Gomes: Why I Am Running For Mayor

John Gomes

Democratic mayoral candidate John Gomes shares his reasons for running for mayor.

I am running for mayor to reshape our local government so that it will finally start serving the needs of all Bridgeport residents instead of serving only the well-connected few. Right now, there are resources and projects that can be put into progress and put to work. There are federal dollars awarded to the city to respond to the pandemic, and your city tax dollars that you contribute as a resident and business owner.

We are paying too much in tax dollars and we get nothing in return.

It is possible to rebuild Bridgeport, which will attract developers and investors to grow a strong, sustainable and consistent economic growth in our city. We have to address the issues on public safety, education and high taxes which falls on us–the hardworking residents.

I am living daily with these problems just like you. The streets we walk and the businesses we frequently visit consistently remind us that something is wrong. We have given our support to individuals to lead our city with the expectation that they will do the right thing by us but, instead, we become the forgotten. We also live the consequences of decisions made by the same leadership–many who don’t live in Bridgeport and do not actually care.

The time has come for a political, social and economic movement.

I carry no agenda other than to address the needs of all members of our community who call Bridgeport home. I know firsthand that there are unused available resources in our government. With the opportunity, I can bring forward real solutions and put our resources to work, which come from hard-earned dollars that we pay to our local government.

Together, we can create an accountable and transparent government and uplift those that have given up on local municipal leadership.



    1. “I can bring forward real solutions and put our resources to work, which come from hard-earned dollars that we pay to our local government.”

      That’s impossible to achieve as there’s NO “I” in team.

    2. The projects haven’t gotten done because Joe Ganim has them on hold. Waiting for the warmer seasons. Remember all those green signs, the cranes, street sweepers etc, etc. Little, completed, hidden projects like the new roof/parking lot on top of the Garage of the Bridgeport Police Department at 300 Congress Street. Started at about $500,000 turning into an estimate $3,000,000 job. It looks like the section of booking ramp/ roof is not included. Have some photos but this webzine isn’t like facebook. I may have sent Lennie the pics a while ago.

  1. John,
    Did you realize that Ganim2 can use many of your words and phrases without missing a beat? And he may sound better than you because he owns the high ground of incumbency. He owns the political loyalty of many who have jobs and do not have confidence in where to find a better job outside current City employment salary and benefits.
    Tell us where governance under your leadership will SPECIFICALLY BE changed if we look at your record following four years in office.?
    The unspent Federal Dollars at the time you left your City work was how much of the total given? Where is such a number on display? I recall that many funds were to flow over several years, and to specific allocations on which community advice was sought and used. But the Federal River of funds was not offered to the public initially as to a comprehensive picture that could be observed after Year 1 , year 2, or year 3 when only some unspent funds might be left. Can you offer that useful observation?
    Paying too much in taxes and “getting nothing” for it. Relative to what standard? Nothing comparative from our past or a potential future do you mention. “Getting nothing” is an overstatement, you must admit, but one that often plays well and is accepted. Did you not get paid, as a political appointment for five years or so from Ganim2? Was what you accomplished “nothing” or merely secret and not disclosed to the public or, perhaps, not worth the funding? Were you proud of “the appointment of political and personal” employees without identification as to purpose, and oversight as to accomplishment?
    Where are the opportunities for talented, informed, and interested citizens of integrity to serve a term on a Board or Commission with training if important and be evaluated before expiry of each term they serve the public based on attendance, contribution, and participation? We do not have that today. Nor after several political appointments with such a general task. Why not?
    Leaders need supporters who can see a fuller municipal landscape than is current. Are you threatened by discussions, disagreements, or others with expertise and/or opinions? Or not? Time will tell.

  2. John, perhaps this dude and you can meet for a cup of coffee? But instead of in the Arcade Mall, Kindred Thoughts book store we can have it at G2 opening headquarters. I am sure Lennie/OIB will post its announcement. Unless the G2 team goes in a different direction, Billboards. 🤣


    The choice is yours, John, old white man. It is an open invitation. 🤣


  3. Final thought,

    As I said it can be challenging and at times walking that tightrope. But I see there’s an issue at Wilber Cross and Thomas Hooker facing Port students. There have been many forms for the need and want of minority teachers. As well as here on OIB.
    A, Why can’t/aren’t any minority teachers being produced?
    B, You would think that instead of moving 60-plus students from one school to another that disrupts both schools and students they would just move two teachers for its school system to Wilber Cross. JS

    Pencil holder, What say you on the matter? Why so silent? No commentary for OIB readers. on the teacher shortage, I would think the issuse trumps funding, No?

    Classic. 🙂 peace out people. 🙂


  4. Well, pencil holder, I was hoping for a rebuttal. Perhaps you didn’t read it. Though being an OIB commentator/contributor I would bet you have. Either way, this issue regarding the lack of qualified teachers for Port’s students clearly shows that educational advocating that comes around during election cycles that talks about funding and the politics behind it are more about the adults running the system than the students they are supposed to educate, who they use.

    I mean, with all the hoopla you hear about funding and how is always about the kids and their best interest by, BBOE officials, Pols, and Advocates. You can’t tell me otherwise.

    When students rise up and protest a walkout for the lack of administrators in the system, yet they (students) don’t organize a public display of outrage for the lack of teachers teaching them. As well as the silence from those I aforementioned and the media about students going months without solid reliable, competent teachers in their classrooms.OK, people. Please!


    Perhaps Maria was right when she said, that is on the BBOE general has nothing to do with the 21 thousand students in the public school, and it’s about controlling the 200-plus million dollar operation budget. JS

    At any rate, I depart with the prophet, peace out people, and OIB’s best ESL writing class ever. Good luck Port. I am out of here. 🙂



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