Moore Gears Up For Mayoral Write-In Campaign

Graphic above from Moore’s Facebook page.

Superior Court Judge Barry Stevens on Monday will hear the city’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit that challenges the September 10 primary results alleging absentee ballot irregularities. If the judge rules the three plaintiffs have no standing the case will be tossed, if he rules they do he will hear evidence about the claims to determine if the allegations asserted in the complaint altered the outcome of Mayor Joe Ganim’s win over State Senator Marilyn Moore.

Meanwhile, Moore’s campaign is moving forward with its outreach to educate voters about her write-in candidacy. She does not have a named ballot spot in November. By state statute, absentee ballots become available to voters on October 4, a timeline the judge says he wants to follow as he weighs the election complaint.

From Moore’s Facebook page:

Bridgeporters, we can do this! Election Day is November 5th. To cast your vote for Marilyn Moore for Mayor:
1. Go to the bottom line on your ballot
3. WRITE IN MOORE! You can also write M. Moore or Marilyn Moore.

Sample ballot from 2015 municipal election. Note the write-in line at bottom.



  1. It’s business as usual for the election in November, for the next primary and general election and all primaries and general elections in the future, you can count on that 600 to 1000 ABs as long as Mario Testa and Joe Ganim are still elected in their position. The next Democratic Town Committee election is March 2020, so let’s get started to make changes.

  2. Miss Moore, is “ Bridgeporters” have witnessed the complete failure of your campaign to first secure signatures to get on the ballot, and the continued fiasco of your campaign decisions since.I detest Joe & Mario and will not be voting for them in November, however, at this point I find it impossible to vote for you either.How can you get our city out of the mess it is if you can’t even run an organized campaign??

    1. Harvey, you’re basing your decision not to vote for either candidate for mayor base on your heart and not your head. First, one of the two candidates will run and manage the City for the next four years, so which candidate has done more to the City, Moore or Ganim? We have the FBI here investigating Mayor Ganim and John Ricci over money, Ganim has done nothing about funding BBOE properly, we have a dysfunctional run Police Department, property being raise, now all of this issues involve Joe Ganim and Mario Testa. Now Marilyn Moore, she has run a bad campaign with ABs but Moore beat Joe Ganim at the voting polls, there might have been a few votes in the Senate that some people don’t like but when you compare the two candidates Harvey, which one would you want as mayor for the next 4 years? Remember on the national level that’s how America got 45 but people didn’t like either candidate, now look at the mess that we are in. Harvey, I didn’t even talk about Ganim’s felony conviction and serving time in a federal prison.

      1. You have not described anything that Moore has done for the City of Bridgeport. She has power as Bonding Chair and Bridgeport has not seen anything of significance from her at all.

        1. As soon as you stop hiding and give your God given name that your mother and father gave you I will reply to your question. Why are you scare and being a coward, just tell us all who you are.


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