New Laws October 1

Minimum wage increase to $11 per hour, mental health parity insurance requirements, increased penalties for the sale of fentanyl are among the new laws that went into effect today Oct. 1.

From State Rep. Steve Stafstrom:

I’m proud to see other bills I worked on in the Judiciary Committee come to fruition, such as gun regulations (safe storage in the home and car, and a ban of ghost guns), and stronger provisions in the Trust Act which will establish better trust between residents and law enforcement by preventing law enforcement from detaining an undocumented immigrant unless accompanied by a judicial warrant. Additionally, a new law that requires police departments to submit an annual use of force report, narrows the instances during which deadly force is justified, and prohibits an officer from discharging a firearm into a fleeing motor vehicle goes into effect today.

See a listing of new laws here.



  1. State Rep. Steve Stafstrom when you start to pat yourself on the back for those new laws that were passed, be as diligent in patting yourself on the back for all the new taxes you and your ilk are shoving down the throats of Connecticut residents.
    The trade-in fee on used cars is going from $35 to $100, a 6.35 percent sales tax will apply to digital purchases. That includes single-time buys such as renting or buying a digital movie and ongoing subscriptions like Spotify and Netflix, the new one percent tax on prepared meals at restaurants and grocery stores, a 40-cent per milliliter tax on pre-filled e-cigarette products and a 10 percent tax on all other e-cigarette products.
    Short-term rental facilitators like Airbnb will have to collect and remit the state’s room occupancy tax.
    A 10 percent increase for alcohol on excises taxes for alcoholic beverages except for beer, Beer sold at craft breweries for off-premises consumption will be reduced by 50 percent starting Oct. 1.

    Haircuts, laundry, legal services, veterinarian visits and parking are on the list. Even paying an accountant to file your taxes could now be subject to the state sales tax.

    State Rep. Steve Stafstrom, you Democrats are taxing the hell out of the residents of Connecticut while taxing Connecticut residents the hell out of Connecticut where we are losing residents at an alarming rate. As a lifelong Democrat I’m considering voting against you tax happy fools just like I have with respect to the mayor of Ansonia who I’ve voted for in his last two elections and will vote for him again in November. C’mon man we’re saddled with some of the highest taxes in the country. When/Where does it end.

    1. Don, you’re right on point and it was former Bridgeport resident, David Walker, who pointed out what you said plus so much more. Sadly the Republican Party didn’t want to really listen to Walker who had some great ideas to help Bridgeport and the State. Now there are a number of things that Walker has suggested that I’m in total disagreement with him but here are a number of things that Walker wrote about that State Rep. Steve Stafstrom needs to take a real hard look at. We are talking problems of Connecticut taxpayers problems that need to be solved by Republicans and Democrats for everybody.

      David Walker accepted a Distinguished Visiting Professor position at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, Connecticut, Bridgeport and several other cities in the state face serious financial and competitiveness challenges that are not being effectively addressed. As a result, due to poor leadership and failed policies for many years, Connecticut has gone from a top five to bottom five state in competitive posture and financial condition since the late 1980s. In more recent years, this has resulted in an exodus from the state and a significant decline in home values.

      Connecticut still has significant potential, but that potential will never be realized unless the state reduces tax and regulatory burdens, improves its transportation systems and critical infrastructure, rationalizes its welfare systems, addresses the serious educational opportunity gaps that exist, right sizes state government, modernizes government human capital practices, and revitalizes its troubled cities. Ultimately, the state should cap property tax rates and provide meaningful property tax relief to seniors. This will take time but needs to be accomplished in order to revitalize troubled cities and retain seniors after they retire. After all, the number one tax concern for Connecticut residents is property taxes rather than income taxes. Such is clearly the case in troubled cities.

    2. While I agree to an extent Donald, how is ansonia Republican mayor any better????? Isnt he the one who said alot of the problems caused in that school district is because of people moving in from Bridgeport??!!! Seems like something 45 would say. I’f you can vote for him you can also vote for 45. The valley has tons of racist people I considered moving there but didnt just because of that one reason people out there are very different.

  2. donj, what are you basing your opinion about Ansonia being racist? I’ve lived here for 29 years and have never had a case of bigotry or racism nor have I ever felt threatened by anyone. Mayor Dave Cassetti who I’ve voted for in the last two elections and will vote for him again has reduced my property taxes every year that he’s been in office while not noticing a drop in essential services for the City or its residents. Mayor Delavope who was the Democratic mayor raised my taxes every chance he got which made my stay here a living hell. On Main St. and East Main St. we have 28 restaurants of just about every variety that you can imagine, all done under the leadership of Mayor Cassetti. I’ve never heard Mayor Cassetti or anyone else say,”alot of the problems caused in that school district is because of people moving in from Bridgeport.” I don’t want to say that you are full of shit, but you’re full of shit.

    My advise to you is to stay on Bridgeport where you are because you aren’t ready for primetime. My suggestion is to take your head out of the ass of your democratic leaders and vote for the person and not the party. While I would never vote Republican in a State or a federal election, you’re doing a disservice to your people and your community by arbitrarily voting for a party on local elections rather that who or what’s best for your community. Stay in Bridgeport son we don’t need you here because I’ve learned we may be the same color, but we’re not the same kind and that every Brother ain’t a Brother.

