Losak, Martinez Pushback On Pereira’s Abusive Personality–Lopez: ‘Maria’s Controlling, Be Careful’

If you miss a City Council meeting the minutes of the meeting should be required reading. The public speaking portion of the last council session was quite a doozy with urban warrior Helen Losak and former City Council member Eneida Martinez pointing out the peculiar proclivities of City Councilwoman Maria Pereira whose salacious bent alternates between burrowing into the private parts of her targets and blowtorching enemies in letters, social media and phone messages.

Camel toes and horny toads are kinda her thing.

Losak and Pereira, once compadres, had a visceral falling out. That’s not unexpected considering Pereira’s truculence. The question isn’t whether she’ll turn on someone but who will be next. The line of victims is longer than the ones at M&T Bank branches.

Pereira and Bradley had a short-lived alliance on the school board.

Losak and Pereira both reside on Bradley Street in the city’s 138th District that Pereira represents. It appears Pereira so fascinates her street name that she endorsed–“I know this sounds a little nuts”–recently defeated State Senator Dennis Bradley in an August primary after describing him as “unethical, dishonest and sleazy as they come,” urging her constituents to vote for him over Herron Gaston so that Juliemar Ortiz who botched her primary signature drive slots a winning seat in the general election. Well okay, except Pereira didn’t bother to circulate petition sheets on behalf of Ortiz.

At the last council meeting Losak shared, with Pereira present, the latest chapter of Pereira’s menacing personality involving a June altercation because Losak dared to converse with Gemeem Davis, a leader of Bridgeport Generation Now civic group. Pereira-enabler retired Superior Court Judge Carmen Lopez, according to the minutes, intervened with a private warning to Losak: Maria’s controlling, be careful.

Fascinating that Lopez fails to follow her own advice telling people this about Pereira in private while telling Pereira something else. That’s the hypocrisy of so-called reformers who claim to be anti-establishment. They’re just like most everyone else. Phony to the core.

Pereira keeps score of people who talk to her enemies. It gnaws at her like a flesh-eating bacteria.

Pereira-enabler retired Judge Carmen Lopez

From the minutes:

The minutes of the meeting continue with Losak explaining Lopez’s intervention:

Eneida Martinez weighed in as well at Pereira. From the minutes:

Bridgeport politics can be a contact sport. How about a special steel cage match for charity at the arena between Martinez and Pereira?

I’m going with Martinez.



  1. I get Martinez and Maria going at it. That has been going on for awhile, considering Maria ran a campaign that oust her. Ironically, the person who Maria help best Martinez has resigned. If Martinez reclaims that seat expect some catfighting. people. 🙂

    I get Maria’s ability to offend and alienate people, but to be fair, what I don’t understand is that Losak received a letter from Maria saying she wants nothing to do with her, as tactfully as Maria can express herself, 🙂 Losak should be thrilled, good riddance 🤣

    However, Losak files a police report because Maria doesn’t want to speak to her and be friends, and won’t apologize for offending her. WWWWHHHAAT 🤣

    I hope Martinez gets her seat back. Got to love a good catfight. 🙂

    P.S while I admire a good catfight, play nice people. 🙂


  2. Lennie, why do you see retired Judge Carmen Lopez as a “Pereira-enabler”? Pereira and nature has shaped the type of person Pereira is. An enabler would not have intervened in such a way as Carmen Lopez is alleged to have done so.

    1. So Lopez has her public side and private side. The public side in full view requires her to take some kind of action in that situation otherwise it reflects on her. There are times she becomes irritated with Pereira and will make it known. But privately she won’t break from Pereira because she fears her and worries about the potential consequences of walking away from her. She often tells people be careful with Maria stay away, she’s crazy, but doesn’t take her own advice. She continues to work with her on this and that, allows Pereira to tell the world she’s the protegee of the Great Lopez. It’s the worst case of Stockholm Syndrome in Bridgeport. So, instead of having the courage to walk away, call her out for what she is, she enables her. Carmen knows she enables her. People like Eneida Martinez and Helen Losak, whether you agree with them or not, have the guts to stand their ground. Lopez, for all her pontification of that dastardly Bridgeport political machine, is flat out afraid of Pereira. Incredible.

  3. Fair enough Lennie! Where was Helen Losak when Pereira was on her rampage attacking my family and all her other targets? Answer: She was cheering Pereira on. Eneida Martinez was cleaning the blood off the ground of a homicide victim who may never get justice because the crime scene was tampered with. So much for guts! If this fact sounds “incredible” you better believe it.

