Gomes, Stafstrom Endorsed By Gun Safety Group

Connecticut Voters for Gun Safety

has endorsed Ed Gomes for State Senate and Steve Stafstrom for State House in the February 24 special elections. News release:

We are endorsing the following candidates:

• Former State Senator Ed Gomes–WF 23rd Senate District (Bridgeport, Stratford)
• Steve Stafstrom–D 129th House District (Bridgeport)

Senator Gomes, who previously served as State Senator for the 23rd Senate District, has always been a strong supporter of gun safety laws. As a member of the Judiciary Committee he advocated and voted for a number of reasonable laws, including the requirement that lost or stolen guns be reported by their owners to law enforcement within 72 hours.

Steve Stafstrom has also been an outspoken supporter of common sense gun safety reforms. Both he and Senator Gomes, as Bridgeport residents, understand the toll that gun violence has taken on their city and have worked with the community to make strides that have significantly reduced gun violence in Bridgeport in recent years.

To arrive at our endorsements, all candidates were rated according to a system that included prior voting record, if applicable; response to our questionnaire; statements made to media outlets; comments and response to ideas presented at private meetings; and actions and comments in prior positions held.



  1. The NRA is so powerful, they have successfully lobbied to prevent the US Congress from commissioning a study on the effects of gun violence on public health.


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