Eneida Martinez: “I Have The Votes” To Return To City Council–Working Families Party Wants One Of Their Own

Wanda Simmons and Victoria Majewski.

Former East End city councilor Eneida Martinez is making plans to return to the legislative body to fill the seat of the woman who defeated her in a 2021 Democratic primary. Wanda Simmons resigned for health reasons.

Martinez has the support of East End District Leader Ralph Ford and the 139th District’s remaining councilman Ernie Newton.

Barring a major shift of events, Martinez could be reseated by a vote of the City Council at its Nov. 7 meeting.

The Connecticut Working Families Party is pushing for Simmons’ primary running mate Victoria Majewski.

CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart has more:

Embattled ex-Democratic City Council member Eneida Martinez this week said she intends to fill a vacancy on that legislative body, and the Working Families third party has nominated a candidate to try and thwart her return.

“I’m not sure when, but I am coming (back),” Martinez said in an interview Tuesday when asked if she had decided to seek East End Democratic leaders’ formal support to succeed Wanda Simmons, who ousted Martinez in a 2021 primary and resigned in September over health issues.

“The community has been calling me every single day asking me when I’m coming back,” Martinez added.

Soon after Simmons stepped down a month ago, Martinez publicly expressed interest in a return but said she was undecided. Simmons’ 19 council colleagues, all fellow Democrats, will vote in the coming weeks on a candidate to complete her two-year term. When such a vacancy arises, typically the particular council district’s leaders–in this case the 139th District in Bridgeport’s East End–forward a name to the legislative body to be seated with little to no controversy.

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  1. John didn’t want it to get lost. To you reply on, Police Chief Finalists Come With Legal Cost Price Tags, Lawsuit Settlements

    Never said people who hold a position with the community organizations do not give up their civil rights to hold a personal opinion about a matter of community interest.

    You can spin it any way you like, be it misreported o fan opinion or personal opinion. But it’s politics at its best.

    The people in the community (blacks) each have their own civil rights and opinions as to who they prefer. Some may be before Blackwell and some be for Porter. Honestly and transparently speaking, that everyone seems to always be asking for, they?he, NAACP/Lord doesn’t want to offend any blacks by not choosing the person they picked. Personally, I would think they,NAACP would prefer Porter, just my opinion.

    It’s a quandary, to not upset voters/people. Which is very easy in politics when the person you support loses, or even on an endorsement level. If NAACP/Lord endorces one over the other, they will alienate/slight the supporters of the other. Similar to G2, picking a Latino over a black person.

    It was a political move/position with no true honesty or transparency on who the organization would like or whose the best qualified. I find no fault with it. Sometimes in politics honesty and transpearecny can have more of a negative effect then positive, quite often too. That’s politics/democracy for you.

    Talking about transparency. Take the recent article on cop car window tint. https://www.ctpost.com/news/article/Bridgeport-get-rid-tinted-police-cruiser-windows-17524919.php?src=rdctpdensecp#taboola-2

    In my civil rights opinion, no average citizen gives shits about tints on cop cars or whatever the police have military, which you never see out side of a crisis situation, outside of the political realm politics.

    Most people don’t want to see cops, especially behind them through their clear windshield. 🙂 Except when they call them to be that barrier.

    Garcia’s right in a way, the tints were a cheap minimal way to protect officers, in what has become increasingly more dangerous. No one on the council or position or community activist organization put on a bullet proof vest for protection before that head to the office because there a possibility of being shot and killed. Consider our council put up plexiglass to protect them at city hall, from threats of Covid you would think they would know treat are real for officers. Or do we have to wait for some Port cop to get shot eating their lunch in the “office” P.S by that logic they would have put up the plexiglass barrier only after one of them contracted covid and died for it. JS

    Not dismissing the need to address police BEHAVIOR or Actions toward its citizens, just not playing politics with it opionion. There are issues, no doubt about that. I just don’t think tint is remotely next to the list is ever on it of policice issuse.. SMH


    1. P.S John, didn’t want to leave you hanging. Maybe someday we’ll meet for that coffee. I hear the cops hold an event call, Cops with Coffee. 🙂

      Peace out, always a please.

      Thi tint debate on cop cars are the coffee tables of art world, nonsense 🤣

      BTW when did being gay stop a man form sleeping with woman /vice versa?


  2. Now; if this were an allowable wager under Connecticut gaming laws, I wonder what the odds would be for Eneida vs. Victoria(?) on a CC vote — assuming that all 19, current members were to cast a vote…

  3. Jeff, I don’t know the odds, but it would be another “quandary” choice though, to place a white girl to represent the black/brown, Stratford Ave community over a black or brown. 🙂

    It’s funny you would think more would be outspoken about who they would endorse to represent the 139. You would think the NAACP, or even Gen Now would voice their opinion on who they would support to replace Wanda’s council seat.

    Not sure where Ernie stands on the matter either.

    If Martinez’s illegal issue were behind her perhaps more council members would be more outspoken about her support. I would even put it here as a shoo-in. s
    While she’s still active/ present around in city hall/politics.

    I am not sure about council members going out on a limb about the possible political fallout if they vote her back on the council. I mean the next election is right around the corner with a gubernatorial race. With Maria and Martize still going at it.

    I am sure many council members don’t want Maria, or even Gen Now, the NAACP, or any other political/activist groups putting up a challenger against any city council members, who seat behind their COVID protection glass in support/voted for a person to replace Wanda on the council with legal issues that are unresolved.

    I mean, Maria more than any of them. . 🙂

    To be fair, I am sure Gen Now, NAACP, Ernie, and even the Pariah are privately/backdooring, voicing their support or not support for someone to replace Wanda. Considering all the other hoopla/controversy that has taken place in CC replacement the one is pretty quiet. 🙂

    That’s our Open, Honest, Transparent, and Accountable Government/Activist politics at work 🙂

    To your point though, for that white girl to get the support needed to win the votes on the city council to represent Stratford Ave, 🙂 The fix would be in. JS

    As John would say, Time will Tell.



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