Young Bloods–Brown, Langan Announce West Side City Council Run

Brown, Langan
Marcus Brown, left, and Kyle Langan teaming up for City Council run.

Democratic Town Committee member Marcus Brown and middle school teacher Kyle Langan announced on Monday they are teaming up to run for City Council in the West Side 132nd District. Incumbent councilman John Olson has announced he’ll not seek reelection. The other incumbent in the district is Evette Brantley.

“Many of the same issues that plagued Bridgeport in my youth remain unresolved, including violent crime and an increasing tax burden,” Brown said in a statement. “As a graduate of the Bridgeport Public Schools, I understand the shortfalls of a system where education is chronically underfunded over decades. I will not sit back and let these issues continue to hurt future generations in our city, and that is why I’m running with Kyle for City Council to make this City a better place.”

Brown, who lives in the Brooklawn neighborhood, grew up in Marina Village, the South End housing project. He says he’s worked on city issues with State House members Chris Rosario and Steve Stafstrom. He attends Housatonic Community College where he also serves as Secretary of the Student Senate. He is a member of the Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats.

Langan, a lifelong Bridgeport resident, attended Boston University as a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. scholar where he received his BA in English. He holds an MA in Education Leadership Management and Policy from Seton Hall University. Langan teaches 8th grade literature at Achievement First Bridgeport Academy, a  charter school. Langan is a member of Bridgeport Generation Now and Greater Bridgeport Young Democrats.

“As a native of Bridgeport, I am humbled by the opportunity to run for City Council,” said Langan in a statement. Marcus and I are ‘United for Change’ to work hard with the citizens of Bridgeport to find creative solutions to the very real and complex problems we face. I believe that every voice is valuable and that through honest, transparent communication we channel the strength of our city.”

Party endorsements will take place next month. The Democratic primary is September 12.



  1. What have they seen? What are the structures and systems they seek to change for their 132 District? They are young, with energy and have not been merely sitting on the bench listening to the stories of the elders. Perhaps they have not been wooed by the symbols of personal success conferred on many candidates previous to this year and will talk very straight with the homeowners and renters of the District who see values decreasing, while higher taxes force increased rents, and the schools are not a priority to those currently in office. Perhaps enough doors will be knocked on in the coming campaign to get more folks to the polls to vote? Guys thank you for getting onto the playing field and away from the bench. Time will tell.

    1. These are two interesting, inquisitive, and thoughtful young men interested in taking a reform-minded approach to Bridgeport’s city governance. We should welcome their entrance into this year’s city elections. I wish them well. I also regret the loss of John Olson from his decision to retire from Council service.

      Kyle and Marcus, once the flush of the announcement is over, I urge you to respond to JML’s questions. Set the tone from the beginning by showing us the insights I know you bring to the marketplace of ideas this year. — DTD

  2. Thank you John for your words of encouragement. I’ve been waiting a long time to see the likes of these two candidates. It’s long overdue; those of us who have served the 132nd district will hopefully embrace the opportunity to have the next generation step up to address the needs of the constituents of the 132nd District as well as the City as a whole. Kyle and Marcus bring knowledge, education, professionalism, and most importantly a sincere desire to help bring about improvement to the City. In addition, they possess the ability to take advice and guidance from those who share their willingness to do the hard work necessary. For the curious minded: they have no need or desire to join the workforce of the City of Bridgeport. They will represent the true meaning of public servants.

    1. Really,Lisa. Please SHARE with us all what these two candidates have specifically done to improve the 132 District.

      Here we have another Achievement First employee running for the City Council. He has issued a press release that he is,a,”teacher”.

      1. Charter Schools are allowed to have up to 30% of their “teachers” not be certified. Lennie, I am asking you to please confirm this “teacher” is a certified educator in CT.

        Achievement First is the worst of the worst. They take 13% of every dollar the state gives them to educate children and pockets it for “management fees”. They were caught with over 40% of their teachers being non-certified in violation of state law. They have the highest suspension and expulsion rate in CT,including kindergarteners.

        A large portion of the “Young Democrats” are pro-charter pro-privitization members. They include Maria Zambrano, Jessica Martinez, Shane Hurley, this “teacher”, etc. We need to educate voters on the make-up of their membership.

        I hope Evette Brantley kicks their ads.

        1. Maria Pereira, If I was to decide to home school my 8 year old. You would be against my decision because I’m not a certified teacher? Must all home schooling parents be certified as teachers?

        2. “Lennie, I am asking you to please confirm this “teacher” is a certified educator in CT.”

          Maria Pereira, why don’t you FOI it yourself?:)

          1. How does homeschooling compare to the privatization of our public schools? Is someone making millions off of homeschooling?

