’s right, as is the case with the car accident, just because you say so, it makes it true!

    You wrote:
    I think it is funny and am more than happy to take all of you on. 🙂

    What, are you taking me on? What is this, a schoolyard bully? Or an actual threat?

  13. Maria you dummy, those accident facts speak for themselves. If these cars collided while the cop was doing 90 mph why is the little car only slightly damaged? Why is the police car only slightly damaged and the cop and the civilian only slightly hurt? If you talked to any cops which I doubt, they were putting you on. The accident facts don’t substantiated what you are saying. BTW I am an expert in accident reconstruction. Dumb Ass.

    1. Andy, I am proposing some potential substitutions for your repeated overuse of “dumb, dumbass and dummy.” Options that may serve your needs include “idiot, dunce, stupid, unintelligent and jackass.”

      Bassick is holding a fundraiser at Barnes & Noble next week, and if you would like I would be more than happy to contribute to assisting you with expanding your limited vocabulary by purchasing you a thesaurus. Anything to help raise funds for our students.

  14. First and foremost, I hope officer Grech was not hurt and is recovering nicely. That being said, there are a lot of holes in Maria’s accusations. Look at the picture. A 3,961 to 4,450 lbs car (before police modifications), traveling at 90 MPH hit a 1/32 inch metal gate? No skid marks, barely any front-end damage and none of the windows are even broken. Really? 90 MPH? I don’t think so. 25 to 30 MPH at the most. Any faster than that and the car would have turned into an accordion or gone right through the building. These accusations are nothing more than ‘payback’ from people who would like to see Grech burn and that is just terrible. It is not even confirmed he was driving the car.

    1. Ms. Pereira has told us she speaks “her truth.” I hope no one involved in this incident, or series of incidents, has been injured to any significant extent and I hope it is investigated with reasonable promptness and professionalism. If consequences are owed to any participant I hope the action becomes known to the public.

      That being said, this story may be about as good as it gets if you look at the tale she tells. Back in the day (when 50-year-olds inhabited playgrounds for fun), many playgrounds had sandboxes. (Of course, they fell into disrepair, required more sand each year, were a target for cats who saw them as public litter boxes, etc.) But there was always someone who would throw sand. And it seems as I read this thread today, “Sandy” Pereira has been caught out. How does she really feel about Officer Grech? Time will tell.

      1. Bow Tie, my name is Maria “Piranha,” not Sandy Pereira. If you are going to give me a nickname, at least give me a nickname with a little “bite.” 🙂

        1. Ms. Pereira,
          Having some appreciation for what it takes to be a credible “watchdog” in Bridgeport, I see “bite” disappearing as dogs age. But you still kick up a lot of dirt and if we are on playgrounds or beaches, perhaps you kick up sand? I’ll stick with Sandy for the reason you have staked out a territory with the youth of Bridgeport and yet seem to have abandoned them. Your “bark” may be much stronger these days than your “bite.” Time will tell.

          1. I have never claimed to represent Bridgeport youth. I fight for the 22,000 BPS students. I am so guilty of abandoning them, I have traveled to Hartford for six consecutive weeks to lobby legislators to prevent Dr. Perry’s Charter School from being funded. I have organized a variety of involved Bridgeport residents who have traveled to Hartford with me.

            That will at least save the BPS almost $700,000 this year which can be utilized to help our 22,000 BPS students.

            I am not just “bark,” I believe this best describes you and your dear friends. I definitely have a lot of “bite” left.

            Who are we kidding here? Lennie regularly posts your lengthy commentary and you are lucky if you get even five comments. Which one of us really represents all “bark?”

  15. Maria, you stated as follow:
    “I have been victorious in every election/referendum I have been involved in. We know you cannot say the same.”
    But who was dishonest in these matters, not Barney or myself, you will have to answer to the State Elections Enforcement Commission.

    1. Pat, the investigating attorney asked the commission to dismiss your complaint a couple of months ago. The chairman wanted them to investigate further. Let them investigate for another 14 months if they so choose.

  16. I am truly laughing out loud. You are so funny. There are three to five of you attacking me and you are implying I am the “bully.” I am not threatening you or anyone else. I will take you on with written rebuttals, not a physical altercation.

