Ganim: Trump Unfit To Be President, Attacking Our Communities Of Color

Standing next to U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, a fierce Donald Trump critic, Mayor Joe Ganim on Sunday declared that Trump is unfit for the presidency. Ganim on his Facebook page asserted “The President does not represent our values and is specifically coming after our communities of color.”

This comes after Trump issued this Tweet:

Can you imagine if these Do Nothing Democrat Savages, people like Nadler, Schiff, AOC Plus 3, and many more, had a Republican Party who would have done to Obama what the Do Nothings are doing to me. Oh well, maybe next time!

From HuffPost:

President Donald Trump attacked “Democrat savages” in a vicious new tweet Saturday following the launch of a formal impeachment inquiry–and specifically referred to four congresswomen of color and Jewish lawmakers Rep. Jerry Nadler (N.Y.) and Rep. Adam Schiff (Calif.).

See video above from Ganim.

He has shown that he’s unfit to serve as commander in chief … Mayors are usually reserved, we work very hard to be bipartisan. This goes beyond partisanship. Although the Democratic party has a responsibility to lead the country and to lead all its citizens as I do here in the city of Bridgeport.

So I am speaking with a loud voice, as mayor of this largest city, joining our Connecticut delegation and you senator on this impeachment proceedings, and the unfitness of our president, to support every action you to need to take … We will be with you 100 percent in the city of Bridgeport and I hope mayors across the country will join as well.



  1. Have been following Trump’s calls for impeachment. but if ture he’s going out like Nixon.
    Brings me back to the Democrat ticket. Leaning toward Biden and Harris. Even though Tulsi Gabbard impressive. But not liking Biden’s stance on Medicare for all. It’s not like we don’t already have Medicare for all. We just have to wait until we are 65, Joe. It not like even Obama, who plan you want to strengthen, wanted Medicare for all. Get on board Joe 🙂 BAM ! 🙂

  2. 45 was unfit to be president during the Republican primary so its just a shame that Mayor Ganim finally realized that his boy didn’t have the best interest of communities of color in America. It’s good thing he finally found out, just before the mayoral election, now people of color can see that he really cares about them.

    1. Four years ago Joseph P. Ganim realized the impossible dream. He was tried and convicted of racketeering and public corruption, resigned from office, was disbarred. Then he was re-elected to the office he betrayed, mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

      What has he accomplished over the past four years? He flat lined the BOE budget while blithely accepting raises for himself and his handpicked cronies. Virtually all the development in the city during that time was begun by Bill Finch, his immediate predecessor.
      Oh, he closed down a couple of delis that were notorious for drug sales, gang activity and gun violence. How did he close them? By sic’ing the health department, not the police department—Police Chief A.J. Perez couldn’t be bothered. And then there was the announcement of the construction of a supermarket on the east side; someone else negotiated that one.
      Ganim did bring Boca Oyster Bar to the peninsula. Wow. Not to put any shade on Boca—by all accounts the menu and service is first rate, with prices to match. There’s even a private marina so Joe’s well-heeled friends won’t have to traverse the mean streets of Bridgeport to get there. That’s great for Joe. Now he has a place to hold court, rub elbows with the swells. What difference does it make that 70% of the city’s residents can’t afford to patronize the joint?
      Way to go, Joe.

  3. What a joke, Ganim’s with his Johnny come lately comment, where was Joe Ganim the father when babies were being taken from their mothers on the border. Ganim was so scare of his friend President 45 that he refuse to make Bridgeport a Sanctuary City. Blumenthal and Ganim are the two biggest photo-,hog in the state with Dennis Bradley not far behind and in 3rd place.

  4. And what does “attacking our communities of color” have to do with impeachment”?
    Oh that’s right. Ganim is running against a African American and Latino so he has to through a gratuitous comment in about race in every press release.

  5. I must comment on Kirk Wesley.
    Firstly, a bit too much pontificating would you say. Seems like everything good that happened he’ll take credit for. Anything bad, look for someone else.
    Secondly, I am not as experienced obviously as Kirk is but what is a Director of Field Operations? I would think it would include training staff, overseeing the doe to door operation and measuring its effectiveness but not TOUCHING AB’s.
    Didn’t Kirk train people on the Do & Don’ts about AB’s? Didn’t Kirk measure their effectiveness in getting AB’s while going door to door? Didn’t Kirk teach people on the signs to who might need an AB? Like and handicap camp leading to front door? Or signs such as Oxygen In Use? Or maybe someone coming to the door with a can or a walker????
    Or did he just assume that everyone was as smart as he and didn’t need to be taught???