            This “teacher is funded by taxpayer dollars. Are parents who homeschool being funded as “teachers” with taxpayer funds.

      2. Give them some time Lisa. See if they can create some Christmas and other holiday events, as well as speakers on community problems.

        Where else is “new blood” to come from if they do not have a chance to be informed and to shape their own opinions to guide them through governance service?

        Are there any people in Bridgeport unconnected to the “DTC machine” whom you approve of and why? That information, which is yours to provide or not, is one factor in seeing whether those new to the scene will pay attention to your words, or not.

        In my opinion, and it is only mine, killing Kyle Langan’s candidacy because he works for a Charter School is a form of overkill. A teacher at a Charter School, assuming they are using their education and skills daily without reserve in their classroom, is not responsible for the management and policy of the “Charter system”, anymore than an equally well meaning teacher in the Bridgeport school system is responsible for the fiscal, policy and process issues that have plagued the BOE for recent years. Isn’t that right? The man has a job that provides him some fiscal independence from “the DTC machine”. Isn’t that a positive? He has spent some time learning about our municipal system and financial issues. Aren’t those more positives? And like his running mate (whom I have not yet met) he has a Bridgeport history and is still committed despite his knowledge of that history. How do you improve on that basic story? Time will tell.

        1. John, where did you ever get the idea that Kyle Langan’s candidacy will be killed because of his chosen position? An effective elected official, public servant, must possess integrity, the willingness to engage and provide service to their constituents, and must remain unconflicted. I have every intention of working every person eligible to vote in this election, I will do as I have always done for candidates I support. I will provide absentee applications for those who request and meet the requirements to vote in that fashion, I will personally endorse both Marcus and Kyle by correspondence to the many, many voters I’ve served over the past decades. I will also personally introduce them to the voters who trusted and supported me in the past. I will not relinquish my support of Kyle because a few hold personal opinions and prejudice towards his choice of livelihood. I find it rather ironic that while all but two bloggers support the long-awaited reality of new, fresh candidates, for now untouched by the jaded dinosaurs of Bridgeport. FYI, the two dissenters have nothing to bring to this “party.”

          1. Lisa, I take it the two “dissenters” you are referring to are myself and Bob Walsh.

            If I am correct, what do you mean by your comment that we have “nothing to bring to the party”?

          2. Lisa, The comments were happening on this thread and others yesterday that I erred in referencing your name rather than Maria’s. It was Maria’s negative of the young candidates that I felt was overly harsh. For instance, when Maria asked what had they done, the same might have been asked of her two, three four years ago before she started new and meaningful community gatherings in the 138.
            I seem to remember attending a gathering in the 132’d within the past two years held at Wood’s End Deli. More such discussions need sponsorship throughout the City to reach the many registered voters, especially those who have come to distrust the mailings around elections. Will campaigns provide more opportunities to engage the public this year? Time will tell.

          3. John, what did I post that was “negative” about either candidate? I simply posted a fact about one candidate’s employment and posted facts about AF, his employer.

            I did not post anything negative about Mr. Brown.

            The City Council voted on the Bridgeport Public Schools annual appropriation, capital projects, union contracts that impact the BOE’s bottom line, they have the authority to reject the teacher’s union and administrator’s contracts, and the sale of city owned property to charter schools.

            Does anyone believe that those that are employed by charter schools or charter school lobbyists, whose main goal is to privatize public education, break unions, and destroy true public schools should be placed in a position to make those decisions? These are all inherent conflicts and I hope that most agree that this is not okay.

      1. Frank, Marcus was a new recruit to the 132nd District TC when three seats had to be filled by the six incumbents. I believe it was an opportunity to witness how complacent and inactive the group functioned. These are my thoughts, not his. The fact that he took the initiative to break away and become a candidate for the CC speaks for itself.

  3. Look forward to supporting these individuals and I hope a lot of other young people run in other districts. I’m glad two young bright caring people chose to stay in Bridgeport to turn the city with its great potential, around.

      1. Maria Pereira, the more you conduct yourself the way you have been, the more people will consider giving charter schools a chance. to you, anyone who works for or elects to send their kids to a charter school is an evil person. Do you really believe or can you prove that if these charter school student were in the public schools, they would have done much better? Public and charter school students are affected by the same social economic factors and conditions.

        1. Joel Gonzalez, how dare you challenge Maria Pereira and tell her the truth.

          One thing we all can agree with is the fact that the Bridgeport Public School System is failing our children badly along with the State and the City underfunding public education. How long do we keep funding a failing public school system as the ONLY way to educate our children? Charter schools are not the only answer and neither are the public school system. Time is passing and there  are no answers to making the Bridgeport School System better and Maria Pereira wants to stay on the same course. We must do whatever it takes to improve Bridgeport School System including charter schools, magnet schools and public schools. When a public school fails we don’t shut it down and stop funding it.