    I thoroughly enjoy debating all of you. There is no need for violence.

    When you have to revert to utilizing foul language and calling me a “liar” without any basis for the accusation, you are showing you cannot win the debate based on the merits of your argument. In essence, you have already lost.

    Have to go! On my way to another “meeting” in Hartford. 🙂

    1. MEETINGS, MEETINGS, MEETINGS. You attend so many meeting one would think you would learn something from these meetings. But know you still suffer from terminal dumbass and take up space and use oxygen while at these “meetings.”

  17. Donald Day, you notice when Maria gets upset with you she goes to name calling because she can’t reply and give a honest answer instead of her spin. I asked Maria what was HER relationship with the three people she named, instead she turned it around and made it about me.
    Don, she never gave the response of the third person she listed, I wonder why.

  18. Maria,
    I am not attacking you. Quote my posts to show otherwise. I am not calling names.
    You on the other hand accused me of being a five-year-old.

    What I did was inquire. What I did was ask you questions, many which you did not answer.

    I am more than capable of going head-to-head with you on any subject. I am a well educated. I have more than one master’s degrees and many more life experiences than you.
    The difference is I don’t have to broadcast my intelligence to anyone.
    I am not threatening you in any which way. Can’t say the same about your posts.
    I learned a long time ago, “Let the fool go farther.”
    So keep going, Maria.

    1. Interesting. You wrote you “don’t have to broadcast your intelligence to anyone,” yet in the very same post you wrote “I am well educated. I have more than one master’s degree and many more life experiences”

      Aren’t these two statements contradictory, and didn’t you just attempt to “broadcast” your intelligence?

      How could you possibly state with any level of certainty you have “had many more life experiences” than me? You don’t know anything about my “life experiences” to even draw a comparison.

      I have no choice but to rule your claims are nothing but pure “allegations.” As you stated, “until facts are established it is an allegation!” 😉

      This is just way to much fun.

  19. Donald Day, read this from Maria:
    Maria Pereira // May 26, 2015 at 11:03 pm
    “Ron, I just spoke with Sauda Baraka who authorized me to post she has not had any in-depth conversation with you on politics in YEARS. She also stated she has not had any conversation with you regarding me or her support of me. She has seen you at some social events and you have only had cursory exchanges.

    She also agrees with me 100% that MJF proposal reeks of elitism.” Don, at NO TIME did I ever mention MJF or speak about anything concerning MJF but Maria having this conversation and talking about MJF. You talk about a LAIR, now she feels that people are attacking her, poor Maria, start telling the whole truth instead of your spin. Maria, people are getting wise to you.

    1. I am happy to report I just got home from Ganim’s campaign headquarters kickoff. He announced he has raised over $100,000 in just one month. AMAZING!

      As most readers of OIB know, the leadership of the police union and quite a few of their members are supporting Joe.

      I spoke with two police officers who have served over 60 years combined. Neither were my original sources, however both told me everything I wrote was 100% correct. In addition, both told me there is extensive front-end damage and they believed the car was a total loss. Grech is being investigated because several witnesses came forward and told BPD officers Grech was traveling at approximately 90 miles per hour, he was weaving in and out of traffic, he had no lights or sirens, he was on his cell phone and he was not on his way to a police emergency. Both also confirmed he was speeding to meet with BPS security guards on CT Ave. One also told me it was neighborhood residents who pulled Grech out of the vehicle through his drivers side window.

      I feel so vindicated!

  20. By the way, it is amazing how many people read OIB. I had quite a few people tell me they have cracked up reading my responses to the “MJF Gang.” I said I am more than happy to take on all her loyalists. I don’t care if there are 2, 3, 5, 7, etc. of you. It is absolutely not a problem. 🙂

    Now where were we?

    1. Sandy Pereira,
      Perhaps you were at a meeting? Staring into a mirror and lost yourself in the reflection? Or getting ready for bed? Does it matter?
      But where is your burning concern for the City of Bridgeport youth and their education? Isn’t that where you used to be? With one month to go in this fiscal year, what is the word from Hartford, from the Mayor’s office, or the BOE office on what is to be done? Awaiting your word patiently. If you are not sharing, has the problem gone away? Time will tell.