    1. Again saying that it’s people from bridgeport causing problems is a no to me and makes it sounds like its tye minorities moving in is the problem. And for somebody who lives in ansonia for 29 years you love bridgeport news…..

    2. And primetime lmaooo ansonia is run down! I will stay in bridgeport anyday of the week before I live there. Seymour is much nicer than ansonia if I moved that way I would choose that town not ansonia which is a poor town where the mayor try’s to blame former bridgeport residents as the problem….

  3. Donj, you knows nothing about Ansonia son. Do you think for one instance that racism or racists drove by Bridgeport without stopping or making it a home? Ansonia police have not shot and killed a kid, Black or otherwise. Ansonia police have never kicked a suspect in the head after being subdued. Ansonia police have never stopped a person for driving while Black. Ansonia police don’t routinely violate the civil rights of Black’s. Those are just examples of racism that exists in Bridgeport that we haven’t experienced in Ansonia as yet.

    I lived in Seymour and my son was a four year starter in football, was fifth in the State in scoring and an NVL Conference player on both offense and defense and I saw more examples of racism there than I ever experienced in Ansonia. I say that to say that you don’t know shit about the Valley and you are better off keeping your ignorant ass in Bridgeport. I thought that you turned the corner on imbecilic frivolity from where you were several years ago, but I see that was just wishful thinking on my part.

    As far as me liking Bridgeport news, I love Bridgeport. I’ve helped 40 to 50 young Black and latino men and women become firefighters and another 30 or more pass promotional exams. I say that to say when you were in Jamaica selling spliffs I was here in Bridgeport fighting discrimination and racism and I have a stake in this city, good, bad or indifferent.

    1. One last thing steve is doing a great job in the black rock district of bridgeport that is why he is elected with high margins in one of the most republican precincts in bridgeport. you should worry about ansonia politicians making a run down town such as ansonia look better instead of worrying about somewhere you don’t live. Also saw an article where shooting were in the rise in Ansonia. That town is like a small version of bridgeport but worse!! Plus ansonia has had population decrease in the recent year while bribridgeport polulation is still growing . But i can see why you are worried about bridgeport because there is nothing to do in ansonia! Boring as heck out in the sticks!

  4. Donj, since you are so enamored by the Democratic party and their percieved love for Black people you must be aware that Bill Clinton’s 1994 crime bill was responsible for putting more Black’s in prison than any piece of legislation in history! Lester Maddox, governor of Georgia, a popular Democrat who came to prominence as a staunch segregationist when he refused to serve black customers in his Atlanta restaurant, in violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
    George Wallace, democratic governor of Alabama, Wallace was known as “the most dangerous racist in America and notoriously opposed desegregation and supported the policies of “Jim Crow” during the Civil Rights Movement.
    Robert Byrd, democratic Senator from West Virginia who once said the only good nigger is a dead nigger and who was a proud member of the KKK. He was one of the most senior senators in American history (51 years) until his death in 2010

    As you can see ones party doesn’t define ones racists practices or attitudes. When you make these asinine statements you lend credence to that old racist statement, if you want to hide something from a Black person put it in a book. Don’t be afraid to read young man because a mind is a terrible thing to waste and in the 21st century knowledge is just a Google search away.

    1. Hey Honald this a bridgeport blog why don’t you worry about your town and not but I was always under the impression you lived here but now I know you are not. btw ansonia is one of the poorest town in ct. Every time i go to the valley I see confederate flags all over the place and trump signs. You know ansonia voted for trump…….. Anyhow sir have a nice day. I’m on a bridgeport blog not a valley blog I will always be pro Bridgeport!!!

  5. Donj, did your fail to read my statement when I said, “While I would never vote Republican in a State or a federal election, you’re doing a disservice to your people and your community by arbitrarily voting for a party on local elections rather that who or what’s best for your community.

    I have never been a defender of the Republican party, but I refuse to be an apologist for the democratic party and the fact that they have been taking their staunchest supporters, Black’s, for granted for decades. C’mon son don’t try to have a war of words when you have an unloaded gun.

    1. I’ve voted for a Republican many time at the local level.. I would never vote for a Republican like ansonia mayor who blamed bpt people for there problems. To me it was code word for black and brown people moving in!!!

  6. Whether you’re craving Mediterranean bass with Cajun spices, a Cuban sandwich, sesame chicken, potato pancakes or a pepperoni pizza, downtown Ansonia is fast becoming a recipe for success for all types of tasty cuisine.
    Main Street is now home to 18 restaurants, many which have opened during the past year or so, and the most ever in downtown’s history, officials said. The area is quickly transforming into a melting pot of sorts, satisfying the public’s taste buds with restaurants specializing in American, Latin, Polish, Italian, Soul and more. This was in February and since then 10 more restaurant’s have opened like Palma Restaurant, offering Spanish/American cuisine and Chifrijo which specializes in Latin cuisine.

    This doesn’t sound like a city that hates people of color, it sounds like a city that has embraced diversity and all that it has to offer. Let me know when you want to come up and I’ll show you the real Ansonia and not the one that you think you know. My treat son. We’ll go to the mayor’s office and if he’s in I guarantee you he will take the time to talk to you, unlike your mayor.


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