Officials Announce Upgrades To Newfield Park In East End

News release from Mayor’s Office:

The City of Bridgeport, Parks Commissioners, and the East End Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (NRZ), joined Inframark in announcing its plans for extensive improvements to Newfield Park, located at 698 Seaview Ave, Bridgeport. The company, in collaboration with its dedicated workforce and external contractors, will commence and complete improvements within the next 30 to 60 days, with a vision to help transform the park into a vibrant community space.

“I would like to thank Inframark for their commitment to our community, and their initiative to enhance Newfield Park,” Mayor Ganim stated. “This is what happens when public and private partnerships are made and I’m glad that our East End residents will be able to continue to enjoy facilities in their neighborhood.”

The decision to adopt Newfield Park and undertake these improvements was inspired by employees at the Water Pollution Control Authority East Side Treatment Plant, which borders the park. The scope of work for the initial phase of improvements, developed in close consultation with the community, includes the following:

  • Horseshoe pit enhancements: Upgrades will be made to the backstops and sand, creating an improved playing experience.
  • Aesthetic upgrades: The exterior of the splash pad and restrooms will be painted, possibly integrating the work of a local artist, adding a touch of creativity to the park’s ambiance.
  • Playground maintenance: Holes in the playground will be addressed, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for children.
  • Food pantry installation: Installation of a dedicated structure. Currently, the community collects and distributes food via a picnic table, and this new addition will provide a more organized and accessible system.

Looking ahead, Inframark has identified additional priority projects for the park over the next two years, based on feedback received from various stakeholders:

  • Track resurfacing: The park’s track will be resurfaced, offering an enhanced facility for runners and joggers.
  • Tennis court resurfacing: The tennis courts will undergo resurfacing to ensure a top-quality playing surface.
  • Cricket improvements: Inframark aims to explore and complete improvements to the cricket facilities, catering to the growing interest in the sport within the community.

Inframark is proud to have a presence in Bridgeport, with the majority of its employees being city residents. The Newfield Park improvements highlight Inframark’s dedication to fostering community engagement and promoting the well-being of Bridgeport residents. By working closely with the East End Neighborhood Revitalization Zone (NRZ), local neighbors, and collaborating with the Parks Commission and City Parks Department, Inframark aims to create a park that reflects the needs and desires of the community.

Councilman Ernie Newton stated, “I am thrilled to see Inframark’s interest in adopting Newfield Park. These improvements will make a difference in the lives of our community members, and I am grateful for the collaboration between Inframark, Mayor Ganim, and the East End Neighborhood Revitalization Zone.”


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  1. If I were campaigning for Bridgeport mayor, I would do 100% of my events at Newfield Park.
    Here’s why :
    New Horseshoe Pits
    Better tennis courts
    Improved cricket fields and a
    Food Pantry installation

    This is what diversity is all about. The crowds would be self-selected and easy to reach. And then there’s the hangers-on. Nothing makes better political news than having a group follow you around an improved park.


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