        1. Nice of you to ask: A myriad of activities of interest to me professionally in service to my clients, to serve the broad community around food issues and neighborhood opportunities, to develop and share more info on how the City actually uses local tax money and other State and Federal funds from current tax payments or future debt obligations, focus on preparing a campaign for City Council of my own, make sure my garden gets planted and mulched for summer heat and weeds, and attending to posts on OIB … there’s more but I think you have lost interest inasmuch as your Hartford representation, such as you have shared with readers primarily consists of choking Charter Schools in Bridgeport, schools that have been chosen by parents over what was happening in their neighborhood school, perhaps or for some other reason, but a choice nevertheless. How should the next Mayor craft a budget so as to prove he/she is friendly to the nearly 25,000 K-12 students who currently attend Public schools, publicly funded Charter schools, parochial schools, private schools in the City and youth who are home schooled? After all the educational opportunities from pre-K through completion of secondary schools as a teenager is an amazing tax-free gift to the young (and so are after school and summertime youth programs) and we should be in favor of effective and efficient operation of same as full funding is available. Time will tell.

          1. I have never claimed or advocated for students who attend charter schools. I believe in true public education and the almost 22,000 students who attend the BPS. If you want to describe my advocacy work as “choking” charter schools, feel free to do so. I do not support the privitization of our “public” education system and I completely support closing down every hyper-segregated charter school in Bridgeport.

  21. Okay, well if he were going 90 the airbags would have gone off in the car and lo and behold not one airbag went off which means impact was less than 20mph and shocking the accident is all on camera from local store video and it shows the woman in the car blow through the stop sign and cause the accident. So Maria, your officer friends are just feeding you BS to see how far you can throw it and if it will stick, you’re too naive to see you’re being pumped bogus info.

  22. Maria, still waiting to hear what the third person conversation was all about concerning me. You gave the details of your conversation with Bobby and Sauda, how about the third person, what did they say about me and the question I asked you?

    Maria Pereira // May 26, 2015 at 5:50 pm
    Ron, if you are so interested in my relationship with Judge Lopez, Sauda Baraka and Bobby Simmons, why don’t you reach out to them and ask them?

  23. tallguy316, the airbag would only deploy on the driver’s side, not the passenger side, and this photo does not show the driver’s side.

    Are you claiming this police car was traveling at less than the legal speed limit of 25 miles per hour, yet it was able to crash through a metal roll-down storefront gate? If this woman rolled through a stop sign and he was traveling at less than 20 miles per hour, how did he end up on the sidewalk with an impact powerful enough to go completely through a metal gate?

    There are plenty of city cameras on Stratford Avenue. Why is the video footage you are referencing from a store’s camera instead of one of the city cameras?

    I haven’t heard the elderly female driver was at fault, but it is certainly possible she may have driven through a stop sign, however that would not negate Grech driving 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, etc. miles per hour on a residential street without a siren or lights while heading to a non-police emergency.

    I don’t recall seeing your handle prior to this post, therefore I am guessing you are probably affiliated with Grech in some way. I am certainly not going to trust a sudden anonymous blogger over four different officers whom I trust and have never mislead me previously.

    None of these four officers are closely intertwined in any way. The two I spoke to yesterday have nothing to do with Joe’s campaign. When I was leaving Joe’s event last night, one of the officers told me they had some more information they wanted to share with me and told me they were going to call me. I’m interested to hear what they have to say.

    1. tallguy316, if the police car were traveling less than 20 miles per hour and the airbag did not deploy because the impact was so minor, why was he assigned a room in Bridgeport Hospital as of 1:00 this afternoon?

      Just about everyone reading this blog has probably been in a minor accident, how many of us were checked into the hospital for the night and still there at 1:00 p.m. the following day?

      Your story just doesn’t seem to add up.

      1. tallguy has posted here before and even if he did not, who the hell do you think you are? Lennie, did you sell the blog to Maria? Please let us all know.
        Now Maria has spoken to four cops about this accident and these latest three have a combined 60 years on the job. They took time to go to the place the car is kept because they are interested. BS and Maria delusion. The front gate is partially pushed in, the windows on the police car are intact, the front quarter of the car is not damaged. Maria and Lennie, give it a rest.

