Big Haul For Chief Perez, Leads List Of Top Municipal Wage Earners For 2019

Police Chief Armando Perez hauled in $461,061, leading the list of top 100 municipal wage earners for 2019. The bulk of the compensation comes from payouts accumulated during his 35-year police career prior to Mayor Joe Ganim appointing him to a five-year contract at the end of 2019 after he had served in an acting capacity for more than two years. See his payout below:

Ganim appears roughly in the middle of the pack of wage earners at $160,529. As usual the list is top heavy with police officers, via overtime, and employees of the Board of Education.

Perez’s accumulated payout covers his service time as part of a collective bargaining unit. As a contracted police chief he’s no longer a member of the union.

The city provided the information following a freedom of information request from OIB.

Top municipal wage earners:

See full list with payout figures: 2019 top wage earners.



    1. Ron,no worries,Ed Adams is looking it over….
      In regards to this list,every cop and fireman/firewoman deserve every penny they get,no issues with that list.

      1. $461,000? Wtf?? That’s physically impossible to accumulate all that time.. Unless you are the Dept clerk and pad your Dept comp time….. …. All of Ganim’s drivers are on that list…. where is the outrage?

  1. What does former D.C. and Philly Police Chief Charles Ramsey’s report on the running of the Bridgeport Police Department has to say about this type of payout to Chief Perez and the large number of Police officers being paid that amount of overtime. Overtime that is listed for so many police officers shows that there is mismanagement and a staffing problem to fill so many needs that requires overtime.

      1. Of course not……and as you know, there are many other appointed and some elected that don’t and wouldn’t live in the city either. Then of course, keep an eye on others that will still keep their appointed and elected positions that haven’t yet BUT WILL make that move out in the near future. I know of one in particular that for purposes including schools for the children, will make that move. You can’t blame people for wanting out but staying in their elected or appointed positions is illegal, unethical and PROVES that they are in their positions for strictly personal reasons OR to do the bidding of their handlers.
        Cheers!!!!! I’ll have another.
        And………. LOL!

  2. I don’t have a problem with paying a cop what is due but don’t tell me everyone of these are due that much.
    Putting your life on the line is justified. Putting your pencil point is harms way of being broken off is BS.

  3. Over $250K in Comp Time and Holiday Pay is obscene. And to that another $50K in Sick Time and Vacation Time is criminal.
    This has got to stop and stop now ✋

  4. To whomever mailed me a treasure trove of documents regarding Alfred Castillo, I would simply like to say thank you.

    The back of the envelope had a handwritten note stating ” I saw your comments on OIB. Go get the MF!”

    1. I know you’re smart enough not to throw snowballs that someone else has made, since you really research your actions well, but still just be careful Maria. Especially from an anonymous source.

      1. Rich, Maria could getting set up, plus here we have an elected official tell the voters that she got a “treasure trove of documents” regarding another Council member, no fact or investigation into those documents. Why does Maria a t like this, it’s because she’s a shoe horse and not a work horse, it’s all about Maria and never the “team” it only counts when Maria does her solo act.

      2. Rich,

        Every document is real because of the letterhead, signatures and most were notarized.

        I didn’t receive letters typed as a simple word document without a signature . In other words none of the documents themselves are in any way anonymous.

        1. Well then! Again they will criticize you for bringing truths to light!!
          The truth hurts and it’s unfortunate that people would rather criticize the messengers rather than doing what’s right against those that should be gone after. Again we’ll hear “oh it’s personal” rather than ‘hey what can be done to get rid of these bastards.’ Then we can read more news articles about non residents with shady backgrounds helping run the political machine in Bridgeport.
          Good luck!!!

          1. Rich, you said, “bringing truths to light and ‘hey what can be done to get rid of these bastards,’ Rich, that’s all good but That’s not going to happen. The only thing Maria is doing is alienating herself from the other 18 council members and again Maria is not able to form a coalition and to get 9 other council members to have a majority in any vote. Maria can’t protect any of the other council members if they go against Mario Testa, Mario has the power, the money and influence to get things done, Maria can’t help and protect anybody plus Maria is demonstrating to other council members that she’s not a team player and that they have no need to support her because they want to get reelected, that’s something Maria can’t do but Mario can. Maria wanted Joe Ganim to get elected and to keep Mario in power, she made her bed, sleep in it.

      1. Ernie, as a matter of fact, as a respected CC member who looks out for his district, you should join forces with other CC members and publicly denounce how the mayor and others have taken actions that have severely injured the school system in Bridgeport. Compile a list of numbers as to how many dedicated teachers have left for other districts. Denounce the personal actions recently publicized about school board members who really neede to be removed immediately.
        I mean really, these type of people are in charge of the school system that is supposed to take care of Bridgeport’s youth??
        I think you would get a tremendous amount of support if you led the charge. I mean really, how could anyone argue against that? Build a coalition and you’ll be a hero.

