Brian Benched, Bluefish Offer Williams Paid Internship

News release from Bridgeport Bluefish. Check out the video too!

The Bridgeport Bluefish today announced that they are prepared to offer NBC Nightly News reporter Brian Williams a six month media internship to write game recaps for the team during the 2015 baseball season.

Brian Williams, a Connecticut resident, was recently benched for six months without pay from his position as anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News after falsely reporting his experience during the Iraq war.

The Bluefish staff members are huge fans of Williams, and are firm believers in second chances. The organization is hoping to provide him with a monthly stipend of $500, as well as an opportunity in sports reporting. “Our thought is to get Brian’s assistance in writing game reports following any Bluefish losses in 2015,” says Bluefish general manager Jamie Toole. “With his reporting style, we may even win a few of those games.”

Williams will be called up to the Bridgeport Bluefish intern staff effective immediately upon his acceptance and contract signing.



  1. The Bluefish had better move quickly, because there’s a rumor going around the Mayor wants to dump Brett Broesder and hire Brian Williams to replace him at $5 million/yr. (This is in anticipation of the proposed new city promotion program called “Clean and Green”/”Sparkle City” that will be developed to complement the “Better Every Day” mantra.)


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