Wanda Simmons Resigns From City Council

East End City Council member Wanda Simmons, who struggled with health issues that resulted in her missing many meetings, has resigned from the City Council. Ernie Newton also represents the 139th District.

Bridgeport has two council members per district. Unclear who’ll replace Simmons. Historically, members of the respective town committee districts make referrals to the City Council which has the authority to fill the seat with a member of the same political party. All 20 members of the council are Democrats.

Simmons edged long-time incumbent Eneida Martinez in a September 2021 primary. Martinez says she has not made a decision about returning to the council.

An anti-vaxxer, Simmons, just days after defeating Martinez, was diagnosed with Covid which landed her in the hospital for several days. She did not reveal her opposition to taking the vaccine during the primary season while campaigning actively in the East End neighborhood, including door knocking, fundraisers, interaction with campaign supporters and large crowds.

Simmons disclosed her stance while in the hospital claiming it’s a personal choice.


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  1. Wanda,
    Thank you for your work on behalf of Bridgeport residents, on a variety of fronts. May you find adequate healing to resume your active vision of a better future for those who are weak or vulnerable, those who seek justice, and the youth of the City who ask for a quality education equal to that of youth in neighboring CT communities. Peace and health.


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