Moore Touts Committee Assignments As She Considers Mayoral Run

As she ponders a run for mayor pushed heavily by supporters, State Senator Marilyn Moore issued a statement on Wednesday regarding her legislative committee assignments: Senate Chair of the Human Services Committee, Senate Chair of the Bonding Subcommitee and Vice Chair of the Committee on Children.

As a healthcare professional, the former two committees serve as a fit for her background and interests. The Bonding Subcommittee brings significant influence over how state dollars are spent for economic development and infrastructure upgrades.

Moore also has a strong relationship with Governor-elect Ned Lamont whom she supported early for the state’s top position.

“I am excited to get back to work on the Human Service and Children committees where my main focus will be moving forward on legislation to provide a Medicaid reimbursement for low-income families and strengthening our 2Gen model which is designed to help disadvantaged, low-income families sustain themselves by ensuring that both children and parents receive the services they need to succeed. I will also continue to support earned family medical leave, raising the minimum wage and pay equity for women.

“Being named Senate Chair of the critically important Bonding Subcommittee once again is a great honor. I was first named to this role in April 2018 and have since been able to secure grants and loans for projects in my district and across the state to boost economic development and for construction of buildings, schools, housing facilities, community care facilities, and state parks. This session I’ll be looking at various bond funding proposals in Bridgeport, Trumbull, and Monroe, including infrastructure improvements at Stone Ridge Complex and programs that address youth violence.”

The state legislative session begins in just two weeks and that’s a key in how she juggles her committee assignment responsibilities with a potential mayoral run. A lot goes into building a campaign infrastructure: money, organization, message; inspiring an organized opposition against well-financed incumbent Joe Ganim who controls the government candy store.

Moore is still a few weeks away from making a final decision about a mayoral run.

Ganim is not alone defending his turf in 2019 among big-city Connecticut mayors. New Haven Mayor Toni Harp, see here, and Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin, see here, face potential opposition.



  1. Marilyn Moore for Mayor. She has got the connections in Hartford. Lamont asked her first to be his Lt. Governor candidate. She has a solid,active and enthusiastic base of support in her Senatorial district that is part of Bridgeport. She compels an unquestionable devotion to the City and People of Bridgeport. So far. her honesty and ethics is beyond question. MARILYN MOORE,LET’S ROLL!!!!

  2. So Derek you are saying that Senator Moore’s great work should be rewarded by keeping her in that position? That’s contrary to the American way where you work hard, do you job well and reap the benefits of your hard work. Well everyone except you Senator Moore.

    1. @Donald
      No one keeps Senator Moore in the State Senate, she makes that decision herself. She chose not to run for Lt. Gov when asked.
      She is my State Senator and I like having her represent me. If she left to become mayor, every Trumbull resident loses our State Senator, not same for Bridgeport.
      The State Senate gig is a part time position leaving time for her other job and family. Does this family dedicated daughter, mother, grandmother need a 24/7 job trying to straighten out a corrupt administration as she enters her seventies?>>

      Who would the BDTC machine foist upon us as a replacement? They can’t control Moore, but might her replacement

  3. I will be honest. I really don’t think that (Ret.Jud) Carmen Lopez wants to be Mayor of Bridgeport. Couple of years ago Lioez wrote a letter about looking at Charter Change in BPT. That is where we need her,with her experience,talent and long range perspective. Carmen Looez to Chair the Charter Revision Commision.

    1. Frank, how would you know whether Judge Lopez did or did not have an interest in serving as Mayor?

      Have you ever had a discussion with her regarding the matter? Do you have a relationship with her which might give you some personal insight?

      If not, you really shouldn’t post comments about what she may or may not be interested in pursuing.

      1. Hi Maria……One of my phrases from my above posting is “I really don’t think” which implies my own opinions. I don’t believe that I gave any indication that I had some “inside” information about the thoughts of Carmen Lopez. My OPINION was based on her activities since I have heard of her. I will say that I have never met nor had any political discussions with Carmen Lopez. As evident,I have been a supporter of State Senator Marilyn Moore. However,as Marshall Marcus pointe out above,Marilyn Moore must be having deep thoughts as to whether or not she wants to run or be the Mayor of Bridgeport. The bottom line is that my posting was my pure opinion/conjecture. Maria,I always respect your opinion and I “hear where you are coming from.” On that note,Maria,I would like to wish you and your family and Happy and Healthy New Year.

