“I know This Sounds A Little Nuts”–Pereira, After Calling Indicted Dennis Bradley “Unethical, Dishonest, Sleazy” Endorses Him For State Senate

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Talk about the epitome of political schizophrenia. City Councilwoman Maria Pereria, who once called State Senator Dennis Bradley “unethical, dishonest and sleazy as they come” and vowed never to support him again, has decided to back him over Democratic-endorsed Herron Gaston in the August 9 primary because she wants Juliemar Ortiz to be the next state senator though Pereira did little to help Ortiz in her failed signature campaign to make the ballot.


In a comedically pompous Facebook post, loaded with gaslighting, innuendo and falsehoods, Pereira lays out her confounding case to support Bradley, presuming he will be convicted of federal corruption charges opening the door for Ortiz whom she threw under the bus during the signature process. Pereira conveniently left that part out of her schizophrenic serenade. Ortiz was only a few dozen signatures short of qualifying for the August 9 primary. All Pereira had to do was assist Ortiz with a few petition sheets.

Now Ortiz becomes a political ornament for Pereira’s pontificating phoniness.

Pereira, belly dancer
Pereira grooves to a new Dennis Bradley dance step.

The 138th District that Pereira represents is a major absentee ballot area in the Upper East Side. Will she now weigh in to court absentee voters on behalf of Bradley taking time away from the campaign she’s managing on behalf of incumbent State Rep. Jack Hennessy whose trying to hold off a primary threat from City Councilman Marcus Brown?

Pereira and Bradley enjoyed a short-lived political alignment in 2015 when they ran together for Board of Education. Both won. The bickering began shortly after.

Walker, Pereira, Bradley
Maria Pereira and Dennis Bradley formed Democratic school board slate in 2015.

Pereira’s Bradley endorsement has the entire political community roaring, many wondering if she’s completely bonkers.

Here’s what Pereira wrote about Bradley after OIB broke the story of a federal investigation involving his 2018 announcement for State Senate.

Maria Pereira says:

No one should feel sorry for Dennis Bradley. He is as unethical, dishonest and sleazy as they come.

He betrayed Sauda Baraka, Ben Walker, Howard Gardner before he ever took his Board of Education oath. Ben Walker and I ostracized him before the Primary because of his disgraceful behavior with our campaign finances and corresponding reports.

I have studied his campaign reports extensively and they are a disaster. State law holds the Treasurer fully accountable for any financial discrepancies which means if Dennis Bradley goes down so is Jessica Martinez.

Dennis Bradley, a carpetbagger from Massachusetts, had the absolute nerve to conduct a boycott of Board of Education Meetings for three months, holding our students, parents and staff hostage, demanding my resignation.

Dennis Bradley should immediately resign, and take his buddies Chris Taylor and Jessica Martinez with him.


Maria Pereira says:

Someone once told me that “no one should want you as an enemy.”

I am incredibly loyal, but if you break your promises, behave unethically, demonstrate a lack of integrity, morals or values, then I am done with you.

I am a much better friend than an enemy.

If you ask for my support promising to be anti-DTC and then embrace the DTC and their criminal and unethical culture once elected, I will do everything in my power to defeat you at the polls and/or through the utilization of well researched and supported SEEC complaints.

I do wish more people would join me in conducting research and filing comprehensive SEEC complaints. I spent 6 hours on SEEC complaints just today. My back is really bothering me. It takes a long time and the wheels turn slowly, but in the end getting results like this make it worthwhile.

I have 8 more SEEC complaints ready to file, including one regarding another elected official.

Maria Pereira says:

Dennis Bradley is an absolute narcissist. Narcissists never take accountability for their own actions, deflect and always blame someone else for their choices.

He is not at fault for his predicament, it’s the fault of the big, bad government.

Take accountability for YOUR decisions, choices and conduct “Attorney” Dennis Bradley.

Gee, did Pereira receive a blood transfusion from Bradley? Or was it in reverse?

Must be Karma, right?



    1. Lennie’s feeling don’t carry much weigh here. How does Juliemar Ortiz feel about this? Was she asked what are her plans going forward? It’s going to take much more than a YouTube video to make this happen.

