Hoop It Up – Midnight Basketball In The ‘Port

From the PD:
Chief Porter is EXCITED to announce the Bridgeport Police Department in partnership with the Wakeman Boys & Girls Club, Hall Neighborhood House, and The Justice Education Center INC. are bringing MIDNIGHT BASKETBALL to Bridgeport!
Starting Friday, June 2nd, Midnight Basketball will be hosted on Fridays and Saturdays all month of June from 6pm-12am at the Hall Neighborhood House and the Wakeman Boys & Girls Club. Everyone ages 14-21 are encouraged to participate in this fun event.
Register at the Hall Neighborhood House or Wakeman Boys & Girls Club to participate. Once registered, come have some fun and as Officer C. Baldwin said, “Don’t forget to bring your A Game!”


  1. I like the way Officer Baldwin speaks. He/she wants an NBA-style contest. The hype has begun.
    The kind of squad that shows up at midnight always brings their “A” game. They’re good jumpers.
    When you look up, don’t be surprised if all you see is the bottom of their sneakers!

  2. A summer program for youth basketball is announced by the Bridgeport Police Department. Cooperating athletic centers and coaching staff will likely have their rosters and schedule full for ‘A Game’ players and those who only think they have an ‘A Game’. Fun for players and for viewers as well. This is a good sign of summer from Police Department leadership. Relationship building, reasons to stay in school, and just plain something to do in a long hot summertime. Memories of years past, for many also. Thank you Bridgeport Police Department.
    Now which group of adults can lead a parade for water safety and swimming classes for all Bridgeport youth? Where does a youngster go when they graduate from the 15 splashpads for skills and training? Do City lifeguards reside in the City or do they come, of necessity from the suburbs? Is this an example of systemic racism? What do you calll it? TIME WILL TELL.


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