Is Ned’s Tax-Relief Promise Dead? Governor’s Campaign Pledge In Limbo

Ned Lamont at his Bridgeport headquarters in 2018. Will he deliver more than donuts in this budget?

Fully funding education, 100 percent reimbursement of tax-exempt properties, tax relief for cities. Adding up Governor Ned Lamont’s 2018 campaign promises represents more than $100 million extra in state aid to Connecticut’s largest city. Bridgeport’s 54 mil tax rate would be double-digits lower.

Lamont’s first budget essentially flat-funded municipal aid to Bridgeport. As he prepares his second budget for submission to the state legislature in February, the Connecticut Mirror’s Keith Phaneuf reports Lamont’s “administration is hinting that it won’t be delivering on property tax relief, at least not as it was initially presented.”

From Phaneuf:

To keep his word, the governor would have to deliver $165 million in new property tax relief in the budget he will present to legislators on Feb. 5. Lamont also pledged to end a restriction barring low- and middle-income taxpayers from receiving the grant unless they had children or older than 65.

The rest of the relief–about $210 million–is due in the biennial budget for the 2021-22 and 2022-23 fiscal years, which Lamont will propose a year from now.

“If your household earns up to $160,500 a year, you’ll qualify for relief from property taxes paid on your home or your car,” Lamont wrote in 2018, adding that “900,000 taxpayers in homes with more than 2 million Connecticut residents would see a benefit.”

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  1. Ned had a plan, but it needed for CT citizens to embrace tolls. Getting out of staters to fund 40% of our our transportation infrastructure was a fabulous idea, but unfortunately, the people of CT can’t see the forest from the trees. No tolls sounds like a patriotic call, but it’s really idiotic. Stupid is as stupid does. The gasoline tax is broken and losing revenues with each passing day. Electric cars are coming faster than a hurricane and we have no plans in place to to pay for our roadways. Electric Tesla trucks are coming long before tolls can be implemented. Aren’t CT citizens a little bit upset that 80,000 lb. monster trucks will pay no fuel taxes or tolls coming through CT? If I were Ned Lamont, I’d say thank you for the opportunity to be your Governor, but if you’ve got your head planted firmly in the ground and you don’t want to listen to his leadership, then you really never wanted him to to be your Governor.

    1. Oh please. They all have a plan. Yeah right. They tell you anything to win what they want – in this case it was the votes. A plan never works without a team that can get the plan started. And like this one “plan” would have solved Connecticut’s woes!!!
      Their plans are to collect money that ultimately gets used for more plans, more wasted money and then more plans that need more money. Until the politicians AND their parties decide to get real and run the business of government like a business things will never change. Until the parties decide to stop playing pure politics like we see going on in Washington both there and on local levels things will never change. When someone gets in and does a good job the opposing party goes against whatever good is happening because it’s not their side that’s making positive accomplishments.


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