No Easy Pass For Malloy On Toll Study, Guber Candidates Pounce

Despite hearings in the state legislature, Governor Dan Malloy wants to spend $10 million to study electronic tolling on state highways, something that received an instant rebuke from gubernatorial candidates.

From Chris Keating, Hartford Courant:

In an election year with primaries only one month away, the announcement prompted immediate responses from gubernatorial candidates–with Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim, a Democrat, saying the study should have been done at least eight years ago and Republican businessman Bob Stefanowski saying Malloy is tone deaf to the widespread opposition to tolls. Mark Boughton, the Republican mayor of Danbury, said he would derail the study on his first day in office if he is elected governor.

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Statement from Republican candidate for governor Tim Herbst:

“This governor has demonstrated a pathological commitment to hiking taxes and fees on struggling Connecticut families and businesses. Since the governor hasn’t gotten his his way on tolls, he now proposes to waste huge sums of taxpayers money studying his fee-hiking pet project.

“For the governor to demand millions in taxpayer funds to study fee increases on taxpayers, while he repeatedly also demands deep and damaging cuts to education and municipalities, is ludicrous, offensive and more evidence of how critical this next election is for struggling taxpayers.”



  1. Once again, Lamont makes sense and Joe doesn’t get it. Make out of state truckers pay more. Make out of state drivers pay more by giving steep discount to instate drivers. And you don’t need to spend $10,000,000 to figure it out.
    All Ganim sees are dollar signs and a potential pool of donors.
    A no brainer.
    Advantage Lamont.

    1. Or ganim knows what he’s talking about before he speaks unlike Lamont. Putting tolls for just Truckers violates interstate commerce laws. Just like Ned shooting from the hip not knowing what he’s talking about. Just like during the debate the plumbers Union endorsing him. Lies. Ganim may not win, but neither will “I will raise taxes Lamont”.

  2. *** Don’t cry when whom-ever becomes Gov. of Ct. finds that raising taxes is the only way to have a budget to do all thats needed on a yearly basis. Exiting tolls is probably the best scenario to the budget problem at this time. ***

    1. Mojo, you got it right, who ever is the next governor they will have to make big cuts by firing workers, eliminating programs like aid to cities and raising taxes and tolls just as a start.

  3. I’m not totally against it. It’s the abuse like anything else. Here’s your 10-million-dollar plan. SMH Start by placing tolls along the borders at each major highway or close to it. Place them every 20, 30 miles or so, spread them out. Every Connecticut registered commercial and private vehicle gets a yearly ez pass at a very low price, or even free, based on their income and usage. you know, because you don’t want “them” to take another hit for driving to work, it’s not like you are going to stop the current fuel tax and there’s not that many electric cars on the road to create such a dire crisis. Set a reasonable price for out of towners using the highways. I think the system should also target reckless drivers etc. Dan, I await my rightfully earned check, don’t judge me, don’t make me place you in a room and lock the door, more importantly, don’t think it’s not feasible. Okay

  4. So the state has money? If we get tolls then they should get rid of the gas tax thats why we have the gas tax when they got rid of the tolls before.


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