Moales Addresses Misconceptions About Himself

Is the Rev. Ken Moales misunderstood? If so, why? The State Senate candidate, in this video produced by his campaign, shares thoughts about what he says are misconceptions about his need for power and positions on education. The charter school proponent and school board member once said sending his kids to public schools in Bridgeport would be like child abuse. Moales is a candidate for the February 24 special election that also includes Ricky DeJesus, Quentin Dreher, Ed Gomes and Charles Hare.



  1. I’ m sorry, but what did he say? Was this his campaign ad he used when he ran for the Board Of Education because it has nothing to do with the state senate? Misconceptions, I thought he was going to explain the misconception of why he has not paid his taxes. Or the misconception of the IMA supporting him as the candidate for state senate and why he had ads stating their support and endorsement.

  2. Ron Mackey, excellent points. Thanks.

    Hey campaign videoeditor, better take it again at 1:46 on, where Citizen Moales states (I listened to it twice) about the Bridgeport public schools:

    “… not only do I not believe in them [the public schools] …”

    But good work on making Moales say about Bridgeport public school teachers:
    “… teachers don’t have enough resources.”

    I look forward to the next video wherein candidate Moales will explain to the public what he’s done as a head and member of the Board of Ed to ensure Bridgeport public school teachers and students do have “enough resources.”

    As for his statement toward the end of this video “we can fight intellectually”: from what I’ve seen at BOE meetings, Moales thinks fighting intellectually includes using abusive language to belittle and bully those with whom he disagrees. That’s about as unintellectual as you can get.

    And he shrugs off the clear conflict of interest he creates by being on both the Board of Ed and on the board of a charter school coming into Bridgeport is reprehensible, to say the least.

  3. Wow, someone needs to be fired for their misconception of what editing is. At about the 1:45 spot after he talks about him believing in public schools, he says “NOT ONLY DO I NOT BELIEVE IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS,” really. A Freudian slip or just a mistake?

  4. Pete and Donald, I caught his comment as well. He clearly states he does NOT believe in public schools.

    The only purpose this video serves is it proves Kenneth Moales Jr. is a pathological liar.

    I was present at the BBOE meeting where he told Rob Traitor “as a father, if my children attended the Bridgeport Public Schools, I would be committing child abuse.” I heard it with my own ears. He said this while he was the chair of the BBOE.

    He has repeatedly denigrated BPS teachers and staff and has publicly attacked Tammy Boyle, the DPAC President who has volunteered over 16,000 hours in our schools in the last 12 years.

    The disparaging and insulting remarks he has directed at his fellow BBOE members have been nothing short of outrageous.

    Yes Mr. Moales, you are thirsty for power. If you recall, when you became chairman you ran throughout this community boasting you were the second most powerful person in Bridgeport, after Mayor Finch.

    The claim you, nor your family members and/or parishioners have never received compensation or employment since serving on the BBOE is an absolute lie.

    The former principal of Pride Academy, Reverend Claytor, the recently promoted social worker at Bassick and several other members of your church all received employment with the BBOE since you joined the BBOE. In addition, several of your parishioners were employed by the disgraced FUSE at Dunbar School.

    And, let us not forget you fraudulently billed the BBOE you were chairman of for $75,000 in non-existent daycare services you claimed to have provided. You were caught by the CSDE and colluded with Paul Vallas to keep it out of the public eye and from the rest of the BBOE members.

    Maybe “resources” could be provided if both you and Richard DeJesus paid your municipal and state taxes, and your mayor funded our “public schools” as legally required.


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