Hold On To Your Wallets

Car wash, pet grooming, clothing, shoes, manicures and pedicures, haircut. In addition to an increase in the state income tax, Governor Dannel Malloy’s proposed budget today increases the state sales tax from 6 percent to 6.25 percent while adding new goods and services to the taxable pile.

The Hartford Courant illustrates the cost. www.courant.com/news/politics/hc-tax-increase-services-pictures,0,2336878.photogallery



  1. What did everyone expect from Malloy? The Dems in Hartford our delegation included have been on a spending binge for years. They have borrowed money to pay past deficits and now the POOR & MIDDLE class are going to pay for it.
    What is Malloy going to tell the poor next winter when the oil subsidy he abolished this budget year goes into effect?
    This charlatan from lower Fairfield county took care of his wealthy friends, their income tax increase will be something like .25% or next to nothing.
    You got what you asked for, someone who does not give a shit about the poor and middle class.

  2. Now I’d like to see if any of all those assholes running around talking about what a great leader Malloy would be, will be in front or behind me at the store counter. Lennie, what makes you think people will be able to afford “wallets?”


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