  6. “we work very hard to be bipartisan”….. So I ask Mayor Joe and Silent Mario
    Who is the WE?
    Is it Mario and ME?
    Working hard on the “bi”
    but they spell it ” a buy”.
    Using taxpayer money
    Some see as not funny,
    To extend their lead,
    The GOP to exceed!!

    Time will tell.

  7. “Although the Democratic party has a responsibility to lead the country and to lead all its citizens as I do here in the city of Bridgeport.”

    Democratic values were present at the primary, but the machines showed that the incumbent came out “secondary”.
    In four years, Joe, where did you lead? More importantly, where did you succeed? Where was your concern for the education of all citizens? The kids are the victims for your lack of “leading”.
    The national elected Democrats have challenged Trump for working to pump up his own profits from every transaction and opportunity. Part of that is pure oversight in a partisan atmosphere and an abnormal Presidency. But where is the report on the future of the Airport from your designated politico Dan Roach? Cost, return, quality of life improvement for how many citizens with taxpayers fronting the deficits?
    A real leader would have taken full ownership of his original crime when attempting to be provided a “second chance”. He might have indicated how he would repair the damage done in the past as his time behind bars did not constitute “city reconstruction time”. And then he would have asked the entire citizenry for forgiveness, not merely one faith community in one section of the City to whom he communicated that he was “sorry”. Joe, what are you so sorry about? That you were able to prevail in 2015 in Bridgeport and failed at the polling place four years later (as well as were seen as other than a leader by 168 Connecticut communities in the gubernatorial primary.)
    Where are the community spokespersons for Joe? Unpaid, honest observers with years of oversight, unrelated to current opponents: What Say You??? Time will tell.

  8. From the Connecticut Post:

    The FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office are scrutinizing the process that led to Armando Perez becoming the city’s permanent police chief with a five-year contract, several sources have told Hearst Connecticut Media.

    One source said some ex-candidates for the job were interviewed in March by federal law enforcement authorities about possible “improprieties” that occurred during 2018’s months-long national search for Bridgeport’s top cop.

    “They’ve (federal authorities) at least pulled in the finalists,” the source said.

    Perez could not immediately be reached for comment Monday.

    1. From the beginning of that testing process Don Day and myself have been questioning the testing company because they NEVER gave a police chief and fire chief position that has the population and the racial makeup of Bridgeport. David Dunn the City’s Personnel Director made the choice of the testing company based on what? Dunn knew that Mayor Ganim wanted Perez as the permeant police chief so he found a company that would design a test that Perez would placed in the top three.

      1. Wait, there’s more:

        “While the reason for the FBI’s interest in the police chief search is not known, that agency over the winter launched an ongoing criminal probe involving Bridgeport’s Department of Public Facilities. That probe is focused on illicit scrap metal sales and on no-bid construction and equipment contracts.

        “Perez is a longtime friend and political ally of Ganim’s, dating back to the latter’s first administration in the 1990s when Perez served as the mayor’s driver…

        “Ganim was convicted of corruption in 2003. And, though never charged with a crime, Perez stored expensive wine at his home that Ganim received as part of the mayor’s pay-to-play schemes.

        “When Ganim four years ago sucessfully ran for his former job, Perez, then a police captain, was often at his side along the campaign trail, supporting Ganim’s bid for a second chance.

        “Upon assuming office in December 2015, Ganim returned the favor. He forced out then-Police Chief Joseph Gaudett and promoted Perez to acting chief..

        “Perez joined Bridgeport’s Finest in 1983 after first considering a career in banking and is well known and well-liked in the city.

        “His critics have argued he is too politically connected to be chief and to make the policing reforms necessary to bring the police department into the 21st Century.

        “Perez became embroiled in a 2017 election scandal when, at the request of Democratic Town Chairman Mario Testa, the chief dispatched a police officer to collect absentee or mail-in ballots for Testa’s candidate in a hotly contested City Council election.”

