From Sizzle To Fizzle, The Rev’s Not Too Sharp On Voter Registration Deadline For Special Election

Moales, Sharpton

Under the guise of “voter registration service” in conjunction with the Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, Rev. Al Sharpton is scheduled to visit Bridgeport Wednesday evening at the church of State Senate candidate Ken Moales. Problem is today (Tuesday) is the deadline to register by mail, according to elections officials. That means any new voter registration cards received after today will not be entered until after the special election, unless it is an in-person voter registration. That deadline is February 23. The special election for State Senate is February 24.

Sharpton is scheduled to appear at Moales’ church Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, 729 Union Avenue, according to information posted on Facebook that includes Moales’ campaign contact listings at the bottom.

Sharpton and Moales have developed a lot in common: both ministers, both political lightning rods and both tax deadbeats. See New York Times piece here. OIB piece on Moales here.

A spokesperson for the office of the Connecticut Secretary of the State as well as Democratic Registrar Sandi Ayala confirm the respective voter registration deadlines. Ayala says any voter cards received after today, unless it is an in-person registration at the Registrar’s Office in the Morton Government Center Downtown, will not be entered into the system for voting privileges until after the special election. Former Democratic Registrar Lisa “Honey” Parziale alerted OIB readers to the deadline in a comment post.

So maybe Sharpton’s firebrand pitch will urge new voters to sign up directly at the Registrar’s Office. Good luck with that. Or maybe he’ll unleash a hair-raising endorsement of Moales?

Last week Moales’ “huge community announcement and press release with the IMA & Hispanic Pastoral” for an endorsement fizzled out. The IMA as an organization no longer endorses, although its members are free to associate with campaigns.

Moales, a member of the Board of Education, is a petitioning candidate for the February 24 special election to fill the seat of Andres Ayala, the commissioner of the Department of Motor Vehicles. He’s facing Democrat Richard Dejesus, Republican Quentin Dreher, Working Families Party Ed Gomes and petitioning candidate Charles Hare.



  1. On Oct. 16, 1995 I traveled to Washington D.C. along with 18 other Firebird Society members, all men and ten young men from the ages of 10 to 18 to attend The Million Man March that was called by Louis Farrakhan. We were there to listen to many prominent speakers and to unite in self-help and self-defense against economic and social ills plaguing the African American community and for atonement to our family and women. We were not there for Minister Farrakhan but I must say I strongly support his views on taking care of our family and in self-help, we were not followers of his, we were there in love and brotherhood.

    I write this to show that just because people attend a event to hear someone doesn’t translate into support for someone.

    Hopefully the media will ask Rev. Sharpton about the action of Mayor Finch taking the right to vote from the voters to vote for whom they wanted to be elected to the Board Of Education. Also does he knows what record Rev. Moales has on workers compared to the candidate Ed Gomes’ lifetime support of workers and of unions?

    1. LOUIS Farrakhan, now there is one ignorant anti-Semitic piece of shit. Glad you went there for black unity and not his beliefs the Jews control everything and are responsible for the ills of black America. But then again Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are his new best friends, how bad can he be? Oh yeah, so talented and such trash. LOLOL. Kanye West jumped on stage again this time as with Taylor Swift, he told the winner of Album of the year that Beyoncé should have won. Back to Farrakhan, it shows how far you can go when dealing with pure ignorance. He is a hateful and disgusting human being.

    1. Quentin, if you were responding to my post, I apologize. I never count anyone out. Good luck to you. I am not in your district. Marilyn Moore is my senator.

  2. Just heard Moales made a scene in the Town Clerk’s office when he didn’t meet the signature requirements. He demonstrated his typical outrageous and rude behavior and stated “Don’t you know who I am?” He told them they did this to him on purpose and they were incompetent. I heard it was quite a show.

  3. Al Sharpton was ordained a “reverend” at the age of nine and to this day, as far as I know, has no formal theological training. Wikihow outlines a completely different path to the attainment of this title that does involve formal training. I guess both paths are acceptable, though I’m not sure. But I rely on Wikihow for so many other things, I’d hate to think they’re wrong.


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