Merry Christmas Aunt Chovy

I’m excited. I found white anchovies. Oh, baby, I love white anchovies. Usually I find them only in restaurants.

You throw out white anchovies at a Bridgeport political function and the old-time pols might give up their first born for the last bite. Yes, Mr. Anchovy will be included in my seven fishes tonight, a high holy celebration. I’ll be cooking and cooking and cooking the next couple of days. On Christmas Day Ms. Mo’s family, the carnivore crowd, will be stopping in.

In between the preparation and the meals I’ll be checking in. If you hear of anything please let us know. Meanwhile, let’s start thinking about the top stories of the decade in the state’s largest city. I have some thoughts that I’ll be sharing as we head into 2010, and what a year that will be. Races for governor, U.S. Senate, Congress, state legislative contests, it’s going to be a crazy year with state political conventions in May and primaries in August before the November general election. And then, in 2011, a mayoral contest. Political junkies like me marinate in this stuff.

Thank you for making this webzine one of the hottest in the state. I can’t do this without you. OIB readers are the berries. We’ll have a whole bunch of stuff to crack open in the new year. Let me know what you hear. Chat soon.

Holiday Greetings From Mayor Finch, Sonya and Family

Holiday greetings from Mayor Finch, Sonya and kids

Capitol Christmas Tree
State Capitol Christmas


  1. OIB Rumor Mill:

    White Anchovies–once thought to be an elixir–are forcing many political aspirants to make a last-minute request to Santa Claus for a bottle of pepto bismol.

    However, readers of this blog are immune to their effects and a pleasant Christmas is expected wherever they are served.

  2. Lennie,

    Thanks for giving the world this blog. Giving us the chance to vent, gossip, and sometimes tell the truth is refreshing, funny and yes, even sometimes aggravating. I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and to all my fellow bloggers I wish you the best of the season.

  3. To all the city employees that keep this city operating despite all the roadblocks I say Thank You and have a safe and happy holiday. To those people in Bridgeport that are working on Christmas day such as nurses, doctors, 911 operators and all others that are working Thank You and have a safe and happy holiday.

  4. Lennie,

    A very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year to you and MO

    … and my best wishes to all the OIB bloggers.

    BTW–Lennie, your program at the Black Rock Library last month was a huge success. Perhaps we could persuade you to come back sometime in the spring or summer.

  5. Happy holidays to all the bloggers that contribute to this virtual institution. The spirit and intent of the first amendment to the United States Constitution is alive and well.

  6. I want to wish everyone at Only in Bridgeport my best holiday wishes.
    OIB has provided information, insights, wisdom and rumors you would travel a long way to find anywhere else.
    People from the outside just don’t appreciate the standards set in Bridgeport public affairs. Indeed, it can be argued that Bridgeporters do not know what they have. Perhaps it is something in the water.
    Since I started reading OIB in the past year, I’ve never felt more at home. It is like I never left.
    I miss you guys, even more at this time of year of peace, love and good will to men (and women).


    Say, do you think Walsh and Brantley will exchange Valentine’s Day cards?

  7. To Mr. Grimaldi and the OIB family … very happy holidays and to BPT … hopefully the greatest year ever … OK … who am I kidding … to the city and the BOE, a best as possible year and in most cases a clue … and to the outside world … peace and please stop laughing at our city as it’s the only one we’ve got!!!

  8. *** “Feliz Navidad” you all! May you want but never need & when you need, may it be what you want! *** May a thousand blessings be upon all those that believe in the power & spirit of true Xmas, peace on earth & good will towards all men. *** And last but not least, “DON’T DRIVE DRUNK”! *** No political talk tonight please, everybody just chill! ***


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