Endorsed Dems Could Have Lots Of Primary Company

If they secure 2,245 certified signatures from registered Democrats in Bridgeport, three petitioners will wage a September 12 primary for Board of Education against endorsed candidates Hernan Illingworth, Jessica Martinez and Chaila Robinson. JoAnn Kennedy and 138th Town Committee members Helen Losak and Eric Stewart-Alicea who are aligned with school board member Maria Pereira will be busy hustling signatures. They have until 4 p.m. August 9 to submit petitions to the Registrar’s Office.

A city sheriff slate of Louis Lopez, Wilfredo Martinez and Frank Appleby will try to secure signatures to challenge endorsed Dems Dennis Scinto, Steve Nelson and Anderson Ayala. The 2,245 certified signatures represents five percent of the city’s Democratic registration. School board and city sheriff slots are citywide. A cushion of several hundred additional signatures citywide are generally needed to counter signatures rejected.

The City Council could experience 9 primaries in 10 districts if challenger petitions are certified. Challengers need certified signatures from five percent of registered Dems in the respective districts. Here’s the line-up thus far.

130th, Black Rock/West End, endorsed incumbent Scott Burns and Rowan Kane, vice president of the Bridgeport Area Young Democrats. Challengers Black Rockers Pete Spain and Christina Smith.

131st, South End/West End/ Downtown, endorsed incumbents Denese Taylor-Moye and Jack Banta. Challenger community activist Jorge Cruz.

132nd, West Side, endorsed incumbent Evette Brantley and Rolanda Smith. Challengers Kyle Langan and Marcus Brown.

133rd, North End, endorsed incumbent Jeanette Herron and fellow DTC member Michael DeFilippo. Challengers former State Rep. Bob Keeley and zoning commissioner Anne Pappas Phillips.

134th, North End, incumbents Michelle Lyons and AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia. No one has stepped forward yet to primary.

135th, North End/Whiskey Hill, endorsed Rosalina Christy and Darrett Evans Moss. Challengers incumbents Mary McBride-Lee and Richard Salter.

136th, East Side, Hollow, lower North End, incumbent Alfredo Castillo and education advocate Maria Zambrano Viggiano. Challenger Jose Casco.

137th, East Side, endorsed incumbent Aidee Nieves and former council member Maria Valle. Challengers incumbent Milta Feliciano and  former State Rep. Hector Diaz.

138th, Upper East Side, endorsed Timothy Bassey and Michele Small. Challengers incumbents Anthony Paoletto and Nessah Smith; Tony Barr and Shaquanda Glover. Karen Jackson has also taken out petition papers.

139th, East End,endorsed incumbents Eneida Martinez and James Holloway. Challenger former council member and state legislator Ernie Newton. East End activist Wanda Simmons also pulled out petition papers separately.



  1. This story is inaccurate. I am the treasurer for the petitioning BOE candidates. I have never so much as visited their location or raised one dollar.

  2. Wait a minute, Helen Kodak and Eric Stewart Slices are both running for the BBOE and they are being supported by Maria Pereira and they didn’t get the endorsement of the DTC? This must be a misprint or misinformation because Maria has been telling us how much power she had but she didn’t get the endorsement for her candidates. Sounds like a paper tiger.

  3. I HAVE A QUESTION FOR THE SCHOOL BOARD? How can you fire the head of the military classes and then hire him as the principal of Bassic High School

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