Ned In Driver’s Seat: Can’t Turn Around State In Year One, But You’re Sure As Heck Going To Know Where We’re Going

Democratic-endorsed Ned Lamont’s campaign launched the first television commercial for governor featuring the candidate behind the wheel of his car chatting about turning 64 and ruminating about the future. He faces an August 14 primary from Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim. Check out video. Transcript follows.

So, I turned sixty-four this year.

Kind of liberating, actually.

I’m not running for governor as a stepping-stone … not thinking about re-election, not going to take a salary and I don’t need a government car; this one’s going to do just fine.

Middle-class has taken a hit for years; maybe it’s time for your governor to give back as well.

I am going to be totally open about what we’re doing.

And honestly, I can’t turn around the state in year one, but you’re sure as heck going to know where we’re going.



  1. When I get older losing my hair
    Many years from now
    Will you still be sending me a Valentine
    Birthday greetings bottle of wine

    If I’d been out till quarter to three
    Would you lock the door
    Will you still need me, will you still feed me
    When I’m sixty-four

  2. Send me a postcard, drop me a line
    Stating point of view
    Indicate precisely what you mean to say
    Yours sincerely, wasting away

    Give me your answer, fill in a form
    Mine for evermore
    Will you still need me, will you still feed me
    When I’m sixty-four

  3. I hope people aren’t fooled by his just folks attitude. All he is a rich guy from Greenwich, who use cities for their cheap labor supply. As a citizen of this State, I am sick and tired of these conventions who give us take it or leave it attitude. I would work for free for a candidate who would push for initiative voting.

  4. *** Its obvious that whomever becomes the new State Gov. will need to be politically transparent & at least 2-terms just to steer Ct. in the right direction’s for any future success! State debts, over spending, incoming state revenues,(present & future). More has to be done with less in some areas of government, & all State, City & Town workers unions need to work together with the government to make some type of concessions to avoid layoffs if possible. Utilizing any positive State or City agency’s like PAL-Cadets, U.S Job-Corps, A.I.C/Re-Entry Programs like, (comm.service-workers, etc..) are just a few of the avenues that can be used to save money. And of coarse better; “Education” of our young men & women towards Tech.Field Types of schools, to fill jobs & expertise in areas that our state & country maybe lacking. Many kids are not interested in general academics but more interested in technical types of schools. All the Ct. Prisons that have prisoners with minor offenses, not an escape risk & serving a term of 10-yrs. or less can be trained to do jobs like making Ct.license plates & traffic signs, minor furniture for State offices, more D.O.C out-side work details(serving 2-yrs.or less)to assist nearby towns or city’s in clean-up jobs, painting jobs, landscaping, play-ground building or clean-ups, etc.. Many odd, small type labor intense jobs that can save the State money & teach the workers different types of tech. labor related skills & work ethics. A drop in the state budget for saving some money however, “education” needs to be a priority for anyone who becomes Gov. & a new path towards our States youth to prepare them for the future! Back to political basis; intense curb on State spending, Increase State revenue with an “incoming-outgoing” State Highways & Parkways toll, increase Ct.Casino’s State revenues & to be re-examined every 15-yrs. Last but not least, the Gov. needs to make a stand on Universal weapons check & control. Increase the automatic sentence time on (violent ex-con’s) that are in violation of their personal criminal history terms & caught with a (gun & or rifle,shotgun, etc.). Improve Ct. public transportation alternatives, roads & highways, etc… So let me break it down in shorter terms; Major action to start: 1.political transparency, 2.cut State spending, 3. Improve Education (K thur 12th grade) 4.Highway/Parkway tolls 5.Increase Casino’s State revenue, etc. 6. Crime & gun control 7.Utilize free State & local agency’s for needed community & state labor issues. 8.Improve public transportation, trains, buses, taxis, etc.. & all State highways and roads in Ct. *** 8 yr.Term ***

  5. I was out canvassing tonight. I can honestly say not a single voter has been enthusiastic about voting for Ned Lamont or Joe Ganim. Voters have been adamant about not voting for Joe Ganim. Not a single voter has told me they would not vote for Ned Lamont.

    One voter told me “Ganim doesn’t sit right with me”. He said Ganim is insincere.