  1. Today’s headline is misleading. Here’s my summary:
    Count on Maria Pereira to present a cogent case.
    Her well-organized point paints Dennis Bradley as the least-dirtiest shirt in the laundry.
    It’s a strategic endorsement, designed to produce a runoff election where her choice is Juliemar Ortiz.
    She has a master plan and low regard for the incumbent in the 23rd Senate district.
    Maria Pereira is a political dynamo and remains a popular topic, even in her absence.
    If you don’t believe me, ask Lennie Grimaldi.

  2. “political schizophrenia.” I’d say it’s borderline. I think she got this idea or at least parts of her theory/analysis from Lennie Grimaldi. It may look and sound odd but, in a close primary, anything can happen. I’m betting on Gaston.

      1. I think Maria was juggling too many objects. I bet that there were days in which the Ortiz campaign laid back a bit and in retrospect wish they’d pushed a little harder. I can probably give you a better answer when Ron Mackey explains why he didn’t circulate at least 2 pages for Juliemar Ortiz.

      2. On the video, Pereira states: “…due to the typical machinations of the City of Bridgeport, Juliemar did not qualify…”

        The statement is purely false. The court found no evidence of violations by the city. They found that a circulator did not qualify to be a circulator and all signatures collected by such circulator were rejected.

  3. Joel said In a close primary, anything can happen
    Yes, and when it rains somebody might get wet.
    And Lennie, maybe Maria didn’t support Ortiz’s campaign because she was saving her for the bigtime that comes after Bradley’s conviction.

  4. WOW! 🙂

    Can’t speak about what happened in Florida, however, what Maria seems to know is that Gaston was exonerated.

    On one hand, Maria can’t say she is anti-corruption and for ethical government, and on the other hand, ask people to vote for a person who you charged with being corrupted and unethical because she wants to play her own machination politics on a bet Bradley will be found guilty. That is unethical in itself. What if he too is found to be exonerated too?

    All things being equal, is she saying it is better to have a person on trial for political corruption than the person tied to a church?

    At any rate, this doesn’t sound a little nuts, girl, this is Rastafarian nuts. 🤣



  5. I have to agree, in my eyes, to the outside observers she is losing credibility. What Ron and Day have been saying about her since 2015 is showing, She can’t just keep asking for people’s trust and think it is absolute. Every single person she asked them to trust her on, she had a falling out with, even mayor Joe. It has gotten so bad she recycling Bradley.

    She is asking people to vote for Bradley in the hopes he first beats Rev Gaston, and then also loses his trial and is convicted. His life would utterly be upended, of her making, in the hopes that a woman who failed to get on a ballot will win a special election, who would run against Gaston and beat him.

    Notwithstanding Lennie’s point, Maria can care less about the special election, Juliemar, or Bradley, that evidently without saying. This whole endorsement was nothing but a ruse to debase Rev Gaston, putting him out on blast about the sexual allegations in Florida.

    I always said Maria liked to play political hardball, These seem to be common political playbook play, of period sexual allegations to debase. JS

    Keeping with another common political playbook play. No black person should support Maria in any way shape or form for the political character assassination of the black Reverend. Maria, I thought you always walked a political tightrope, however, you may have just fallen, JOM

    I am out of here.


    1. Maria is such a narcissist I saw this guy from Yale name Vincent E. Stokes II post under this video and she erased it because she doesn’t want people to know the truth. He said and I screen shot the shit to share. He said: ” It is disheartening to see elected officials mudsling and use red herrings and FALSE INFORMATION to push political agenda’s to make themselves look better in the public’s eye! I know Rev. Dr. Herron Gaston, we both attended Yale Divinity School together and his reputation is beyond reproach! It is clear that being exonerated by a court of this land is only allowable by non black and brown people. Even when the evidence proves that we are not guilty people like you will still push a narrative that we are villains. It is rooted heavily in racism and continues to perpetuate the Godzilla motif that has gotten black men killed based on the perception that we are inherently monsters because we are black. As an elected official and as a decent human, you ought to be ashamed of yourself in engaging in such character assassination of one of Bridgeport’s finest civil and religious leaders! Do Better!”