    During the last text conversation I had with Pereira before she attacked my wife and two girls, I told Pereira that one reason she should tone down is to avoid having friends or allies being held accountable for her words and actions. Here’s a perfect example of what I warned her about. Pereira replied by stating: “Carmen Lopez is not my mother. She doesn’t tell me what to say…

    Can anyone name one person who can reason with Pereira? How many people have called Maria Pereira out and got a positive result? What good or difference would it make if retired judge Carmen Lopez and Judge Radcliffe, privately sat down with Maria Pereira to have a conversation about her behavior or publicly stated their dislike of her behavior?

    I think that judge Carmen Lopez knows or believes that Maria Pereira has mental issues and I’m positive Carmen Lopez has a compassionate side and understanding of people with mental health issue. I can come up with tons of names of enablers in local and state government as well as in our education systems, just because they don’t conduct themselves in public like Maria Pereira does, they shouldn’t be viewed differently.

    1. Speedy, you make great points. Carmen has a compassionate side and has done a lot of good in the community, but you can’t fix people. A number of people in the community won’t avail themselves to Carmen because of that relationship. They don’t trust it’s the right thing to do. That’s all on Carmen. It’s her choice.

  4. How many people in the community have shown up in the 138th district to make sure that Maria Pereira doesn’t get elected? How many have contributed financially to secure her defeat? The real Maria Pereira enablers are the voters who elect her and those who stayed home.

    Lets not ignore the angry voter factor. The general population is not happy with the past and present state of our city, state and country. Many are turned off and for good reasons. At times, I still question why I even bother voting. It’s the reality that if I don’t choose, others will choose for me that keeps me engaged. There will be other elected official and community people worst than Maria Pereira will ever be. In fact, we’re surrounded by many already.

  5. I think the concept/word “enabler” had to be defined. What is actually being enabled by Judge Lopes or those who elected Maria? I guess the overall premise of Maria’s action as an elected official, Joel is more on point. Still, as to Maria’s personality, the words/actions of Judge Lopese may have some influence on Maria, a person she tends to revere publicly, as a mentor.

    However, I don’t think Judge Lopese won’t break from Pereira privately because she fears Maria and worries about the potential consequences of walking away from her. It seems to me it’s more that Judge Lopes won’t break from Pereira publically. If Judge Lopes is telling people privately that Maria’s controlling and to watch out for her. She already has broken from Maria, and the same can be said about Maria in her text to Joel “Carmen Lopez is not my mother. She doesn’t tell me what to say.

    What we have here is the politics people have been calling on Maria to aspire to, work with others on issues you agree on, and be cordial on things you don’t. Unfortunately for Maria, like a Highlander, there can be only one of those. 🤣

    Both women are intelligent and smart enough to see the benefits of not going at each other in what is the shit show of Port politics, lest keep that sausage under wraps. 🙂

    That being said, Joel, please. I do believe before Maria’s rampage that targeted you and your family came after you targeted her and her daughter on social media/IOB, as well as a call to authority figures. So let’s not say your hands are clean.

    Since Maria is banned, be it by Lennie or voluntarily, call it enabling Maria if you wish, but I want to pass on a sentiment of Maria in regard to Joel’s charge of her mental status.

    “Joel Gonzalez, who cut off his trigger finger to protest gun violence on the steps of the Capitol in Hartford, is posting about my mental health. You can’t make this sh_t up.”

    And you can’t people unless you’re L Ron Hubbard. Let It Flow, people.🤣


  6. Leaving facts out is like ‘making shit up’.
    Cutting off a finger was a matter of seconds, the psychological evaluations lasted 8 hours. Their finding was pretty much what still confuses Lennie to this day: A rare example of a person with “guts”.

    Your mental issues prevents your brain from processing things. It’s a fact that Pereira’s adult daughter was at Danny’s party. Her daughter made herself a target by attending the party just like the other folks Pereira criticized for attending. She took it to another level.

    Fuck a drug test! I challenge Maria Pereira and you to a mental/psychological evaluation any time. Got your Husky card ready?

    1. I hear that leaving facts out is like ‘making shit up’.

      ” Please, though, did yuor mental issues prevent your brain from processing that you made Maria’s daughter a target so you can politically criticize her? 🙂

      No need for a psychological test, most people will think cutting off your finger was bat shit crazy. If you
      want to call cutting off your finger is a rare example of a person’s guts. more power to you. but if you ever question yourself why you bother voting and decide to stop, think twice because all you have done for the greater good of the Port like calling out Maria’s daughter for attending a party would be pointless.

      P.S Good luck on that test, challenge excepted. 🤣



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