Finch’s Family Hero Says No

Ted Kennedy Jr.
Ted Kennedy Jr. says no to Senate run

Ted Kennedy Jr. disappointed Mayor Bill Finch Tuesday night. Commemorating the 50th anniversary of the inauguration of his uncle John Kennedy at a legacy dinner at Testo’s Restaurant, the son of the late liberal lion Ted Kennedy told reporters he’ll not be a candidate in 2012 for Joe Lieberman’s U.S. Senate seat. Joe’s packing it in.

Kennedy, a resident of Branford, said he may run for something someday but prefers spending more time with his family. He runs a financial services firm in New York. I chatted with the mayor the other day about Kennedy’s potential entry into the race. Mention Kennedy (Bill usually mentions it before you) and Bill lights up like a full moon. JFK is the mayor’s political hero. He considers him the greatest president ever even though he served less than three years. Idolatry can sway emotions. But to Finch’s way of thinking, a Kennedy in the Senate again would have brought instant prestige and clout to Connecticut.

Finch is feeling melancholy about the recent departure of Chris Dodd and next year Joe Lieberman from the Senate. He says they were good for the state despite the dimming glow of their popularity in recent years. What can freshman Dick Blumenthal deliver so soon? And Lieberman’s replacement?

Yes indeed, Dodd and Lieberman had been highly coveted endorsements, robo calls, photo opportunities for Finch’s State Senate runs. But by the time Finch had become a candidate for mayor war hawk Lieberman’s polling numbers had plummeted and Dodd was making plans to move to Iowa for his failed presidential caucus run. Blumenthal emerged as the most popular Democrat in the state and then he took his hit as well, albeit surviving his Vietnam service gaffe. Goes to show ya that popularity can crater quickly.



  1. Much like Mr. Fabrizi has done what’s best for himself and his family, Finch needs to follow suit and do what’s best for himself and family and for Bpt, find another job.

  2. Off Topic.

    I just finished reading Malloy’s proposed budget on the state web site.

    Essentially the biggest tax increase in the history of any state in this union with absolutely zero enforceable reduction in state spending.

    I wanted Foley because he understands balancing budgets. Malloy is posturing for reelection. Businesses will leave in droves and cancel any plans to establish in this state. Already the highest business tax in the country has just been increased. What on earth is this man thinking?

    IMPEACH the son of a bitch before we rename the state California.

    1. yahooy,

      Looks like we have similar tastes in reading. And almost identical reactions to the proposed new tax regulations.

      You can’t argue Connecticut needs a financial overhaul. But this proposal, although focused on generating revenue, has the potential to produce significant unintended consequences. People and businesses that can leave the state (at least for tax purposes) probably will. While those that stay will suffer yet another shock to their financial health and security.

      Layer this on top of Bridgeport’s already confiscatory tax structure, and you’ll have residents and businesses paying some of the highest taxes in the galaxy! Just try to stimulate growth in that type of environment.

  3. Where did the proceeds from this dinner go? The “Dollar Bill” Finch Reelection fund or Rev. Stallworth’s campaign? Or did you sneak it under the table to Carlos Silva? It must be expensive having two horses in the same race.


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