      1. I will concur with your claim about Maria’s narcissistic tendency. However, you lost me when you perpetuated the common playbook play of racism, wittingly or unwittingly, because you proved and demonstrated Maria’s politics is more about her narcissistic tendency than that of outright racism. Was it racism in your eyes when Maria passed Rev Gaston in the link you posted?

        As I said, can’t really speak about the events that happen in Florida, but he, Rev. Gaston was not extradited back to Florida for shooting someone. A claim, the charge had to be made against him, and I would bet the person in question was black.

        What is the “Godzilla motif” when sexual misconduct was brought up against SC Brett Kavanaugh and just that Godzilla motif claim only is relevant such charges are levied against SC Clarence Thomas, who is black?



        Not sure if you are referring to me or Maria about engaging in character assassination or whom. My post was more of a character assessment of Maria than Rev Gaston’s prior legal engagements he found himself in in Florida. JS

        P.S Maria is far from stupid though she tends to belittle people who are not. This is why I concur with your narcissistic charge against her JS

        I depart with the Rastafarian prophet Bob Marley.


        1. What Mr. Stokes seem to be saying is black men in particular are not given the benefit of the doubt. This man was falsely accused of something he did not do. He sued the bastards and won his case and he still has to deal with people like Maria who is white passing and have been ARRESTED many times! Then you have gullible black/brown people who also attack each other in the same way. The lies have to stop! The rumors have to stop! The ignorance has to stop! You cannot go around making up LIES about people! Maria is the one who put DENNIS in jail. She hates him! At one of the board of education meetings she literally chopped his ass to his knees and made him look like he was nothing. I am glad she posted her false allegations live on social media.

          1. I see, however, If you’re going to ask people to stop lying about others, start with yourself. Maria didn’t post any false accusations on social media regarding Rev. Gaston. She just stated factual events that happened with him, along with his exoneration in Florida. Sure it brought it to light with a negative spin, but she didn’t seem to be lying about anything.

            I can’t speak about Maria’s love or lack thereof for Bradley, but I am sure he’s not too happy with her considering she’s the reason for his current legal and political engagement. I would assume he would tell her to shove that endorsement up her you know what? But you never know about politicians and votes in politics. He may kiss that “ring” first until after the election. Like she did to G2 Burn the tapes. 🙂

            Whatever you want to call this nutty ass endorsement. Does it benefit, or hurt Bradley, Gaston, or Ortiz? who knows in what manner, to what end.? My personal take it doesn’t reflect well on Maria. So the question becomes as to whether her usefulness has run its course to a level of name-calling and disparaging comments all in the name of Port’s entertainment politics?

            Her credibility has definitely seemed to run its course with practically every person she asked people to support or who she ran with, who is now being ostracized as either corrupt, incompetent, or both. Eventually, people will have a hard time trusting her judgment.

            I will give you/Mr. Strokes a caveat though, that blacks are not given the benefit of the doubt or equal treatment over others, particularly white in many situations but this is 2022 politics, blacks enjoy a relatively better than average advantage,(similar to biological males playing in women’s sports), especially in urban politics. However, If you are white, Stephanie, calling/conveying/posting that black and brown people are gullible who don’t align with a certain particular political view or ideology it will tend to have been seen or come off as racist. Gullible is just a nice deceptive word for calling someone stupid.

            When making such the claim about those gullible black and brown people you are not only saying they are stupid but don’t have a sense of value in their oiews or opinions over those non-gullible (smart) black and brown people. It sounds a bit supremacy. But since I get the sense you are black and Mr. Stokes( too, or a white Liberal) it tends to not be viewed in such a manner.

            Those gullible black and brown people are not given the benefit of the doubt for their oudgment and self-worth, just (for lack of a better word) stupid. It holds a similarity to the use of the N-word. Blacks use it disparagingly among themselves all the time. So can it be said it’s not the word itself, per se, but the emotional attachment to it that relates to the history, treatment, and view, particularly of black people from “educated” white people in power in America? I say educated loosely.

            Motivation is such a political weapon in America especially when it comes to racial and political identity. In fact, it’s the cornerstone/power of Democracy, for better or worse.

