Judge Stevens To Hear Lawsuit Challenging Primary Results, Denies City’s Motion To Dismiss

Superior Court Judge Barry Stevens on Monday denied the city’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit challenging the September 10 primary results alleging absentee ballot irregularities. On Tuesday the judge will hear evidence to determine if the ballot irregularities altered the results of the primary. See primaryresultcomplaint.

At issue in the motion to dismiss was the legal standing of the three plaintiffs. The judge sided with the plaintiffs in a lawsuit that was assisted by Bridgeport Generation Now Votes.

The judge has stated he wants to stay on the statutory calendar that calls for absentee ballots to be ready for the November 5th general election on Friday, a tight timeline.

The plaintiffs, in the lawsuit, want the judge to schedule a new Democratic primary in which State Senator Marilyn Moore won the machine count but was defeated by Mayor Joe Ganim by absentee ballots. Ganim won by 270 votes.

See below excerpts from both the motion to dismiss by the city and opposition to the motion by the plaintiffs’ attorneys.

To read full court filings see citymotiontodismiss as well as oppositiontomotion.

Excerpt from motion to dismiss by Deputy City Attorney John Bohannon:

Excerpt from plaintiffs’ opposition to motion:



  1. Grin Ripper’s “court orders” high-handed down from his chair and table at Dunkin’ may be accurate. Then again, even if accurate, it admits nothing of the AB wrongdoing in the City. Perhaps, “Judge Kelly” might like to shine some light on what he knows and how long he has been aware of DTC operations (and payroll for) “harvesting” ABs in the City? And what a story it is, as it deals with people who have a right to vote certainly, but often have no information on the subject of an election for which their AB is sought, fought for, or even sometimes bought? Time will tell.

  2. Every Senior should have the freedom to vote, without someone standing over their shoulder whispering in their ear……. vote for Joe…….can I help you…. with your ballot Mam……….do you need a stamp?
    Thirty years of Mario’s Shit must end!

  3. By the way…. was that John Bohannon City Attorney or was that John Bohannon Attorney for the Democratic Town Committee?
    Doesn’t anyone else se the conflict here?

  4. Why should the 136th and 138th City Council Primary results be overturned?

    Whether you like Maria Zambrano and Castillo or not, they easily won their race on the machines.

    Nessah Smith received 494 votes on the machines and Samia and I each received 484 votes on the machine tying for second.

    Karen Jackson,,Tony Barr and his running mate ALL lost on the machines.

    Nessah and Karen had one house on Remington St. w/ 7 ABs. They had another house on Remington St. that ordered 6 ABs w/ four voting by AB.

    I guess I am going to have to seek legal counsel.

  5. I met a very nice gentleman from Waterbury in the courtroom today.

    I was in such a rush because my friend was waiting outside because I agreed to assist her with a matter at 4:30 PM. I rushed to get in the vehicle and did not write down your name or exchange numbers.

    I hope you will contact me via facebook. 🙂

  6. Ring Ring the door bell

    Mrs. Miller: Who is it?!

    It’s Danny Roach! Mrs. Miller.

    Mrs. Miller: Oh’ come right in Danny, I haven’t seen you since you closed your little store on Fairfield Ave.

    D.R. : How are you feeling these days Mrs. Miller?

    Mrs. Miller: Oh I’m getting by, my eyes are a little weak and my hearing could be better,
    how’s your lovely wife Bunny doing?

    D.R. : Great, she runs the Senior Center in Black Rock and her cleaning service too!

    Mrs. Miller: Oh she been calling me everyday for the past week about this Absentee ballot stuff, “did it come yet”?! And what’s wrong with your Mailman bull shit!

    D.R: Oh, she just wants to help Joe Ganim get reelected, he’s done so much for our City and Seniors you know especially the New Tax break.

    Mrs. Miller: Danny please, I can’t even buy a Flucking Parakeet let alone feed one with Joe’s so called Flucking Tax break!

    Mrs. Miller: When did he get out of Jail ?!

    D.R: Oh, Joe’s been out of Jail for sometime now!

    Mrs. Miller: I don’t get out much and that CT-Post Rag cost too much for 6 pages of dribble.
    My cat was the only one who like it, and she’s been dead for 5 years.

    D.R : So, can I help you fill out your Absentee now Mrs. Miller?
    If you need a stamp, I have one for you, thanks to Mario Testa our beloved Chairperson.

    Mrs. Miller: Is that ASS-Hole still alive!?

    D.R : I have a black marker here that you can use and after today, no one will bother you anyMORE!

    Mrs. Miller: (Oh yes Moore she thinks to herself )…. ( then marks the ballot as Roach turns away, Marilyn Moore she whispers ) Thank you Danny, say hi to your lovely wife Bunny!

    Bunny Roach eagerly waits in her Mercedes SUV for the results.

    B.R : Did you get the Ballot!?

    D.R: Yes, another one for Flucking Waste Management!

    B.R: I better get my ass over to Twin Towers!

  7. Joseph P. Ganim is still a weasel. Seven years years in the can followed by a halfway house and probation didn’t change him. He appealed his disbarment and was denied by a panel of Superior Court jurists that ruled he “does not possess the moral character to practice law.” (“Seven years of college down the drain” to quote Bluto Blutarsky.)

    Ganim’s lack of moral character and contrition was obvious when he addressed Reverend Charles Stallworth’s congregation four years ago. “I broke the law” he said, which was not an admission of guilt,

    After the 2015 election Ganim was emboldened at having pulled off yet another scam on the people of the city of Bridgeport. So he sought the Democratic nomination for governor. He thought he could pull off the same scam on a larger playing field.

    Now he’s up to the same old scam back here in the ‘Port.

  8. ” A Superior Court judge on Tuesday abruptly delayed a challenge to the city’s September 10 Democratic mayoral primary when he determined that the plaintiffs needed copies of voter registration documents that had already been turned over to state investigators.

    “Judge Barry Stevens returned to his sixth-floor courtroom following a morning recess, and declared that those challenging Mayor Joe Ganim’s primary victory need access to city voter records, including the party affiliations of several witnesses they plan to call in an expedited attempt to possibly force a new election.”


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