  24. Lennie,
    Are you running a blog or the Jerry Springer show?
    In my opinion, Maria takes your blog to an all-time low.
    Onlyinbridgeport use to be a place for people from different walks of life to enjoy a civil but engaging exchange of ideas and dialog.
    In my opinion, Maria cheapens your site to a tabloid level.
    I guess the almighty dollar is the driving force.
    OIB readers, am I alone in my opinions?

    1. Ann, now you want to chime in I have transformed OIB into the Jerry Springer show and to an “all-time low.” I know, because this blog was always about a “civil exchange of ideas and dialogue” before I began participating. OIB was equivalent to reputable news reporting like Time magazine or National Geographic before I joined the blog. Oh my, and now I cheapened this prestigious and award-winning blog.

      There was no swearing, name calling, volleys, accusations, etc. before I joined OIB.

      The reality is I would much rather debate an issue on its merits, however if the “MJF Gang” wants to call me foul names, use foul language, call me a liar repeatedly, make repeated baseless accusations, etc., you have to take it too.

      If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

        1. Ann, the majority of your questions and comments are written in a manner that is accusatory, snarky and insulting. Your questions aren’t being posed because you are trying to gather information out of a real interest on this specific topic. You are posing your questions in an attempt to discredit my postings.

          You have implied I am posting to impress others with my knowledge and whom I have contacts with. You have clearly implied my comments are false, therefore I have slandered Grech. You have written you are better than me. I have apparently now diminished the highly reputable OIB blog to the unacceptable level of the Jerry Springer show. You definitely fall under the “baseless accusations” bullet. Let’s not play semantics, Ann. You are not an innocent victim, Ann Barney. Please don’t try to portray yourself as such.

  25. MJF Gang, you really are an idiot. It’s just too bad most of your posts have no basis in facts, just the ramblings of a lonely older woman. It’s a shame and I guess Lennie who is quite magnanimous believes in helping the intellectually slow. Keep trying Maria and one day you will get a story right.

    1. Andy, I have already helped you expand your limited vocabulary. You used “idiot” instead of “dummy.”

      Now my postings are being reduced to the “ramblings”of a “lonely older woman.” I am only 47 years old, and you just posted I do not have a job and my boyfriend pays my bills. Now apparently I am “lonely.” Did we break up and I didn’t even know about it?

      Who is really the one having difficulty getting their stories straight?

      1. Where in my post did I mention anything about a breakup? Where did I say your boyfriend pays your bills? I did not know you had a boyfriend. Imagine. You are 47 years old, like I said, an older woman.

        1. Well how did I go from having someone else pay my bills because according to you I don’t have a j9b, yet now you described me as lonely. What happened to the person who was paying all my bills?

          Most adults wouldn’t describe a 47-year-old as an older woman. It is highly likely I am significantly younger than the women you regularly interact with.

          1. Yes, you are younger than most women I deal with but you are also older than most women I know. Get over it, you are past your prime. I don’t know who pays your bills.

          2. The person who pays your bills could be the State of Connecticut. I don’t know or care; I do know you don’t work.

          3. I do work, Andy.

            Your totally unsubstantiated assertions just serve to highlight how you just make stuff up because you cannot articulate your position with well thought out comments that can be substantiated by data, facts, reports, etc. If you could, you wouldn’t repeatedly utilize foul language and repeatedly couch your comments with derogatory names directed at others whom you dislike or disagree with.

            It just shows how weak you are intellectually, Andy.

          4. I made a general statement just like every post you put up here. Don’t like it much, do you? Maria, show us one thing in any of your 45 posts that is factual. There are no records, no paperwork and no witness statement. That all would be fine if you had expertise on this subject, but you don’t.

  26. The only way to stop the downward spiral of tabloid-worthy sparring is to exit via the high road and stop engaging. Other than that, it’s censorship and it’s a business for OIB.

    No offense meant, as I am also guilty of helping to perpetuate sub-par exchanges.

  27. If he were doing anything over 50mph there would be long skid marks which as far as I know there aren’t any. You can certainly be injured in a minor accident, slip a disc etc. and no airbags went off as I have seen the car myself up close and personal. The passenger airbag would go off if his duty bag were on the seat and the car also has side airbags and airbags below the steering wheel. Keep telling yourself he was doing 90!

