Ganim Runs From Trump

Trump, Ganim June 1994
Trump and Ganim in Bridgeport in 1994.

The number of politicians, business leaders, elected officials, members of Congress including now Republicans distancing from Donald Trump is down the street, around the corner into the next county. Count Mayor Joe Ganim among them, after snuggling up for a play at infrastructure dough following Trump’s election. State Senator Marilyn Moore, whose name is often floated by pols as a possible Ganim challenger in 2019, told the CT Post “I was appalled he was allying himself (with Trump). He’s a bad judge of character. If you didn’t see what the rest of the community saw, then where’s your ability to discern character?”

As for 2019, Moore says her focus is running for State Senate reelection in 2018.

More from CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart:

On Wednesday, however, Democratic Mayor Joe Ganim, following Trump’s blaming “both sides” for violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville that left one counter-protestor dead and 19 injured, said his view of the Republican commander-in-chief has “changed dramatically.”

“We’re in different places,” Ganim, who is exploring a run for governor in 2018, said when contacted by Hearst Connecticut Media. “I side with those for inclusion, diversity and human rights.”

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  1. You have got to be kidding, you mean to tell me, that’s all Mayor Joe Ganim had to say about number 45? Thanks for nothing Joe if that’s the best that can come out of your mouth. Black voters in Bridgeport pay attention, Joe Ganim is telling you and showing you that he doesn’t give a dam about you.

    Let me say this again, where are the white religious leaders in Bridgeport, in Fairfield County and in Connecticut with their outrage about Neo Nazis and the KKK with swastikas and Confederate flags saying that Jews won’t replace us and Trump’s comments Tuesday? I don’t expect Republican Party in Connecticut to say anything against Neo Nazis, the KKK and President Trump because it’s all in the family with Republicans and that are telling blacks and Hispanics voters that they don’t want us in their Republican Party.

  2. Ron Mackey, the answer to your question is that people are not as outraged as the media and democrats want people to be. There is so much spin and distortion that it is becoming obvious that an accurate account of what happened will eventually come out and put the matter into proper prospective that includes historical considerations.

    1. Enough with the media spin bullshit. At this point in Mr. Trump’s presidency all the news outlets have to do take nites. Donald Trump is a vulgar man that embarrasses himself on Twitter.

      Ganim is a gutless wonder. Donald Trump has everyone thinking twice about criticizing him out of fear of reprisal. Little Joe distanced himself from Trump in the same cowardly way as Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, et al. No elected official was willing to directly criticize the Orange Horror–until now. Bob Corker, Republican Senator from Tennessee, was quite harsh, observing Trump lacks “the competence” to hold public office.

  3. Of course Tom White, you have no problem with President Donald Trump not speaking out against Neo Nazis, Tom White, Nazis?

    Tom White, you have no problem with Neo Nazis marched on a church Friday night chanting “blood and soil” and “Jews won’t replace us.” 

    Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who ran against President Trump for the Republican nomination, says there is “no moral equivalency” between neo-Nazis and the KKK and “anybody else” and says “the president needs to condemn this.” Clearly outraged as he speaks live from Ohio, he adds, “There is no place for politics here.”

    1. Tom White I beg to differ. You are sounding like the typical head up your ass Trump supporter. He is on a downward spiral. He is appalling to listen to. The manufacturing council disbanded because of this. Trump has done nothing to heal our country. He is an abrasive self absorbed clown. He has the lowest ratings of any President in history. I think the Republican party is about to cut their ties. Where is his daughter and son in law. The racist anti Jew comments had to hit home. Probably not. Silence is acceptance. Jews and blacks have listened to this ignorant crap for generations. To have a President in 2017 not condemn it immediately was not only an embarrassment here in the U.S. but around the world!

  4. Tom White, you wrote, “Ron Mackey, the answer to your question is that people are not as outraged as the media and democrats want people to be.” Tom, no more dog whistle so you and your ilk and no more hoods instead Trump is using a megaphone to call the Neo Nazis and the KKK out.

    Five US Joint Chiefs are issuing public condemnations of white supremacist groups in the wake of the weekend’s racial unrest. President Donald Trump expanded the controversy Tuesday when he appeared to draw a moral equivalency between neo-Nazis and counter-protesters by blaming “both sides” for contributing to violence.

    “The White House’s two advisory councils of top business executives disbanded on Wednesday amid intense public blowback against President Donald Trump’s response to the deadly attack by an accused white supremacist in Charlottesville, Virginia.” Pundits, historians and politicians alike have commented on the president’s moral authority, while Fox’s Shep Smith said he couldn’t find a single Republican to go on his show to defend the president’s remarks.