            While black disparity of treatment is vividly evident in America in this current history in the time of racial/racism it has played throughout history, in every race and creed. Even Mr. Gaston and Mr. Stoke, who attend Yale Divinity, are fully aware of the enslavement of people throughout history even in the books they cling to, and preach, to say the least. The same can be said for the Quran. It was not absolute in any shape or form for one particular race, throughout history including America’s. It shouldn’t be confused with the system itself that blacks in America find themselves in or playing in.

            While black inhumane treatment was extremely disproportionally in America’s early days among those wealthy and privileged whites in particular , by no means were poor whites not subject to similar experiences to black oof black Americans. Whites just don’t have the benefits of the doubt to place blame on racism for their white trash status and servitude.

            LeBron claimed. If he was Brittney Griner he would question America having black American people back, especially hers, and wouldn’t even want to return to America. In his eyes/comment has America ever had black people back? Yet he has no intention of moving out of America with his found wealth America has provided. . If he ever did I would bet it would be to another “white” European country. I highly doubt it would move to a traditional black African nation. Is Brittney Griner any different than Trevor Reed?

            The funny thing about motivation, and gullibility, Stephanie. One can question your actions/motives to comment on OIB to intervene on behalf of Rev. Gaston since it went so well the last time when Rev. Gaston asked you to please stop.

            In accordance with OIB policy on Open Honesty and Transparency, we established universal All Cap’s written expression as either shouting or lying. So when you conveyed Mr. Stroke’s comment as “false information” in all caps. It was either to express those words loudly or dishonesty. Coupled with the claim of a red herring that preceded it. It suggests, well, people will draw their own conclusion, gullible or not, on its expression. But for me, you reinforced the exonerated claims as more factual, to an extent, than outright fabrication.

            In any event, he was exonerated and Maria stated it. Her motive was more to convey Rev Gaston in a disparaging light, to the “gullible” and “un-gullible” people alike, who may have been unaware of such events, like me.

            I have very little doubt in my mind that her motive to endorse a person on trial for corruption, fighting for his political career, livelihood, and freedom was to bring light to Rev. Gaston’s arrest and his engagement in Florida. over some brilliant political strategy to get Ortiz elected. I don’t recall her endorsing when she was collecting signatures to get on the ballot. Not to mention her MO, Similar to her statements/comments of sexual engagement of Stallworth at the Capital. IMO

            P.S since I am betting on the person who brought allegations of sexual entanglement against Rev. Gaston was black, American racism will always find its way. You/Mr. Stokes showed your American racism/playbook by calling/conveying Maria’s whiteness out for her narcissistic politics by stating she gave FALSE INFORMATION (shouting) on Rev. Gaston. She did nothing of the sort. She engaged in sleazy politics. People can make a case/charge to say as well as being dishonest and unethical too, putting her at par with Bradley, I guess. If they care form that opinion of her or are allowed to if it doesn’t come off as gullible POV

            As I said, politics is based on the emotional attachment of the gullible and un-gullible alike. Maria seems to be smart enough to see that, as do you. Since we are all posting, it inherently suggests a motivation of some kind, or why bother.

            What’s Maria’s motivation, or yours and even mine? Will always be open to personal interpretation and belief. Even that FACTUAL INFORMATION regarding the exoneration of Rev, Gaston in Florida will be interpreted. But from a religious standpoint, God knows, and then some. It’s probably well documented. JS

            P.S the 13 Apostle Rufus didn’t make the Bible cut because he was a Rastafarian. Good luck, people, try not to be an asshole.🤣


  6. Maria need to go somewhere and sit her old tired ass down. She round here telling people not to vote for Dr. Gaston. One thing for sure and two things for certain, Maria in one of her post on only in Bridgeport told people to vote for Rev. Gaston: http://onlyinbridgeport.com/wordpress/pastor-gaston-flabbergasted-and-appalled-by-newtons-stop-and-frisk-proposal/ now she is saying don’t vote for him and all her none sense. The thing about it is they are defaming this man character all over a seat. They all out here telling nothing but lies and spreading false rumors. People in Bridgeport are tired of these dirty ass games they are playing. You wonder why our damn children in Bridgeport are they way there are just look at this poor ass leadership! Maria is one of the biggest dummies I have ever seen and she take advantage of people. She put Dennis in JAIL and now she is saying vote for him. She think people STUUUPID???? Please REMOVE this RACIST dumb ass woman from the council. I am going to run I just moved in her district!! I am sick of her and all these stupid people! We need to change they asses out!