    1. tallguy316, are you stating you were at the scene and witnessed that no airbags deployed, there were no skid marks, and his “duty bag” was on the passenger seat? Or is this being relayed to you by actual witnesses or BPD officers? You wrote “if” a couple of times so I am just trying to clarify if these are proposed scenarios or from those actually involved in witnessing the accident or accident scene.

      The photo above shows very little of the street behind the police car. Are there absolutely no skid marks?

      I stated it was “reported” he was traveling 90 miles per hour. I believe I have clearly stated the city cameras will easily verify if that claim is accurate. Clearly those are witness guesstimates. Let’s say he was traveling 50 miles per hour. Would that excuse his speeding down a residential street with no lights and sirens while on his cell phone on his way to a non-emergency? Would that be acceptable?

      1. Now you are acting as an accident expert. There are no skid marks up until the point of impact with the store gate. You claim it was reported he was doing 90 mph but no names of witnesses to what would have been a crime. There is no proof he was even doing 50 mph like you fabricated. Stratford Ave is a commercial street. Now you fabricate WHAT IF HE WAS ON HIS CELLPHONE?
        Maria I have a what-if for you. “If the dog didn’t stop to take a dump would it have caught the rabbit?” Now you can what-if that question forever.

  28. Only In Bridgeport readers and bloggers, notice how two-faced and dishonest Maria Pereira truly is. Donald Day said it best in his post above in what he said about Maria, she uses innuendo, insinuation and out-and-out lies. I’ve asked her a number of times on OIB to give an answer to my question to her about her conversation about me with Judge Lopez and what is her relationship with her. Maria runs and hides from me but she can talk about everything else, she is a real loser.

    1. Ron Mackey, she won’t answer because she knows the answer and it’s not one she wishes to be publicly displayed for fear of how it would make her look. As I’ve said before, she tries to control the narrative and she can’t by answering your question honestly. A lie can’t live forever and the truth will set you free, Maria.

      1. Donald Day, I am 100% positive of the answer. Your dear friend has already been caught telling a lie, that he had spoken with both Bobby Simmons and Sauda Baraka about my relationship with them and whether I still had their support. He implied they were no longer supportive of me. I am sure you have already read the responses Sauda and Bobby authorized me to post.

        As I stated previously, I will not respond to a completely dishonest, unethical and dishonest individual.

        The “truth” has already set me free. I am well aware a “lie” cannot live forever. Your dear friend Ron Mackey is evidence of it.

        1. Maria Pereira, you are a real loser and a joke. Maria, does Judge Lopez still support you, the legal mind behind the BBOE victory? Remember you listed three people, Bobby Simmons, Sauda Baraka and Judge Lopez. You told us the wonderful conversation you had from Bobby and Sauda and I said I had not spoken to either one of them. But remember you listed three names and I keep asking you what did the third person tell you about me, you enjoyed telling everybody about Bobby and Sauda but you are a true lowlife coward who will not answer my question about the third person you listed, Maria. I walked you down a path and you fell right into what I wanted to show, you are a big-mouth liar and you are unethical, dishonest and not trustworthy.

  29. Maria,
    It is the educator in me. I always try to educate people, but at some point in time, I must throw in the towel.

    Here is the final “college” try!

    I wrote “I choose to agree to disagree with people.”

    You responded with “As far as your comments regarding the right to “disrespectfully agree,” you and your dear friends have been anything but respectful.

    Maria, Maria, Maria. I never mentioned respectfully or disrespectfully. so if one is going to quote, please quote accurately.

    But the larger picture is what you fail to understand.

    Please hold me accountable for my words, comments and actions. You really SHOULD NOT try to hold me responsible for my dear friends’ words, comments and actions. Just like my husband’s profession has no impact on my ability to formulate thoughts and draw conclusions. And to imply the words, comments and actions of others or the profession of someone else is my responsibility just makes you look not too smart.

    But hey, here’s an olive branch. Since the only reason you started attacking me in the first place is Andy called you a name, not anything I said or did to you personally, I will have my clown husband do your next birthday party. Oh wait, I bet you can’t afford his rates. No family discount for you!