  5. The best example of the denial and distortion in the effort to distract people from the facts was a comment made by Senator Blumenthal on WICC this morning.
    President Trump has accurately faulted both factions for the discord. Members of ‘the resistance’ are offended.
    Blumenthal stated that he was appalled that Trump said the white supremacists were good people. Blumenthal deliberately distorted what Trump said. Trump said at the press conference that there were good and bad people on both sides of the issue.
    People like Ron Mackey and Steve Auerbach only hear the ‘resistance-speak’. Let’s see if the media will be so anxious to report on facts that are learned in the investigation.

  6. Tom White, let’s say that there are pictures and videos of the counter protestors attacking the police, the KKK and the Neo Nazis doesn’t changed that a white woman was killed and that NAZIS with swastikas and the KKK with Confederate flags saying that Jews won’t replace us and blood and soil and 45 has no problem with that. Jews won’t replace us and blood and soil, Jews won’t replace us and blood and soil, how does that sound to you Tom White. Nazis marching on streets in America in 2017 and you support that.

    Sen. Corker says Trump has not demonstrated “stability”

    1. “people are not as outraged as the media and democrats want people to be.” Per Tom White above……..Friends and readers on OIB, The firestorm of media activity brought about by 45 giving an incomplete gut reaction, then having a WH statement unsigned by him, and finally his press conference comments + tweets blaming others for almost everything has caused many to lose reference points.
      In the historical context, most people have not been taught what happened to US citizens who one moment were “slaves”, worth 3/5 of a white person, and cumulatively were worth more (as “property”) than the land and buildings that formed the plantation economy in the Southern states. The next moment, following the Emancipation Proclamation,1863, they were free to pursue the rights and freedoms of their previous owners and neighbors who were not slaves. But there was a war on for two more years and 180,000 chose to fight with the Union as a part of freedom. When the war ended where was the Marshall Plan for the nineteenth century to educate, relocate, provide startup capital, show the path to full citizenry? It was called Reconstruction, but feelings of white supremacy re-surfaced especially hard in the south with developing Jim Crow rules. Harder to see in the North.
      And hard to see today where we do not talk about the stories of our families and what they faced and who they were. And hard to contemplate when your skin color has not caused much adjustment to the way you look at the world or are perceived by those around you if you “swim in the majority pool”. So most become lazy, as well as ignorant of the history and just go along, to be scolded by those who are more deeply involved.
      Gentlemen, it is a teachable moment, for all on OIB. Help dispel the ignorance and apathy. The least informed neighbor, the one who says, “I don’t know and I don’t care” will be calling on you for assistance when the storm troopers trample his rights and grapes. Is there an easier way to wake them up in advance? Share your story and ask, respectfully, to hear theirs in return? Time will tell.

      1. JML What party fought to free the slave and what party created the KKK, Jim Crows Law and segregation. Part of the blame is how to deal with the race issue is just wrong. This is a riot at Berkeley over a right wing conservative who was going to speak, you know that first amendment thing. Ron and Day are proud Black men, White people can’t be proud of themselves? However this in not just about race as you and see Both sides that said are to blame are white. I think this is more about white privilege not have there white privilege.

          1. Ron my memory is shorter than you think. So help me out. The Republican Party fought a war to end slavery and grant slaves equal rights. The Democrat Party in the South created segregation, KKK, and Jim Crow laws. The Republican Party lead by Martin Luther King protested and fought for the Civil Rights Act to give blacks equal rights that was already given to them by the Republicans after the Civil War a 100 year prior. When Democrat Lyndon Johnson said they have lost the South for a generation. Was the South that was lost, Jim Crow law, KKK, and segregation? So over night after Johnson signed of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The hearts and minds of those Republican who fought in the Civil War with King to grant blacks equal rights decided to now suppress the rights they had been fighting for over 100 years, and the Democrats who were suppressing the blacks for 400 years are now going to be their protector. Robert Byrd, Democrat law maker and KKK member, who suppressed the blacks during Jim Crow was now going to be the protectors for black, like it was a light switch. Are you saying Blacks voted for Byrd and kept him in office for over 50 year because they believe he was now a protector of blacks because Johnson signed a piece of paper? If so that’s one hell of signature. SMH

        1. Robertr, you have a short memory, let me try this again, up until 1964 when President Lyndon Johnson sign the civil rights and US labor law in the United States that outlaws discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, the DEMOCRATIC PARTRY was the protector of white privilege but President Johnson said that by signing that Civil Rights Act “We have lost the South for a generation.” That was when the Republican Party changed and they became the protector of white privilege and the South changed over night from being Democrats to becoming Republicans.


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