Gander Ganim, Lamont Finance Reports For Governor

Mayor Joe Ganim loaned his campaign for governor another $25,000 on June 30 bringing in total $60,000 he has loaned among the nearly $800,000 raised, according to the latest filing with the State Elections Enforcement Commission. See Ganim finance report here. The finance report ending June 30 shows the campaign had on hand $316,343.10. Ganim and Democratic-endorsed Ned Lamont will face off in an August 14 primary. See Lamont report here. Lamont will spend heavily in the final weeks leveraging his personal wealth.

Among Ganim donors Police Chief A.J. Perez has contributed a total of $1,500, Health Director Maritza Bond $1,250, Police Officer Ramon Garcia $2,000, Personnel Director David Dunn $2,500, Budget Director Nestor Nkwo $1,500, former Democratic Party State Chair Ed Marcus $2,848, according to the finance report. The maximum personal contribution is $3,500.

Ganim and Lamont will square off in their first head-to-head forum Thursday night in New Haven.



  1. Personnel Director David Dunn donated $2,500 is why Mayor Ganim won’t call for a nationwide search to replace “Acting” Personnel Director Dunn who has been “Acting” in that position for over 10 years. Police Chief A.J. Perez has contributed a total of $1,500 so we know that no matter where Perez places on the Police Chief exam that he will get the position, Only In Bridgeport.

    1. Hmmmm, this sounds and looks like 45’s loyalty test, pay to play to keep your job. Lennie, how much has the new school Superintendent and the new Fire Chief donated?

  2. I see where Chuck Willinger is going to the max, $3,500.
    No one can question is commitment to Bport.
    Nor can anyone question his commitment to Mario and rewriting the zoning regs.

  3. On May 22nd, a Ganim Fundraiser was held at a location listed as 666 5th Avenue, New York NY.

    Well, look at who owns the building which is financial trouble.

    David Daddario is identified under In-Kind contributions as donating “food” for a fundraising event on May 22nd totalling exactly $3,500. This is the maximum contribution allowed. Does anyone believe the food bill came to exactly $3,500?

    The fundraiser is listed as an event activity. It specifically asks “did the fundraiser include items donated by a business entity of up to $200 or items donated by an individual of up to $100. They checked off “no”.

    They hired a from Michael’s Limousine in Greenwich for $2,300 to take them into to NY for the fundraiser on May 22nd.

  4. 48 attorneys donated a total of $45,650. All but three are from CT.

    This includes Charles Willinger, Richard Bortolot (Probate Attorney $3,500), Ray Ganim, Ed Farrow, Harold Rosnick, Cynthia Jennings, etc.

  5. 34 City Employees donated a total of $17,845.

    This includes the following:

    Ganim’s Driver Ray Garcia $2,500
    Acting Chief AJ Perez $500
    Max Perez $800
    Awilda Lopez (Janitor) $1,600
    Ed Adams (Identified as a City Attorney) $500
    John Bohannon $2,500
    Gina Malheiro $400
    Health Director Maritza Bond #750.00
    Civil Service Director David Dunn $1,000
    CAO Kim Staley $500
    Joseph Gresko $500
    Democratic Registrar Santa Ayala $500
    OPM Nestor Nikwo $ 1,000

      1. No, Bob. Just completing a thorough analysis.

        107 city employees have contributed to Ganim’s campaign for governor. This does not include his “exploratory” committee contributions. The total dollars contributed by city employees Ganim’s April & July filings is $70,760.

        Detective/Driver Ramon Garcia $3,500
        City Attorney John Bohannon $3,500
        Chief City Attorney Chris Meyers $3,500
        William Coleman $3,500
        Deputy CAO John Gomes $3,500
        Dog Walker Danny Pizzaro $3,500
        Thomas Coble $3,500
        Janitor Awilda Lopez $2,600
        Interim Civil Service Director $2,500
        Chief of Staff Daniel Shamas $2,000
        Deputy Public Facilities J Tiago $2,000
        City Attorney Mark Anastasi $2,000
        Daniel Roach $2,000
        Chief Perez’ Brother Max Perez $1,800
        Acting Chief Perez $1,500
        Health Dir. Maritza Bond $1,450 (AKA Garage Lover)
        Director Parks & Rec.Luann Conine $1,250
        CAO Kim Staley $1,200
        Fred Gee $1,100
        Thomas Gil $1,000
        Ed Adams $1,000
        Attorney Russel Liskov $1,000
        Michael Jankovsky $1,000
        Christopher Anastasi $1,000
        Thomas Gaudett $1,000
        City Attorney Tyisha Toms $1,000
        Gabrielle Parisi $800
        Teacher Dalma Mata $800
        Zoning Dept. Paul Boucher $800
        Michael Jankovsky $700
        Isolina DeJesus $600
        Thomas Latin $600
        Angel Depara $600
        Public Facilities Ellen Gerrity $600
        Gina Malheiro $600
        Finance Director Ken Flatto $600
        OPM Nestor Nikwo $500
        Labor Relations Dir. Janine Hawkins $500
        Thomas Latin $500
        Michael Sampieri $500
        Joseph Gresko $500
        Christopher Alacon $500
        Virginia Baldino $500
        Mike Tubens $500
        Curtis Hooks $500

        Every other city employee contributed less than $500. There are many political hacks that contributed between $25- $450.00 each.

  6. Bless Mario Testa’s little heart. He even opened up his wallet and donated $3,500.
    The Bridgeport DTC also donated $2,000 with an aggregate of $5,500.

  7. Who is getting paid?

    Anthony Paoletto was paid $5,250 in consultant fees. He also donated $400 to Ganim’s campaign.

    Gina Malheiro was paid $$2,900 in consultant fees.

    Thomas Gaudett was paid $1,700 in consultant fees.

    Tony Barr was paid $425 in wages.

    Oops! Two $500 checks bounced.

    Terry Borjesen, a Pardons and Parole Board Member donated $100. Hmmm…

  8. Wages for the petition drive are as follows:

    $4,600 in Bridgeport
    $4,682 in New Haven
    $1,982 in Hartford
    $867 in Waterbury
    $250 in New Britian

    Total in Wages was $12,381

    This does not include quite-a-few flat “consultant” fees that were paid to individuals repeatedly totaling between $500-$750 each. My guess is that these individuals ran his campaign offices and petition drive in each urban city.

    My guess is Ganim easily spent over $40,000 on his petition drive when factoring in lease costs, literature, wages and consultant fees.

  9. Tom McCarthy showed his disdain for Joe,didn’t contribute a dime.Nothing the last time around either. I noticed a few council persons dig deep for Joe, keep that in mind the next time they are up for re election.

  10. What the Fuck- Auerbach Supported Bill Finch and got a job with Ganim and didn’t give a fucking dollar? Mario is going to have his balls> what the hell do you make of that????? Oh I forgot- Everyone Knows that Steven Fox- Auerbach is a local name – Most on this blog are clueless as to my real identity and contributions to Joe Ganim– Even Facebook is a
    complete craetion. Now the question is – What is Auerbach’s real identity on his checking account- And what is his real address ? Comb through the report again. Look very very carefully – I am certain there is someone that can find the answer and the amount– I will be impressed.


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