        2. Joel, there a very few residents of Bridgeport that know more about the charter school industry than myself.

          Study after study has repeatedly shown that students in charter schools perform no better than those students that attend true public schools. In fact, many perform worse.

          The NAACP passed a resolution calling for a moratorium on charter schools based on the disservice they do to many minority children in predominantly in urban school districts.

          Whenever a charter school parent contacts me for help,I help them in any way possible. I do not blame innocent parents who buy into the sales pitch and marketing perpetuated by paid charter school employees and lobbyists. I am opposed to anyone on the Charter School industry payroll.

          I “conduct” myself in a way that educates others with factual information.

          Anyone here notice that my most vocal critics on this blog are older men that don’t do anything to help their community but post on OIB? Clearly, I threaten you in some way. My guess is I am a strong woman that doesn’t take an ounce of crap from anyone, but especially those that just yap.

      2. Maria Pereira, would you get really pissed off if it’s true that Marcus Brown is the half brother of Gage Frank? I’m trying to confirm this.

      3. Stalking my family much? Please educate yourself first, Maria. These hard-working young men are absolutely without a doubt educators and “teachers” as you call them. My brother has a Masters in English education from UCONN and has years of experience teaching children. You, however, are a blight on our education system in this city. I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you face to face about this. I’m sure you know who I am since you know where my brother works though you’ve never even met him.

        1. LOL! I know your “brother” works for Achievement First because your father posted it in response to a post I made on Facebook.

          Oops, that has got to be embrassing for you. I have no idea who you are, nor do I care to.

          1. Not embarrassed in the slightest. You should be though for all the time you’ve wasted in preventing any meaningful dialogue about the children of this city. Besides your known conduct at meetings, the way you represent yourself on the internet is almost comical if it weren’t for the school system suffering at the expense of your pettiness. You say you don’t care to know me – well do me a favor and keep your comments about my family to a minimum.

          2. Catherine, your father posted I was a “facist”, therefore your time might be better spent policing his posts.

            I simply posted your brother was employed by Achievement First which is factual. I did not make a derogatory comment or attack his character. One must ask why a factual post is so disturbing to you?

            How many board meeting have you attended this school year, Catherine? My guess is none. No one on this school board has done more to fight for our students in lobbying in Hartford, fighting for our true public school children, held superintendents and their administrator’s accountable, exposed waste and fiscal irresponsibility, made recommendations to drive revenue and offer cost saving measures,etc. than myself.

            Please do list all your contributions to our true public school children? I will wait patiently.

          3. “I will wait patiently.” Maria Pereira, you’re such freaken clown. You of all people on the BOE–past, present, and future–you’re the last one who can be patient. A patient in a Hospital maybe.

          4. Give me a break, Maria. Don’t tell me you’re only making factual statements when in fact you are attempting to illegitimize my brother and Kyle Langan’s status as educators by referring to them as “teachers.” You’re full of it. I work full time, go to school, and have a million other commitments that prevent me from attending any of the meetings I wish I could go to like BOE or City Council, but I have taught hundreds upon hundreds of kids in this city how to swim and have provided a valuable life skill to so many of these kids who live in a waterfront community. Please do not question my service to the children of this city. I’m not worried though about anything you have to say to me as I suspect 99% of the people in this forum see right through you as I do. Good day.

          5. Catherine, so you should be able to question my commitment to our public school children, however my questioning of your commitment to our public school children is off limits. ” Give me a break, Catherine”.

          6. Precisely, my dear, as you are a member of our Board of Ed – you serve at my pleasure and not the other way around. Everyone should be questioning the dedication of public servants, every day.

          7. Catherine,

            I am not your appointee, therefore I do not serve at your pleasure. I was elected by over 10,000 voters, not by you.

  4. I too have been waiting for some new, young blood to step forward to tackle the problems that beset our fair city. I wish to learn more about them and hope their aim is true. I’ll vote for most anyone to be rid of that p.o.s. Evette Brantley

  5. Brantley the chair of Community. And Economic Development Committee and a Testa Dem. Either one I feel these men could run circles around her!

