Legal Filings Delay Start Of Bradley Trial

From Ken Dixon, CT Post:

On the eve of a federal corruption trial that could send state Sen. Dennis Bradley to prison for up to 20 years, U.S. District Court Judge Victor A. Bolden abruptly discharged the jury amid defense charges that the existence of a 28-minute video was withheld from them.

The jury was sent home on Thursday, amid a flurry of legal filings in which Bradley’s lawyers, along with attorneys for his former treasurer, Jessica Martinez, claimed that their rights to speedy trials are being jeopardized. United States Attorney Vanessa Roberts Avery on Thursday filed a request to bring the issue of the video to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York.

On Thursday Bolden ruled in favor of the defense. A hearing on the issues is scheduled for Friday afternoon in Bridgeport Federal Court.

“While it not entirely clear what specific relief—if any—the defense seeks, the law is well settled that the Court may not hold an evidentiary hearing or otherwise engage in further fact finding regarding the subject matter of the appeal,” Avery wrote in a Friday filing, co-signed by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Jonathan N. Francis and David E. Novick.

The prosecutors filed in response to a complaint from Bradley’s legal team of James Glasser and David Roth from the New Haven firm of Wiggin and Dana, LLP, over the nearly half-hour-long video of a party that Bradley held in March of 2018, during which he allegedly collected campaign contributions prior to the official announcement of his candidacy. Bradley’s team had been aware of a previous, 13-minute version of the video.

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  1. “…claimed that their rights to speedy trials are being jeopardized.”

    If they really desire “speedy trials” they would not have requested nor agreed to any postponements of the trial.


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