  7. My aunt live in Fireside apartments and Maria been there and told the old people she will pay them out her pocket to vote her way. These old people are afraid of her because she bully them. They need to call the police on her ass. She is abusing old people in that district. Verbal and emotional abuse is just as serious. I am going to go over my aunt house this weekend and if i catch her calling and bullying these seniors I am going to film her for the public to see.

  8. Robert I don’t know what you are talking about with that long explanation that is all over the place. So let me sift through it and get to the point. The point is Maria is making outlandish claims. She clearly does not know the facts and misinformation is floating out there to try to get people not to vote for Dr. Gaston. While Dennis and his desperate team are trying to go after a good man and a man of God at that– let us not be distracted Dr. Gaston does not have a pending case lingering over his head. He is not the one currently on trial for campaign corruption. Dr. Gaston is a decent man he is running on the issues. If people was so content that Dennis had it all together then why recruit people to try to spin a narrative and throw mud? Don’t tell me this damn shit about it is politics. Politics my ass this is more like taking a page out of Donald Trump’s playbook. What I want to know is why do people keep letting Maria get by with shit. She really need to go and get mental help. The woman is sick in the head she is not well and I feel sorry for her. When she do fall she is going to fall really hard on her fat ass and nobody will be there to help her. Karma is coming for her because she is a pure devil and anybody who follow behind this crazy woman deserves what they get. Maria cant handle me I will put her so far in her place she will think lighting hit her ass.

    1. It’s more of an ESL thing than an explanation. You have to find your education somehow and somewhere, but I am sure you can follow along. Even so, it’s more a perspective thing,

      I don’t know what MISLEADING of FACTUAL INFORMATION is floating out there, by whom or how, but as for Maria, regardless of her motive, she only claimed in her video post, which Lennie provided for the pleasure of OIB readers, that Rev. Gaston is a Ganim hire, and was arrested, charged in Florida for sexual misconduct who was exonerated of those charges. I don’t think you are denying those claims as MISLEADING AND UNFACTUAL INFORMATION, Are you?

      As for Dennis going after Rev. Gaston. Is he going after Rev Gaston or is Rev Gaston going after him in an effort to take his Senate seat.? See, perspective.

      I don’t want to get too deep in the mud in the sleaziness of politics, particularly Port politics, but since you have invoked Trump, can someone’s perspective be that you just played the racism card? I mean, Trump really? Where does an ex-president, who lost his last election bid, falls in Maria’s narcissistic mud-slinging Port politics? Other than to conjure up racism, via racial motivational voting.

      It does it seem like a common play in the political/racial identity playbook? Even though, the last time I checked Sen. Bradley is not a Republican or caucasian.

      If you think people just keep letting Maria get by with her shit, I will have to inform you that you either know very little about her, those on the council, and their working relationship, or that statement is MISLEADING.

      At any rate, If you are the Karma that is going to light Maria’s ass up and put her in her place. I forward to your election fun to unseat her.

      P.S I don’t know who made any MISLEADING INFORMATION claims that Rev Gaston has a pending case lingering over his head where you felt the need to correct the record on OIB. It is the first I am hearing of any pending case, other than Sen Bradley. Do you care to elaborate or just let that statement linger? I believe Maria said he was exonerated in the case in Florida. Doesn’t that case is over and he was found to be free of blame? JS


      1. Hey Robert, I found a YouTube video of a long interview of Rev. Gaston. I tried linking it here but no luck. I put it up on my Facebook page and tagged Lennie. It’s very informative: Gaston spent 10 months locked up and the bond was near $1 million. It left me wondering how is it possible that Maria Pereira wasn’t sure of the details. I will text you Lennie Grimaldi’s home address so that you can picket on his driveway until he publishes the Reverend Gaston YouTube Interview.


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