  5. Rich
    Our School, Board of Education has been dysfunctional for a long time. We have to take some of the blame because we have elected self serving people to run for the board of education. Many board member have used it as a stepping stone for Higher office. I’m going on my third year on the city council,and yes the Mayor flat funded Education but the city council added monies for education and for transportation so our children didn’t have to walk the Extra distances. As a member of the budget committee its our job to hold the mayor accountable on his commitment to fund education and cut taxes as he promise the voters while running for mayor. We will have to make some tough decisions in meeting thoughts goals.

    1. Ernie,

      Do you mean like Chris Taylor? Dr. Ford and you were instrumental in asking voters in the East End to vote for Republican Chris Taylor.

      You also voted to endorse Jessica Martinez as a DTC member.

      You just voted to endorse Albert Benejan who is completely illiterate.

      You worked hard to elect Dennis Bradley as State Senator when you knew he had an abysmal record on the Board of Education.

      All I am trying to say is let’s keep it real.

  6. Ernie,

    The City Council is dysfunctional. Overall, we have a rubber stamp City Council where many members do not read critical documents prior to voting on matters that impact the residents of Bridgeport, they don’t want to follow a plethora of the City Council Rules, that they all voted to approve, yet they want to focus on my abstention over a street sign.

    Many don’t understand critical aspects of the Freedom of Information Act and don’t understand that whenever a majority is present and discussing City Council business it is an absolute meeting which requires minutes.

    At our last meeting we had a City Council Member yell out ” I want to go home to be with my kids” because they felt a matter was being debated too long. That individual should consider resigning if they cannot fulfill the basic requirement that they attend 22 Regular Meetings of the full City Council annually.

    After I explained that noone other than a member is allowed to speak unless the City Council votes by a majority to allow a non-member to speak, a City Council member requested Attorney Bohannon address the body and City Council President Aidee Nieves allowed it. This was just 45 minutes after I referenced the specific City Council Rule, that they all voted for, that prohibits it.

    I abstained on a matter because I was not provided information needed to make an informed decision. There were members challenging my abstention. And then the City Clerk joined the debate when her only role is to take attendance and record roll call votes. Meanwhile, Eneida Martinez abstained from voting on the minutes because she was out with the flu yet no one had an issue with that abstention. Eneida Martinez should absolutely be abstaining from voting on minutes when she was not present from the meeting.

    I just love when there are those that want to focus on a “rule” when they believe it benefits them while ignoring MANY “rules” that they themselves are breaking and/or not enforcing.

    I just sit there observing the proceedings saying to myself “are these people for real?”

    What authority does City Clerk Lydia Martinez have to engage ANY City Council Member in debate while a City Council Meeting is in progress.

    The City Charter is clear that she is the record keeper for the City Council, she is not a member of the body itself.

    The next time she in any way interferes with ANY member speaking, I am going to run a rift of procedural challenges utilizing the City Council Rules and Robert’s Rules of Order.

  7. Ernie, all the gotta gotta that you said did nothing to address the concerns that Rich asked you to address. Answer his question with a simple yes I will ir no I won’t too the question, ” you should join forces with other CC members and publicly denounce how the mayor and others have taken actions that have severely injured the school system in Bridgeport.

    You’ve never publicly spoke out against Mayor Ganim on fully financing our children’s education or the fact that individuals serving on the BBOE don’t live in Bridgeport! “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.”

    1. Don
      I’ll let you continue to speak out against Joe your doing a great job at it. I don’t know who died and left you boss on telling others what to say. I answer Rich my way.

  8. Maria
    I share in some of the blame, i,ve supported people who have not stepped up to the plate. I cant’t teach people how to respect one another. I can only speak for myself. Maria one thing i have learned is i don’t have to be right all the time, and show people how smart i am. If one is to be successful on boards, commissions city council etc, he or she must learn to work together. Its your choice to choose if standing by yourself for the next two years works for you good luck. I would hope you would think about the people in your district first. Maria i don’t know what your intentions are but going after council people, that later on you may need them to vote on something you might need for your district is not smart politic. Just Saying

  9. Ernie,

    I don’t understand how posting factual comments about an elected official, without calling them names or embellishing, is a negative.

    Do you believe I stated something that is not factually correct? I am open to criticism that something I posted was purposefully inaccurate or embellished.

    Ernie, if somebody wrote on OIB that Maria has repeatedly addressed the City Council without turning on her microphone they would be stating the truth. I can’t get mad about it.

    I watched the previous City Council Meeting last night after Harvey Weintraub’s post on OIB. I noticed I repeatedly spoke without turning on my microphone which is a disservice to the public. I need to correct that and do better.

    I take great pride in representing the residents of the 138th District. If I propose a resolution, ordinance or initiative that is beneficial to the residents of Bridgeport, and City Council Members vote against it because I proposed it, and not on the merits of the proposal itself, that is a poor reflection on those individuals not me.

    I have NEVER voted for or against something because of who proposed it. Every vote I have taken has been made based on the merits of the proposal itself.

