Malloy To Discuss Black Rock Business District

Governor Dan Malloy, who’s kicked up criticism of Republican opponent Tom Foley’s education proposal to strip money from failing schools, is scheduled to participate in a discussion tonight (Friday) 6 p.m. at the Black Rock Library with neighborhood residents about the $500,000 state funding to enhance the Black Rock business district on Fairfield Avenue.

This discussion is open to all residents to participate, according to State Rep. Auden Grogins who invited the governor. “This is a great opportunity to give the governor input of our vision and for the project as well as have a discussion of possible future improvements to the area.”

Malloy supporters in the final weeks of the campaign are trying to galvanize urban voters in his quest for another four-year term. Polls show a close race. Malloy is criticizing Foley’s newly announced urban education agenda, saying “You can’t treat a school like a factory. You don’t sell it. You don’t close it. You have an obligation to make it work.”

Malloy’s trying to reset education support after his policies under outgoing Education Commissioner Stefan Pryor turned off teachers.

More on this from CT Mirror:

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy moved quickly Thursday to exploit what Democrats say is an ill-considered and impractical proposal by Republican Tom Foley to allow urban parents to pick the local public school of their choice and strip money from failing schools as their children go elsewhere.

Malloy said the education proposals Foley made Wednesday as part of a larger urban agenda show that the Greenwich businessman has no grasp of current education policies and resources, nor does he appreciate how devastating it would be to urban school systems to begin denying funds to schools that need more resources.

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  1. “… nor does he appreciate how devastating it would be to urban school systems to begin denying funds to schools that need more resources.”

    The real Malloy came out. He acknowledges that Foley does NOT “appreciate” how devastating it would be to urban school and in disagreeing, Malloy makes it clear he does appreciate the devastation. This explains why he said nothing when Bill Finch was flat-funding the Bridgeport BOE.
    Am I the only one reading this right or wrong?

    1. Joel, you’re always right! Keep up the good work.

      From The WSJ
      Republican Tom Foley, left, who will challenge incumbent Democrat Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, right, in the general election on Nov. 4. Associated Press

      A new poll suggests Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy’s stewardship of Connecticut’s economy is hurting his standing with voters as he heads toward a Nov. 4 showdown with Republican challenger Tom Foley.

      Mr. Foley leads Mr. Malloy by a 46% to 40% margin, according to the Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday. It was the first survey on the race since Mr. Foley captured the Republican primary in August, setting up a rematch of the two men who waged a close fight for governor in 2010.

      The most important issue identified in the survey was the economy. Some 54% of voters polled said Mr. Foley would do a better job on the economy compared with 37% for Mr. Malloy.

      “The poll means that at this point in time, Malloy’s message of recovery and the statistics he has been pulling out to suggest that things are turning around are not resonating with the people,” said Gary Rose, chairman of the Department of Government and Politics at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield.

      A spokesman with Mr. Malloy’s campaign declined to comment. Christopher Cooper, a spokesman for Mr. Foley, said the Republican’s camp was “assuming that this race is a dead heat …”

      The poll also revealed a gender gap. Mr. Malloy leads Mr. Foley 45% to 38% among women. Mr. Foley leads with men, 54% to 35%.

        1. Malloy did not discuss his positions. He said something to the effect of it’s your money, you decide how to spend it. I spent some time with the Gov and a few other people after the official tour. Very interesting comments. He is looking for supporters and I got the impression he was looking for supporters and not working to woo anyone to convert.

  2. While we always welcome state tax dollars (ours?) into Bridgeport, considering our city council has given tax reductions to private developers so they can make a profit to the tune of 70% reductions for 10 years in many cases, I would ask the Governor to tell Bridgeport to get their financial house in order before sending surplus money to this city.

  3. Really Jennifer,
    You would tell the Governor not to give B’port any money until they get their finances in order. Wow. That’s telling him.
    And the Governor would say what? Thanks, B’port. I’ve got some other cities that would be happy to have your share of the pie.
    Jennifer, these tax breaks are governed by local ordinance. If you want to rein in these tax breaks, it can all be done at the local level with no help from the governor.

      1. Well, just go ahead and vote for Foley and you won’t have this problem. He will not be giving Bridgeport any money based on his Urban Agenda. Since Foley won’t release any specifics it allows me to decide what I think it means. And if you feel you couldn’t get a straight answer out of Malloy on this, try getting any kind of specific answer out of Foley. No one has been able to.


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