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I don’t know about you, but I’m whipped. My New Year’s resolution is to begin eating again after starving myself the next six days. Had a sweet time the past two days, loads of family and friends.

Connecticut Post scribe John Burgeson has a nice piece here about a guy not so fortunate who sleeps outside the courthouse on Main Street.

I hope these idiotic spammers go away in 2010. My intrepid webmaster Ray Fusci works overtime keeping away the pain-in-the-ass buggers from all over the planet trying to infiltrate the site to promote products and screw up shit. Ray’s derailed U.S. spammers and European spammers and Asian spammers and parts unknown spammers trying to gum up the works.

So time for us to think about the top stories of the decade. I’ll have some thoughts on this Monday. The Hartford Courant is running its top 10 list leading to the new year.

Sister Sweeties

Kaitlin and Taryn
Stepdaughters Kaitlin and Taryn on Christmas Day. I was once in this photo but cropped out my face because no one would be looking at the photo because of me!


  1. *** Touching story on the homeless, however if this guy has some type of lung disease (which is a major organ) I wonder why he would not qualify for state disability? Unless he’s just too removed from mainstream society to go through the required application steps? *** Top 10 stories of year would have to include Obama, the war, economy, health care, politics, tragic sad stories like the Ft. Hood massacre & Tacoma Cop killings, obituaries of famous people, reality shows, missing & abused children stories, “FINCH ADMIN.” those are my choices! *** Hey Lennie, those pictures of the “sweet sisters” were very nice! Wish I were 25 years younger ’cause I would most definitely come a-courting with the parent’s permission! ***

  2. For me the top story of the decade was 911. The downing of the Trade Center and the plane crash into the Pentagon and the plane the crashed in the open field in Pennsylvania.
    The election of Barack Obama as President of the US is another milestone that happened this decade.

  3. Things that happened in Bridgeport in the last 10 years:
    1. Mayor Ganim goes to jail.
    2. State Rep Newton goes to jail.
    3. Mayor Fabrizi commits 2 dumb things and is out as mayor.
    4. Reluctant Mayor Finch is elected to a seat he really does not want.
    5. Golf course lease engineered by Marsilio & Murphy fails and the city takes a financial beating.
    6. Redevelopment of downtown starts with Nancy Hadley leading the way. Nancy Hadley replaced and downtown redevelopment stops.
    7. Bluefish attendance drops by about 50% and team is sold.
    8. Steel Point gets passed by council for a second time, still nothing built.
    9. City is told by prominent activists to change toilets in city buildings so there will be room at treatment plant for Monroe’s sewage. The birth of Flush Timpanelli.
    10. Zoning rewrite and Master plan stalled by Finch Political maneuvering. Finally passes.
    Just 10 items that I can think of. Feel free to add to the list.


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