    1. Maria
      I see you are going to do it your way. Your way will not work, if you think you can say things about your colleagues and you really believe those same colleagues are going to work with you, Good Luck. Maria remember the people of your district don’t give a damn about how many council people come prepared and don’t do the things you stated. What they will care about is what did you do for your district and if you don’t need anything past by the city council. I guess you are well on your way. All i’m doing is trying to get you to see you can’t keep smacking people than turn around and ask them for support. People work with people that work with them.

      1. Ernie, on this issue I’m in total agreement, all politic is local, Maria might not like certain council members from other district because they beat their wife or they kicked their dog but doesn’t mean that the voters in that district feel the same way if they are looking out for their interest and they are bringing home the bacon to their district.

      2. Ernest,

        I received the most votes of every City Council candidate engaged in the Democratic Primary as a petitioning candidate while we were the only District engaged in a three way race.

        I believe I have demonstrated over and over again that I have a loyal base of support in the 138th District.

        Therefore, please don’t worry about what my constiuents expect and want. That’s my job.

  10. Ernie’s hands are tied at this point,he obviously knows what needs to done,but if he makes any problems for Joe & Mario,his proposed run for State Senate will be taken away.This is how it’s done in Bpt..

    1. Harvey, BINGO !!!!! Ernie knows his place and he’ll never speak out against Mario and Joe, never. If you watch the impeachment of President 45 and wat h the Republican Senators that’s the way the Bridgeport City Council operates, those Republicans don’t want a primary so they know what the deal is if they want to reelected and then later get a job as a lobbyist, well the City Council won’t challenge Mario’s power because they can’t do anything to hurt him or to take him out of power.

      1. The Democrat impeachment managers are putting the sun light on 45 for everyone to see put nothing is going to happen to 45 because they know the power that Mitch and 45 have, the same thing is here, Maria can put all the sun light she wants but those other 18 council members no the deal.

  11. Ernie, Willie Sutton the notorious bank robber was asked why he robbed banks and he said that’s where the money is. Well my Brother, Mayor Ganim is Bridgeport’s bank all that I’m trying to get you to see is if the children of Bridgeport’s education is being shortchanged then why your reluctance to speak it to the bank? I’m not trying to put words in your mouth nor am I talking about Mayor Ganim, I’m merely asking you and the Mayor why isn’t the education of Bridgeport’s children important to you? Aren’t they worth it?

    It appears as if it’s just like Harvey intimated, your hands are tied because, well you know the rest!

  12. Gentlemen
    I don’t have to get on OIB and Talk about Joe , Mario or the DTC. Don you have yet to say Joe Ganmin flat funded Education and the City Council added more money to Education and transportation. for our children. I guarantee when the Firemen”s contract comes before our contracts committee and should we approve it, you’ll be singing halaula. I can only speak about what i’ve done since 2017- present.

    1. Ernie, the more you talk the more you make Harvey look good and that he’s right. Ernie you also said, “I can only speak about what i’ve done since 2017- present,” Ernie base on your comment there’s no reason to support you to for the State Senate because you can’t give the voters the ability to speak out. Ernie you wrote, “Don you have yet to say Joe Ganmin flat funded Education and the City Council added more money to Education and transportation.” Let’s tell the whole story on that:

      “Bridgeport school board reverses course on walking distances”
      By Linda Conner Lambeck Updated 4:10 pm EDT, Tuesday, August 27, 2019

      BRIDGEPORT – City students who qualified for school bus transportation last year will get it in the new school year that starts on Thursday. In a stunning reversal, the city Board of Education voted 7-2 on Monday to rescind a policy that would have forced high school students to walk up to 2.25 miles to school and elementary and middle school students up to 1.5 miles. The board had also voted last week to rescind the policy, but only on the condition that the City Council and Mayor Joe Gan…

  13. Ernie, let me assure that I do not dislike Mayor Ganim in any shape, form or fashion. What I don’t like is the policies of Mayor Ganim, who unlike JG1 doesn’t believe in inclusion when it comes to Black’s in leadership positions in city government and exclusion of women in the fire service! What I don’t like about Mayor Ganim is how he lets David Dunn implement a psychological exam for jobs on the fire department which eliminates a large segment of Black candidates when we never had that in the past!

    Ernie, with respect to the firefighters contract, when it come before the city council for a vote you will do what you’ve done in the past, that which Mayor Ganim tells you to do. Nothing More, Nothing Less!

  14. Don, I’m glad you bought up Joe Ganim in the way you did. Let me be clear, I like Joe Ganim, again, I like Joe Ganim, I ran into at Stop and Shop on Fairfield Ave when he was campaigning for the general election, we shook hands and hug. In 2015 you and I supported Mary Jane Foster against Mayor Bill Finch because Joe had not made a decision that he was running but after he announced that he was going to run he was campaigning on my street and we talked and I told Joe that you and myself wanted to support him but we have our word to MJF but if he won we would support him. After Joe won that election you and I made are concerns to Joe and meetings were set up for us but those meetings led to nothing and soon we knew that this Joe Ganim (G2) was totally different and time moved on things got worse to the point that we didn’t know who the hell this Joe Ganim was. We knew that there was no way Joe was going to change and every chance we got we criticize him because we saw how he took the black vote for granted.


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