  4. Frank, you have every right to offer your opinion as to the possibility of anyone running for Mayor of Bridgeport irrespective of what Maria thinks, fills or believes. Blogs are opinion driven and your opinion may not always be to my liking, but I’ll fight for your right to have them.

  5. I believe Marilyn Moore in the legislature is in a better position to do more for the people of the city of Bridgeport. At this juncture Carmen Lopez would be a better candidate for mayor. She is a retired judge, for one thing. It requires a comprehensive knowledge of the law to get a seat on the bench. The degreed professionals employed in the city attorney’s office seem to have forgotten a lot of the things they learned in law school.

  6. A few things to consider.
    Judge Lopez may have been an excellent judge. But the qualities of a good State Senator are much closer to Mayor than a judge is.
    A Senator needs to build a consensus while a judge needs to study and follow the law. A judge needs to determine what is right and wrong. A mayor need to find a common ground.
    A judge, at least in CT, is not elected. Marilyn Moore has been elected three times in a general election and twice in a primary. She knows what it takes.
    These are but a few things that make Marilyn far Moore better suited for the job than Judge Lopez.

  7. Derek, you can thank Lennie for removing your profanity addressed toward me because you don’t know me that well to address me in that manner. I’ve never addressed you with profanities and being an old school brother I can assure you that using that profanity at or to me would get your ass kicked.

    Stay in your lane son and had you thought I was a mother Flucker then I would have told you to keep your mother off the Ho stroll and I won’t have the need to be that which you said, a MF.

    1. Grow up, Donald. You can’t piss people off with the expectation they will bow down. You misinterpreted what I said. Anyone and everyone is allowed to run for public office, even clowns and thugs like Chris Taylor and Tony Barr. That’s good. They both provided comic relief during a tense election. At this point in time Marilyn Moore is a sitting member of the legislature. She has cultivated relationships that have been beneficial to the people of the city of Bridgeport. Her integrity is above question. She has and continues to serve us well in that office. Were she to seek the mayoralty all of that would be changed.

      Carmen Lopez, a retired Superior Court judge, is the right person for the office of mayor. Her record and reputation are above reproach.She is well versed in the intricacies of the law. Little Joe Ganim and the rest of the party hacks taking up space and money on the city’s payroll owe their fealty to Mario Testa. They bend the rules and shirk the law as a matter of course. That’s part and parcel of Bridgeport politics. That has to change. The City Attorney’s Office has been feeding bullshit and lies to the City Council for decades, misleading the parliamentary body to advance to agenda of a corrupt political machine.

      Marilyn Moore would be a good candidate for mayor. Once a person attains public office it is not about the individual. It is about the people he or she is elected to represent. Donald Trump can’t quite see it that way. Neither can Joe Ganim.

      1. Derek, did I misinterpret you when you called me a MF? I’ve never disrespected you in that manner nor have I ostracized you about your opinion about your mayoral selection in this post. Let me say this one more time, YOU DON’T KNOW ME THAT WELL TO CALL ME A MOTHER FLUCKER and I will not accept that from you or anyone else that cannot whip my ass or from someone who I’ve never disrespected in this manner. Any questions?

  8. A few additional things to consider are as follows:

    When Bob Walsh demonstrated what many perceived as a racist rant directed at his colleague Evette Brantley, it was Judge Lopez who wrote the CT Oped in defense of Bob Walsh. Judge Lopez also coordinated and obtained many reputable community members to sign onto that Oped, not Marilyn Moore.

    When Mayor Finch, Dan Malloy and billionaire Steve Mandell orchestrated a coup of the Bridgeport Board of Education it was Judge Lopez that conducted the legal research, convinced Norm Pattis and Kevin to take on the case, and worked hand-in-hand with us to over turn the illegal takeover. The day after the Supreme Court ruled it unlawful, Rob Traber, Max Medina, Marilyn Moore, and more held a press event at 45 Lyon Terrace praising the decision although not a single one of them lifted a finger to help overturn it. Carmen Lopez did the vast majority of the work, yet Marilyn Moore was out front at a press event as if she contributed to the effort in some way. Marilyn Moore didn’t do a thing to help in that effort.

    When Paul Vallas was serving as Superintendent illegally and hired by the illegal Board, it was Judge Lopez who conducted the legal research, convinced Norm Pattis and Kevin to take on the case, raised and contributed funds to oust him. Marilyn Moore didn’t do a thing to help in that effort.

