Businesses, Non-Profits Bombard City With More Than 600 Applications For Relief Funds

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post

Over 600 businesses and non-profits have applied for a share of $25 million in federal coronavirus relief funds the city has made available.

“We got bombarded the last two days” of the application process, Tom Gaudett, an aide to Mayor Joe Ganim, said late last week. “It was very successful.”

The deadline was 2 p.m. Aug. 31. Now 12 different committees, from five to as many as a dozen members each of elected officials, municipal staff and community leaders, will be tasked with sifting through all of the paperwork to begin awarding the money.

“The committees will begin work this month,” Gaudett said. “The goal is to have some transparency around the process–a diversity of viewpoints–to make sure this money is put out in a responsible way and in a way that we are giving out the money as widely and effectively as possible.”

He said applicants will gradually be notified about whether they qualified or if they need to present additional information.

“We’re not trying to trip people up,” Gaudett emphasized. “If people missed things they were supposed to include, we’re giving them the opportunity to remedy those issues. We’re happy to do it to make sure everyone has a fair shot at this.”

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  1. 600 for profit and not-for profit applications? In less than a month?
    Successful response according to Tom Gaudett. Will the City create a list of all applicants?
    And while at it, why not a list of the 12 committees with diverse (and presumably non-conflicted membership) and the standards to be applied in their assessments of grant applicants?
    “Some transparency is a goal” of Gaudett. Wonderful. How about total transparency for this distribution of $25 Million to avoid the feedback from recent $$$ distributions?
    OPEN, ACCOUNTABLE, TRANSPARENT, and HONEST are governance values I often repeat in writing and speaking. Time will tell.

  2. This will be a process filled with “taking care of friends,political supporters,& own self interests”..Sooo many opportunities for favoritisim & fraud,which happen to be the foundation of this Admins…

  3. Lmao!! Good one JML!! “Non conflicting membership”. “C’mon man”…. It’s Bridgeport!! The perfect job for those sitting at the round “espresso” table at Mario’s….. Or what’s left of them!
    Cheers !!!!!

  4. You just scratched the surface JML.
    12 committee with 5 – 12 members?
    Why not the same number and same criteria for membership?
    Well all that matters is who is running the show. We all know its Joe so why go through all this BS.
    And John conflicted members? They just horse trade the grants. You take care of A, B and C for me and I’ll take care of D, E and E for you.
    It just to much reading. It gives me a headache.

  5. Now that our application is in for just a measly 20 million dollars, Black Rock and it’s fifty thousand residents with there 150 million plus in taxes, can secede from the jaws of Bridgeport !

  6. Let’s see if it is the usual non-profits lined up for handouts.
    Next step for congressional delegation will be a declaration that this will be an annual handout for ‘social infrastructure’.


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