Watch: Golden Eagle Has Landed Atop Barnum Museum – ‘We’re Getting Closer’

Mother Nature has treated Mr. Barnum’s museum quite rudely the past decade, but things appear to be looking up in more ways than one. Executive Director Kathy Maher, see video above, shares an update about the golden eagle’s topping off.

We’re thrilled to announce the triumphant return of the iconic Barnum Museum Eagle!

After a brief hiatus, this golden symbol of Bridgeport’s history is back where it belongs, gracing the skyline with its majestic presence. In March 2020, a wind gust knocked the Barnum Museum eagle off the historic building. A week later, covid closed the world and the severely damaged eagle sat safely in the Museum’s collection.

Finally, in the fall of 2023, the eagle was transported to a historic preservation facility for repair and restoration. We thank Melnick Metals and Kronenberger & Sons Restoration for their amazing work in restoring this magnificent symbol of spirit, strength and courage! Welcome home to Bridgeport and the Barnum Museum!


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