Watch: Consultant Discusses Details Of Police Chief Search

Dr. Jessie Lee, a senior consultant with the International Association of Chiefs of Police that is working with the Civil Service Office in preparation of the national search for chief of police, shares insight into the timeline to select a permanent top cop.

The timeline for the police chief search process:

May 27: Community Survey available to the public (open for 10 days). Links to access the survey are on the city website at

June 2: Community Forum at Central High School 6pm – open to all City residents

June 3: Community Forum at Mertens Auditorium on the former University of Bridgeport Campus 1pm – open to City residents

June 13: Application process for candidates begins (open for 4 weeks)

August 1 to August 5: Assessment Center for finalist candidates

September 16: Presentation of three finalists to the Mayor



  1. Dr. Jessie Lee, a senior consultant with the International Association of Chiefs of Police spoke for 4 minutes and 14 seconds on the video about the upcoming agenda for the police exam but Dr. Lee and no one from the city has address these concerns. The City of Bridgeport Police Department has a very long history of federal lawsuits against the city to the point that the federal court assign a “Special Master” to monitor the running and testing of the BPD. Are we to believe that those issues have been address? What is the track record of The International Association of Chiefs of Police (the IACP) in giving exams that has the type of make-up of Bridgeport?

  2. The make-up of Bridgeport should be of interest to the Consultants from the IACP. An agenda is a good thing for a consultant to have and to follow, unless it is missing information or data and then it is up to us to raise the questions that will fill in such vacancy.
    Assuming that City Attorney Meyer will retire before July 1, based on media reports, who will replace him in that office? Who does the Mayor favor?
    Who are former candidates for the position of Police Chief from several years ago who are likely still in consideration?
    Can anyone comment on the City expense for the IACP consultancy and what it allows taxpayers to count upon in the terms worked out by the City?
    Where is the City legal department or outside attorneys engaged in defending the City against claims because of police employment matters or filings against the City for alleged improper action?
    See you there. Time will tell.

  3. Last night’s audience numbered about 50 people including State Senator Moore, several Council persons , and the balance, mere citizens who are tired of the futile actions of a “boy Mayor getting gray hair” trying to get his own way at every turn without explanation. No claim that first term, time out behind bars, reflection and opportunity to reach out for assistance gets us any closer to well organized governance of, by, and for the people of the City.
    Lots of attempts to let IACP consultants get a vision of where the Police/City relation stands today. Many mentioned the need for Charter changes. Words I have linked for the past ten years in writing and speaking including Open, Accountable, Transparent, and Honest appeared in requests again and again. White supremacy in practice, called racism, is reported felt by many.
    I requested a copy of the IACP/City of Bridgeport contract noting that unless we know at the beginning of this engagement what they have agreed to do and with what limitations or restrictions, we will never really know the nature of their accomplishment when they have left town.
    Likely that a third meeting will be held next week to make up for the delayed info about the first two meetings.
    Think of these meetings with experienced folks in public safety administration ( and educated as well) as a seat at a very large table with no three minute time limit on sharing that which is material for them to know. You have seen it happen. Now is the time to speak it to them in front of your neighbors. Last night was not recorded formally. At the end of the day the consultants will forward three names to Mayor Ganim. Another opportunity to get it right for all of the citizens of the City? Time will tell.

    1. JML, thanks for the update, hopefully the Bridgeport Guardians will have a lot of questions and concerns base on the history of testing, hiring and promtion, in fact we still don’t know why David Dunn got the testing company, Frank and Assoicate, to make sure that AJ Perez the police chief.


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