    I ran into new residents that bought a house and completely remodeled it. It looks great. Turns out the husband and I went to Harding together. Dennis and Kevin Monks had already been there. Out of the blue, he states how upset he was when there was talk of renaming Harding High School. I told him that was Dennis’ idea and that he wanted to name it Obama High. I told him he has only lived in Bridgeport for 8 years and that he was from MA. Both the husband and wife told me Dennis told them he was raised in Bridgeport. I asked them if they were sure. They were adamant that they were. I asked them if they knew Lydia Martinez. They said they couldn’t stand her. I explained that Dennis was like a son to her.

    The family will be in Florida in August 14th. I got all three ABs, both parents phone numbers, and all three votes.

    Another couple told me Nessah asked them to sign Ganim’s petition and they refused. Dennis came by to speak with them as well. After listening to Dennis while she was on her knees gardening she told him when you take off your nice clothes and work hard like me, we’ll talk. Until then, she was too busy. She told me he came across as “sleazy” and “fast talking”.

    Another woman told me Dennis had come by and he behaved as if his good looks were enough to get her vote. She goes to church with Aaron’s uncle and is voting for Aaron.

    I really haven’t had to work hard to convince voters to not vote for Ganim or Bradley. It hasn’t been difficult to persuade voters to vote for Lamont and Turner.

    1. For clarity please give the whole name of Dennis so that we all know who is being talked about. As for Dennis Bradley he truly believes that he’s going to win by his looks, he brings nothing to the position, as an attorney he doesn’t even know how to run and chair the Board Of Education meeting when he was the BBOE President plus it was Dennis Bradley who was the leader of the boycott of BBOE meetings because he couldn’t get along with BBOE member Maria Pereira there by hurting the 21,000 Bridgeport school students by not conducting the business of education. What a disgrace, he needs to put his mirror down.

  6. He stopped short of admitting that Democrat Malloy was a complete failure and the worst head of CT we’ve ever had… another phony !!
    Every candidate needs to make BPT one of their top priorities. Our city can’t be ignored like it has for the past 40 years

    1. Democrats don’t give a shit about Bridgeport unless they need the votes to carry an election. Seemingly Little Joe has that one sewn up. But then, he could and may well lose the primary. Then and only then will Lamont come sniffing around.

  7. If you want to argue that the urban centers have all suffered and that every candidate has got to come up with an urban agenda, I could Gus agree with you at all.
    But to say that Bridgeport must be the only city or that Bridgeport needs help far more than any city, you are picking and choosing and would most likely lose by pandering to one specific city. What about Waterbury? What about New Haven?
    You can not tell them they don’t need help even if Bridgeport needs more. Voters in that city just won’t buy it.

    1. Bob, you got it right, both parties don’t give a damn about Bridgeport and after Joe Ganim gets his ass kicked next month Bridgeport will have to come back to the table begging for Need Lamont to help Bridgeport. Joe Ganim has NO magic formula to resolve the State of Connecticut financial problems and when he starts being the mayor of Bridgeport again he’ll have NO answers how to resolve the financial problems of Bridgeport.

  8. “…I’m not running for governor as a stepping-stone …” (Can we make this the official, Fourth Lie of Life? Maybe the one right after “The check is in the mail.”(?))

    “…And honestly, I can’t turn around the state in year one, but you’re sure as heck going to know where we’re going…” We’ll; there’s some pragmatic honesty there… But it’s kind of hard to lie about that — we know that the Connecticut economy — and Ned’s new car — is heading downhill, on ice, at a 60-degree angle, and we also know that we’re all heading for a hairpin turn on a sheer cliff — 1000-foot drop — and no guard rails… Hope Ned’s car has a parachute and floatation airbags — or he’s not going to be in a position to run for Blumenthal’s seat in 2020… (Maybe Dick already cut the brake-lines in Ned’s new, $12,000 (American?) sedan…)

    God! What a whimpy, bs first ad! Wobbled and hesitated right out of the gate! [But Connecticut is not without hope… There’s still time for an independent bid… Go for it, Lowell! Maybe Jody will be your running mate! Don’t worry — the state can still get enough vendor credit for a four-year supply of Geritol and Depends! We need you!]

    1. Jeff, please, wakeup and smell the coffee, there will NOT be any new independent candidate entering the governor’s race now that your candidate is out of the race again, David Walker, now you have to make a choice on which Republican candidate you want to become governor.


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