    1. Ann, here is your exact quote: “What makes this land so great is we have the right to respectfully agree to disagree with others.”

      I typed “disrespectfully” agree in error. So you never mentioned the words “respectfully or disrespectfully.” Ann, Ann, Ann, what do you call the exact quote above?

  30. Ann, I started “attacking” you? Are you even slightly serious? Did you read the comments you posted on OIB in February 2013 when I withdrew my support of your candidacy for the TC?

    Ann, I contributed significantly more to your TC candidacy and slate than you or any of the other TC candidates on your slate did, therefore it is quite possible I have more discretionary income than you do. I am way past the age of having a clown perform at my birthday party, but if I were to have a clown perform, I would ask the most well-known clown residing in the 138th.

    I am not part of your family, therefore I would not seek a family discount. And you just couldn’t help yourself and chose to close with another snarky remark.

    You’re allowed to consider me to be “not too smart,” but remember, opinions work for both of us.

    1. You know, you are a nasty bitch. The clown you make fun off has been doing the Clinton’s Christmas party for years and Hillary sits on Santa’s lab every year. Diana Ross, the same thing. Who do you know of that caliber?

  31. Thank you thank you thank you!
    Game set match.
    You missed the boat yet again!
    Unable to comprehend what others are saying!

    It has been a great source of entertainment for me while I mend!

  32. I am able to comprehend just fine. If I missed the boat, then it is highly likely you missed the circus.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed taking on the MJF gang. I was actually giggling when I was posting at 3:00 a.m. this morning.

  33. That’s right. Bats are up during the night, I am surprised you are awake now, shouldn’t you be hanging upside down in a tree fast asleep?

  34. Donald Day, you summed it about Maria Pereira, she won’t answer me because she knows the answer and it’s not one she wishes to be publicly displayed for fear of how it would make her look. She made a big deal on OIB about her phone calls to Bobby and Sauda but she cannot tell us what her conversation was about me with Judge Lopez. Judge Lopez is one of the most respected persons I have had the pleasure to know and in no way would disrespect her by using her name.

    Maria Pereira is a coward and a liar and people are seeing what a fake wannabe who wants to be important but she is a loser. If Joe Ganim is smart he’d better keep his distance from her.

  35. I am officially claiming victory over the entire MJF Gang. This would include Barney, the Fardys, Bow Tie, Donald Day and especially Ron Mackey.

    One gang member didn’t participate in this particular thread. I am sure we will have an exchange in the near future.

      1. Maria, let me show how little you know about the neighborhood. Not long ago you walked on our street with Joe Ganim yet you bypassed four houses that had a total of 24 voters and did not stop at any of these people. I have spoken to all of them and you lost any possibility of them voting for Ganim. Don’t ask as I won’t disclose them and you don’t know them anyway.

        1. Andy, we are all going to find out who knows the neighborhood on September 16, 2015. I am more than willing to accept a wager from anyone who believes MJF will win Thomas Hooker on September 16, 2015 up to $1,000. Do I have any takers? This invitation is especially open to any member of the MJF Gang.

          1. MJF does not have a gang, how childish of you. Are the people following Ganim also a gang? You will have nothing to do with the numbers who come out in this primary, handing out palm cards at the polls accomplished very little and you talking to people will definitely hurt Ganim. By the way, gambling on an election by someone involved in the campaign is illegal, for that matter gambling is illegal.

          2. By the way, what is your excuse for missing those 24 voters who live on your street? Dumb Ass.

        2. Andy Fardy, as you see people are really seeing who Maria Pereira is and what she is about, she wants credit for things and she wants people to think she has some influence but she is just a wannabe. Andy, notice nobody supports her. I’ve said this before, if she is so good then she should run to be the district leader in your district thereby having real power to make change instead of her running her mouth.

          1. I guess this means no one from the MJF Gang is willing to agree to a wager. I thought so.

  36. Maria, while I can’t speak for the others, but you beating me in anything is like a one-legged man winning an ass-kicking contest, no chance in hell. Why don’t you answer Ron Mackey when he asked, “Maria, how many of those three individuals would support you today?” You mentioned he didn’t talk to Bobby and he said one down two to go. You mentioned you talked to Sauda and he said, “Two down and one to go.” At that point you stopped without mentioning the third person and whether this individual still supports you.

