Ganim Appoints New Faces To Labor, Legislative Departments

Mayor Joe Ganim on Thursday announced the appointments of Andre Ford as director of Labor Relations and Andy Carlos Toledo as project manager of Legislative Affairs.

Ford replaces Eric Amado, the city’s personnel director, who had that role in an acting capacity. Amado is helming the national search for a new chief of police. Toledo follows Constance Vickers who resigned recently to accept a position with Park City Wind.

Ford comes to Bridgeport after serving as labor relations director for the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation. He has more than a decade of experience in human resources and labor relations according to his LinkedIn page. Ford will start his new job on June 27.

Toledo will represent the Mayor’s Office to shepherd the city’s legislative agenda with state, local and federal government affairs. He served as community engagement specialist for New York City Civic Engagement Commission along with the Office of Bronx Borough President’s Office. He will start his new city position June 6, 2022.

“I am pleased to welcome Andre and Andy to our administration,” said Ganim in a news release. “Both roles in Labor and Legislation are critical in the success of our city’s government operations. Andre and Andy are both skilled in curating strong relationships and developing data assessments in order to seek benefits and positive outcomes in their respective roles.”

The news release did not disclose the starting salaries of the two new hires. The mid range salary for director of Labor Relations is roughly $135,000, according to the city salary grid set annually by the City Council. For project managers it’s about $95,000.



  1. I hope that Andre Ford is ‘Built Ford Tough.’

    Constance Vickers is gone with the wind. This doesn’t sound like a win-win for her let alone the constituents from the 130th. State Rep. District. State Representative Antonio Felipe and Constance Vicker live together. Rep. Felipe MUST excuse himself from all matters related to Park City Wind. Am I wrong Lennie?

    1. @JoelG
      MUST or should?
      and the word is recuse in this case, although usually applied to a judge, not a legislator

      If Felipe was ethical he would remove himself from any discussion of vote affecting the winds or its funding. However, he might claim he can act in an impartial manner and not do so.

      As the saying goes: Caesar’s wife must be above reproach.
      In this case they are not husband and wife, just shacking up, so anything goes.

      If it walks like a duck……..

      1. Marshall, notice that Lennie left out how much Constance was making vs what she’ll get from the Wind people. Is because she’s getting a windfall.

        1. Joel
          Glad I get my electricity from my own solar systems and will not be sending a cent to the Wind people to overpay Constance and Marcus Brown

  2. Lennie,
    Can you identify who serves as Civil Service Director, if Eric Amado has rapidly transitioned from acting Labor Relations, while personnel director and also leading the local effort to hire a qualified and professional Chief of Police?
    I try, but cannot seem to keep straight in my mind the three, or is it only two, official leaders and what their duties are.
    While we are at it might you turn over the location of the Mayor’s “Shepherd Instructions”(for personnel dealing with state, Federal or other governmental levels). Just asking a question before we waste more funds handholding with few or no stated objectives? Time will tell.


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