Kos: Connecticut’s Political Environment For Guber Dem Sucky, Malloy’s Baggage

The Daily Kos political analysis site has released its first gubernatorial race ratings for 2018 calling Connecticut’s open seat for governor a toss-up. Governor Dan Malloy’s ratings baggage coupled with the state’s economic stagnation has unaffiliated voters that swing statewide races in a cranky mood. The national political mood, however, could rescue the Democrat, presumably Ned Lamont, according to this story against the Republican nominee that comes out of the August primary.

From Kos:

Connecticut – OPEN (D): Years of weak economic growth, dire state finances, tax hikes, and spending cuts have all combined to make Democratic Gov. Dan Malloy one of the most unpopular governors in the nation, leading him to eschew a bid for a third term. Such conditions should make Connecticut ripe for a Republican takeover, but the GOP field is fractured and lacks a dominant contender. Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton won the party’s official endorsement in May, but as many as five other candidates (some of whom are self-funding) will compete in the Aug. 14 primary.

Democrats, meanwhile, have largely consolidated behind businessman Ned Lamont, who unexpectedly lost the 2010 primary to Malloy (but more famously lost a 2006 Senate race to Joe Lieberman, after knocking him off in the primary). Lamont benefits from having been uninvolved in the never-ending budget crises in the state capitol, but Malloy’s baggage may nevertheless sink him simply because the two share the same political party. The best thing Democrats have going for them is the favorable national political environment, because Connecticut’s environment has been sucky.

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  1. An independent bid with a powerful platform — especially with respect to economic development/jobs in the rest of Connecticut beyond Stamford/the Gold Coast — could win this gubernatorial race… A decent campaign war chest of about $1 million dollars should buy enough canvassing and advertising to allow a competitive race I this regard… People are not unaware of abandonment of the stewardship of the well-being of the state (as a whole), per the destructive, Gold Coast orchestrated, political antics of the two parties, has destroyed this state…

    There is no question that a majority of voters in Connecticut are looking for an alternative to the two, Gold Coast-puppet parties, in regard to this years gubernatorial race… A successful independent run doesn’t require a Lowell Weicker-sized candidate to win the governorship this time around…

    In this regard, Candidate Ganim is wasting his time and political capital running for a party nomination (in a rigged situation), and former candidate David Walker might even do well to explore and independent run…

    1. Jeff Kohut has lost his political marbles. Here’s why:
      Ganim is smart to oppose Lamont, who looks sillier by the day. Ganim is the real only alternative to the Gold Coast candidates he dislikes.
      When contemplating an Independent candidate, Kohut overestimates the Connecticut electorate and their political time horizon.

  2. Independent voters do not want to affiliate themselves with failure. This is the year to make the switch.
    Democratic voters don’t want to affiliate themselves with failure, either. This is the year to make the switch.
    Current Democratic leaders have made the kind of compromises that include voting for projects, beliefs and laws they disagree with! All in the name of a delayed budget that’s produced bad results.
    No need to switch parties, just switch your vote.

    1. Paul, you got it right when you said, “this is the year to make the switch,” and that switch will be Malloy is out and if you look at national results the switch is Republicans are out. In Washington the president 45, the House and Senate have all of the controlling power has taken Connecticut taxpayer ability to deduct their property tax and their state income from their federal. This largest tax increase to all Connecticut residents at anytime. Where is the outrage from those Republican candidates and those already in power. That’s where the switch is, Republicans.

      1. Everyone remembers when Ron Mackey promised he’d never respond to me again. I was publicly ridiculed but showed no tears.
        Now, he acts like we’re on a first name basis and even agrees with me on critical issues.

        1. Good spin, change the subject, I don’t agree with you, I only used your God given name from your parents because I know people who know you. Even a broke clock is right twice a day.

          1. Throw the clock overboard. When you’re always usually right, it doesn’t matter what time it is.


  3. Conditions are ideal for signature signings! This is particularly true for Democrats in urban settings.

    The ink is wet and the paper is dry.
    Let the transfer begin!


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