  6. I think it’s awesome. While a lot of hands were out pandering since this new administration has taken over, I’ve noticed a movement of young people vested in the creating the future of this city. I expect at least 10 CC seats changing hands and don’t be surprised of shake ups in town committees. The crack in the Testa Foundation is very visible and for the betterment of the city, the new voices have to take over and the old guard is going to have to step aside or get run over.
    We are in difficult times as a city and a state and young folks don’t have time to waste being told “This is how it’s always be done”. I’m excited to see a lot of new faces rise. Also excited to see a lot of old faces embrace the future. I Dare even say its a great time for some republican voices to mingle in the ring.

  7. Kelvin, your statements are incredibly presumptuos. Making such statements and then losing can cause you significant embarrassment. So far, I don’t see a single “young democrat” that has announced their candidacy for City Council defeating the “old guard”. Just my opinion.

    1. Kelvin Ayala, Maria Pereira is speaking from experience. She made a lot incredibly presumptuos statements then she lost to Rep. Stallworth. She won’t admit to being embarrassed.

      1. Joel, please cut and paste even one post on JIB in which I presumed I was going to beat Stallworth. Post just one,Joel.

        And we are about to relive the Jennifer Buchanan debacle because no such post exists.

      2. Joel, you got this right, not only Rev. Stallworth did she make a lot incredibly statements but also against Jamilah Prince-Stewart.

        Joel, Maria said to you, “please cut and paste even one post on JIB in which I presumed I was going to beat Stallworth. Post just one, Joel.” Joel, so does that mean that Maria ran against Rev. Stallworth knowing that she couldn’t beat him?

        1. Ron Mackey, I’ll do better than copy and paste. She will find a way to try and explain her post. She posted allot of crap (some true) about Stallworth in order to turn votes her way. The worst part is that Maria Pereira–knowing she was not going to win–accepted $5,000 in contributions from donors, knowing that she didn’t stand a chance to win. She had already signed up to participate in the Citizens Campaign Fund for a $25,000 Grant of taxpayers money, knowing she wasn’t going to win. I guess this is due to her belief that if you throw more money into a problem, the problem will be solved. She has the guts to tell me, ‘I’m not all there.’ As for your “yap” comment, you keep on yapping and I’ll keep OIBitchslapping.

          1. This is equivalent to Trump deflection.

            You CANNOT copy, paste and post any post where I boasted I was going to defeat Stallworth because it does not exist, Jennifer.

            Oops, I’m sorry. I meant to direct that comment to, Joel.

            NOW that’s a “bitchslap” heard around Bridgeport.:)

    1. I believe I have been absolutely clear, I do not support anyone associated with the Charter School industry.

      I do hope Evette Brantley and/or her running mate defeat the AF “teacher”. I don’t have an opinion on Marcus Brown.

  8. I will agree with Maria as far as this goes.
    The state of Connecticut made a conscientious that as long as charter schools are on par with public schools AND they are cheaper to run than public schools, they will continue to fund and grow.
    This is wrong.
    And people who agree are sorely ill-informed.
    As residents of the state’s largest city we should NOT agree with this attitude. We should demand that the teachers be as professional as the public school. That is a nonstarter.
    Don’t sell our children short by going for the cheap route.
    Cheaper is not better.

    1. bob is it not the messed up vetting system Connecticut has of not accepting good teachers because they are nonsensically bureaucratic and asinine as in other areas (why we are seeing employers leaving). Being a good teacher is not determined by perfunctory hoops that serve the industrial complex.

  9. Bob, I guess our doctors, dentists, etc. Shouldn’t be certified either. We don’t want messy requirements in order to receive credentials. Let’s just let them operate and conduct oral surgery because they stated they were qualified. Unbelievable.

      1. There are very critical reasons why no charter school supporter, employee, lobbyist should NOT serve on the City Council. I posted them all above.

        1. It is my understanding that a BOE employee, without regard to their job category, may run for City Council office without the appearance or actual conflict of interest. Is that your understanding? Does it extend to a teacher at a Diocesan parochial school as well? Why would a teacher at a Charter School be denied the opportunity then? Aren’t the situations similar?

          The nitty gritty fiscal decisions for the Bridgeport BOE are fashioned by administration office and meetings of the School Finance committee, not the City Council. The only connection is the one time per year vote on the overall budget. Now City Hall attention should be more proactive because the annual City operating budget starts there, not at the Council. The practical ignorance of City financial matters leaves current Council unprepared to handle them with skill. All they wish to know is who is the good guy in the morality play told by Tom McCarthy to them. Few know enough to counter these simple stories. And that is why more education of City voters especially around financial matters is necessary. The Council members who felt proud of increasing the BOE budget by $3 Million had no answer for the BOE members when it was explained how those dollars actually played out. Maria’s disappointment with public funding of Charter Schools in general and specific charter schools in their practices will be an important area of discussion when some attention to the 21,000 youth served by public dollars from the State begin to approximate those flowing to the other large cities like Hartford and New Haven. That’s where the focus needs to be, but it would seriously help that cause if Ganim2 got off his butt and talked to people about the subject of the schools as they are now and might be in five years if his priorities and concepts are followed. What do we hear instead? A travelogue from Ganim2 and crickets when it comes to public discussion where respectful listening and sharing is ongoing. Why did Ganim2 seek such listening and understanding in a African-American church more than two years ago, but denies it to all of us today? Time will tell.

