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  1. Interesting story? Is it about antiquated boilers and hot water or heat at a premium? Is it about self-governance run afoul of management? Or has self-governance failed to follow its own rules, perhaps a set of bylaws that at some point in the past were agreed to, and perhaps were subsequently ignored??
    Perhaps Board Member Sandoz has an answer and a set of by-laws? What committees were informed to deal with maintenance, financial, legal, and other questions that can arise when nearly 1,000 folks are living in close proximity.
    Mayor Ganim and a city plan? The problem took a long time to present itself, though legal cases have been in CT courts for ten years or more. What Health or Housing department brought the problems to the attention of Ganim1, Ganim2 or Ganim3? What tax monies are derived from these residences? Where are the Council leaders in the picture?
    Keep a focus on the way the story develops. Another OIB story? What can we learn about self-governance here? Time will tell.


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