    Like Ron, some of us on OIB would like to know if you still enjoy the support of this third individual whoever it may be and if not, what’s up with that?

  37. I responded to YOU, Donald Day. I am 100% confident in where the third individual stands. Let’s just say it isn’t with Ron Mackey, and what he has attempted to do throughout this thread. His attempt to use three individuals I have worked with for years in order to bait and goad me has backfired on him, and he has certainly hurt his standing with those he claimed to have had conversations with regarding whether they did or did not support me. By the way, Bobby Simmons is still waiting to hear from your dear friend Ron Mackey. Maybe you can encourage him to call Bobby directly. It is my understanding Bobby is highly anticipating the call.

    I had specific permission from Bobby and Sauda to post their responses. Let’s just leave it there.

  38. Donald Day, here are the posts between Maria and myself for everybody to read for their self.

    You see where she does her spin and refuses to answer my question but instead she tells me I should talk to these three people. Don, she won’t answer my question because she is scared but I wish she would PLEASE tell us what the third person said, she can make me look like fool so all she has to is to make that phone call then tell us all what was said just the way she did when she spoke to Bobby Simmons and Sauda Baraka. PLEASE Maria, make that call and tell us what was said. Let me stop dreaming, Maria Pereira is a low-life liar.

    Maria Pereira // May 26, 2015 at 10:24 am
    Andy, there are a number of people in Bridgeport who are known as straight shooters, and I absolutely consider myself to be one of those individuals.

    I will give you just one accomplishment for now. I was instrumental in fighting for, and successfully regaining, every Bridgeport residents’ right to vote for their BBOE members. I was the lead plaintiff who fought against a dictatorship and tyranny and won. Judge Lopez, Bobby Simmons and Sauda Baraka were equally responsible for this incredible victory for democracy.

    Don, then I made this post.
    Ron Mackey // May 26, 2015 at 10:40 am
    Maria, so are you saying you were the legal mind behind the BBOE? What is your relationship with those you listed?

    Maria Pereira // May 26, 2015 at 5:50 pm
    Ron, if you are so interested in my relationship with Judge Lopez, Sauda Baraka and Bobby Simmons, why don’t you reach out to them and ask them?

    Donald Day, read this from Maria:
    Ron Mackey // May 26, 2015 at 5:56 pm
    Maria, I did ask and now I want to hear what you have to say and if you don’t believe me then you ask them if I asked them.

    Maria Pereira // May 26, 2015 at 6:25 pm
    Ron, since you claim to have your answers from all three, why are you asking what kind of relationship I have with them? If you feel confident in what you claim to know, you don’t need my input.

    Ron Mackey // May 26, 2015 at 7:29 pm
    Maria, you won’t ask them because you know ahead of time what the answer is. You are the one who is taking the credit for the victory with the BBOE lawsuit and you gave the names of three supporters in the case, so tell us how that relationship is working out now and you know things have changed, really changed.

    Ron Mackey // May 26, 2015 at 9:42 pm
    Maria, how many of those three individuals would support you today?

    Maria Pereira // May 26, 2015 at 9:42 pm
    Ron, I was able to speak with Bobby Simmons this evening. He stated he has never had a conversation with you in regards to our relationship. He asked for your phone number because he wanted to speak with you directly. I got the impression he was not pleased. Maybe you can consider calling his office next week.

    I absolutely do not take credit for the Supreme Court ruling. Judge Lopez deserves the most credit. Bobby and I worked directly with Judge Lopez and the attorneys, Sauda Baraka utilized a different attorney.

    Ron Mackey // May 26, 2015 at 10:49 pm
    Maria, one down.

    Maria Pereira // May 26, 2015 at 11:03 pm
    Ron, I just spoke with Sauda Baraka who authorized me to post she has not had any in-depth conversation with you on politics in YEARS. She also stated she has not had any conversation with you regarding me or her support of me. She has seen you at some social events and you have only had cursory exchanges.

    She also agrees with me 100% that MJF proposal reeks of elitism.

    Maria Pereira // May 26, 2015 at 11:05 pm
    Ron Mackey, you should be ashamed of yourself.


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