  9. “He has shown that he’s unfit to serve as commander in chief”
    This from a man who has never admitted guilt for the felony crimes he was convicted of while in office.

    “Although the Democratic party has a responsibility to lead the country and to lead all its citizens as I do here in the city of Bridgeport.”
    This from a felon who was convicted of crimes while in office and now unable to to get clear support of members of his own party in a primary.

  10. From the CT Post
    “Ganim promises better outreach to Bridgeport’s immigrants “
    Another gratuitous statement to another minority group as Ganim’s election draws nearer.

  11. Immigrants are human beings who deserve respect and assistance where possible. They are confronting so many things “new and different”. Because so many of us are in touch with our immigrant heritage, learned like “mother’s milk” while we were growing, going to school, and figuring what to do with our lives, where to live and whom to associate with. It is natural to have some empathy with adults who wish better for their children and are determined to reach for the brass ring when so many barriers face them. So, “sanctuary city” conditions have been sought for those in the country while the Executive Branch attempts to organize practices and processes around migration, immigration, and human beings with children who are seeking better…..acknowledging our advanced standing in the world.

    In the meantime, there is an older American problem that is parallel, ignored too often, and that goes unaddressed in Bridgeport and other communities. That problem is “racism” for which an appropriate community response would be “antiracism” IMO. I said that to the City Council on September 16 and forwarded the article to OIB. Lenny chose not to run the piece.
    But I simply tried to connect our lack of economic development to the “racist” system, structures, and attitudes that become obvious in City events regularly, whether we are talking about public safety failures, purposeful inattention to the BOE budget, or inattention to what is happening to the poorest of the poor in unhealthy public housing without concerned stewards holding public positions. Do we need a change in “leadership”? You bet. And perhaps it should start with an “antiracist” approach that would look to the failure of MIRA? How are “returning citizens” treated? With respect? With expected results? Time will tell.

  12. Joe Ganim,
    you JUST STOLE a Primary election from the People of color.

    You and your buddies have STOLEN millions from People of Color in the City of Bridgeport

    How hypocritical of you?

    The People of Color WANT YOU IMPEACHED from the Mayor’s Office
    Nov 5😌😎😎

    1. Wanda, the Bridgeport black elected political members and those in leadership on the DTC played a very role in helping Ganim to win and there reward will be absolutely nothing, they will get what they got in 2015 when Ganim was elected and that was nothing.

      Wanda, what troubles me is there was NO Hispanic candidate running in the Democrat primary for mayor and the so call black political leadership didn’t put a candidate for mayor and they didn’t support State Senator Marilyn Moore, in fact it looks like the Bridgeport black elected political members and those in leadership on the DTC follow the lead of City Council member, Mary McBride Lee comment about Marilyn Moore that Marilyn Moore “wasn’t black enough.”

      In the movie Black Panther the Marvel film is still inspiring great memes. The latest one is pulled from a line that villain Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) yells out to the people of Wakanda while battling T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman)—aka the Black Panther. “Is this your king?” he says as T’Challa keeps falling down, well, I’m asking the Bridgeport black elected political members and those in leadership on the DTC about Joe Ganim and their relationship with Ganim, “Is this your king?”

          1. It’s about the Black Greek (Boule)

            It’s on my Facebook page..

            Trying to copy link but can’t..

            Look it up. I believe you might enjoy it👌

  13. Sickening.!

    I don’t hate or dislike Ganim.
    I just HATE his way of governance over our tax dollars and the city.

    DON’T worry it’s ALL coming to a head. This is a historical year for ALL to see that what is done in the DARK will surely come to LIGHT!

    They WILL ANSWER in one way or the other. You can’t make deals with the 😈 devil and NOT expect a payday.
    That’s the sad part the love of MONEY has made their HEARTS COLD..

    In the last days man will become lovers of MONEY more than lovers of God.. Be not deceived we will reap what we sow….

  14. If Mayor Ganim wants to make a case for impeaching the President, he needs to give better reasons than are given here. The fact that Trump has publicly criticized several people of color and a Jew for specific actions of theirs is not a criticism of whole races. He seems to be deflecting attention from his inadequacies of his municipal administration!


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