New Walking/Running Path Under Construction At Seaside Park

From Mayor’s Office:

City of Bridgeport Parks and Recreation Department announces that the track at Seaside Park is under construction to replace the clay walking surface at the Seaside Park Bandshell with a new, pervious pavement surface. The purpose of this project is to replace the existing, low-lying walking path with a flexible, durable, porous/permeable pavement which will provide:
— Ability for the track to withstand harsh conditions of a seaside location as well as temperature changes of seasons (freeze & thaw)
— Better foot and back support for walkers and runners
— 10′ walking path to provide a wider space for runners and walkers increasing the track size
— A wider track to handle the increased volume of residents using the track
— Steel edging to offer additional support & reinforcement of the actual track
— Incorporation of additional structural textile in three areas of the track which will allow high utility vehicles (i.e. mowers, maintenance trucks) to drive across the track without damaging the surface
— Reduced long-term maintenance costs

The project contractor has already secured the worksite with fencing and the City Public Facilities crew will install signage to advise residents of scheduled construction as well as to provide an estimated date of completion. This project is part of ongoing Capital Parks Department improvements at Seaside Park.

Due to construction, the bandshell area and walking path will be unavailable on September 4, 2021 during the BPT 200 Firework presentation. For more information about BPT 200 and free events throughout the City, such as the Firework presentation, click here or visit



  1. Are you f’in kidding me?????
    Deal with Bridgeport’s problems and quit making the city into a wearily suburb.
    Do you think the Port is EASTON or what?
    Save your money for a RAINY day. Invest in flood remediation.
    I’m almost speechless. Almost…..

    1. You can blame me, Bob. I own a Black Rock-themed website and lobbied hard for the track.
      I’m an unelected advocate with political firepower.
      Wait until I start my own blog.

        1. Because Bridgeport is the most value-depleted city in America, it’s the easiest city to add value to. I like using time, speed and money to prove it. Try doing that in Manhattan!
          I don’t have to live here to add value.

          1. It’s legacy time.
            When it comes to Bridgeport, “Local Eyes” isn’t the only alias I operate under.

  2. There aren’t enough cops to patrol the neighborhoods. It’s easier to encourage outdoor exercise in a “policeable” area in Bridgeport, such as a small, well-traveled area of Seaside Park, since the neighborhoods/neighborhood parks aren’t safe given the present status of the BPD…


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