    When Mayor Finch tried to pass a Charter Revision to allow him to appoint school board members because he knew he was going to lose in the Supreme Court, who conducted all the legal research and wrote Op-eds explaining what the language changes meant so that voters clearly understood what they were voting on? It was Judge Lopez, not Marilyn Moore.

    When that tragic fire happened in P.T. Barnum where a mother and her children died, who stepped in to assist the family? It was Judge Lopez, not Marilyn Moore.

    When Bob Halstead needed help with his historic home, who conducted all the research and assisted him? It wasn’t Marilyn Moore, it was Judge Lopez.

    I could go on and on. Judge Lopez has been a critical part of every major victory we have have experienced in Bridgeport in the last 10 years. And, she has done all that work without charging $1 for her contributions. In fact, she has spent thousands of her own money to help others without expecting anything in return.

    Marilyn Moore voted with the entire delegation to take away $1,000,000 in ECS funding from the BPS in 2016/2017 after we had already made $16,000,000 in devastating cuts and knowing full well that we are severely underfunded.

    Marilyn Moore voted for the Implementer Bill which rescinded the requirement that urban municipalities gradually increase their contributions to their local schools. No school district in CT contributes less to its public schools than Bridgeport.

    I don’t doubt that Marilyn Moore is honest, ethical and not beholden to the corrupt DTC, however where has she been on all the major battles we have waged in Bridgeport over the last decade? What has she done to fight for adequate funding for the BPS and our over 20,000 students? I know the answer. The question is do her staunch supporters know the answer.

    I want a leader who wants to help others because it is simply the right thing to do, not because they expect to be compensated for it or want to be in a photo-op.

    Don’t listen to what politicians say. Watch what they do.

  9. First let me say this about Marilyn Moore and Carmen Lopez, I love both of these women and I’m proud to call them friends. I will not be apart of any conversation against either woman. I’ve know Marilyn Moore for a much longer period way before she was involved with electoral politics, I’ve known Marilyn and her sister and brother for over 40 years, we go to the same church, Marilyn has been involved with the Bridgeport Black Pride Program that’s held every Martin Luther Jr. birthday at Mt. Aery Baptist church and it is the largest celebration for Dr. King in Bridgeport. I was deeply involve with Carmen Lopez when that tragic fire happened in P.T. Barnum where a mother and her children died, Carmen lead the charge with getting the residents of P.T. Barnum together and having meetings to look into what type of escape plans they if a fire breaks out. Some of the facts that came out those meetings was the Bridgeport Fire Dept. does not perform fire inspection at PT Barnum and there is was only one fire exit for that family on the first floor entrance door but the fire started in the kitchen and the bedrooms are upstairs. The only other way out was to jump from the second floor to ground. The Bridgeport Housing Authority had no real answers. Carmen Lopez doesn’t back down in seeking the truth. I would hope that both women have a sit down to discuss the issues and the problems of the city even if neither one decide not to run for mayor or if they do decide to run because a split will put Joe Ganim back into office if all three run.

    1. Well that’s the crux of the biscuit. The two of them ought to sit down over coffee, put egos aside and discuss what is in the best interest of the people of the city of Bridgeport. If both ran it would give Little Joe the nomination.

      Everyone knows what’s wrong with the city of Bridgeport. It ain’t the people. It is the self interested sleazebags that owe their allegiance to one man, not the people of the city of Bridgeport.

  10. Thanks for making my point. If you want someone to fight your legal battle you go get a lawyer.
    If you want someone to lead your city you got to a political leader.

    1. The law is a noble profession. Joseph P. Ganim was disbarred for not possessing the moral character to practice the law. As such he is not morally fit to hold public office.

      1. Kid, I’m drawing from 35 years of watching this kind of political prelude. There are telling signs that indicate whether or not a perceived person will run for any office. I haven’t seen or read anything that indicates either woman intend to take the plunge. It’s just too little too late.

    1. Lisa, I understand and I agree with you but there is just movement against reelecting Joe Ganim that people are expressing their true desire for someone who has the quality of both Senator Marliyn Moore and Judge Carmen Lopez. Lisa, Happy New Year.

  11. Senator Moore is a much better leader than Embattled Judge Lopez. I hope she will run. Nobody wants Lopez but Maria. Maria Hates everybody. I hope she will be more positive for the new year. Girl bye.


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