  10. My niece graduated with a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree from SHU. On hindsight she should have started the state testing when she completed her undergraduate studies but she didn’t.
    So it took her a bit longer to pass the tests but no complaints from her. She did what she had to do and is better for it.
    No shortcuts there.

  11. Standards? Get real people. What a scam with your pathetic performance on the board of ed. Do you actually have an education, Maria. Only In Bridgeport!

    1. Bob, please list ONE accomplishment you introduced, lead, and prevailed in a full vote of the City Council in your two years on the council?

      Whether you like it or not, Bob, I have a significant base of support.I think we all know you had to switch to a Republican.

  12. I’ll name a few things I accomplished on City Council, Maria: the stand against solar panels in an Olmstead park, the exposure of O &Gs contract with the school building committee, the exposure of Finch assaulting a Council person, a roof on Bassick High School, and quite a few more iincluding the denial of outrageous tax breaks to preferred developers and the city subsidy of demolition of Marina Village.

    1. I believe much of these agenda items were driven by Rick Torres and most were not successful. The Bassick roof was driven by Sauda,,Bobby and myself in 2010. Once the illegal board was ousted, Sauda,John,,Vooby and myself pushed this again. We made Bassick our highest priority as a board and directed Rabinowitz to do the same. She made an entire presentation before the Council in 2014 and stressed the condition of the roof.

      You lost the “stand” against the solar panels. Carmen Lopez did extensive research on O & G and worked closely with John to expose them. O& G was not terminated due to you,Bob. What successful outcome resulted from the assault on Castillo?

      The tax breaks were reduced, but tax breaks were given.

    1. Right, because you and every other City Council candidate rode the coattails of the ROW B BOE slate. And what happened just two years later when you ran for reelection? Right, you were SOUNDLY defeated.

      1. Maria Pereira, you seem to understand how “the coattails” principle works for other candidates. It was Joe Ganim’s coattail that gave you enough votes to barely make it. Remember the recount? In fact, Dennis Bradley fared better than you and Ganim when it was all said and done. Even if Finch won all the votes from “your schools”, Ganim would have still won the primary.

        1. Dennis Bradley beat Ben by slightly over 200 votes in the Primary. Ben beat me by 28 votes.

          I received more votes than Joe Ganim at Thomas Hooker School in the primary and general. Both Dennis and Ben would have lost if I hadn’t churned our plurality at Thomas Hooker School and JFK.

          I can stand confront of Thomas Hooker School WITHOUT canvassing and swing the votes by the hundreds. As supporting evidence let’s look at Karen Jackson’s results in the 2015 General. I did not knock on a single door, but I stood in front of Thomas Hooker School in November and simply asked voters to vote for Ben, myself and Karen. She received over 300 votes and out of 22 polling locations, Karen received 18% of her total vote count from our two schools. I did the same thing for Sauda and Eric in the 2013 General. They received more votes than every Democrat and Republican at Thomas Hooker School on the WFP line.

          If I hadn’t delivered Thomas Hooker for Dennis,Ben and myself, we would have all lost. Ben and Dennis hadn’t served in any citywide elected position, therefore they hadn’t pissed off anyone and made enemies. I had, but especially the charter school proponents.

          Thomas Hooker School gave Ganim the third largest plurality in Bridgeport. He only wone by 412 votes. If just 207 voters voted for Finch instead of Ganim, he would have lost. If you don’t think I was CRITICAL to Ganim’s victory; u have lost your mind.

          Mayor Finch told one of his most important fund raiser that he lost for two reasons. They were the debacle that occurred with the late mailing of 700 ABs and me.

          If Finch won EVRRY vote at Thomas Hooker, Ganim would have lost. We had over 700 votes cast in the primary at TH School.

          With all the efforts AGAINST me, I still won.

          1. I didn’t support Dennis against Ed Gomes. Ed beat Dennis by 130 votes and Ed beat Dennis at both our schools by over 180 votes.Enough said.

          2. Maria, Dennis Bradley got his start i9n Bridgeport politics because you and your support for Dennis Bradley to get elected to the Bridgeport Board Of Education along with your support for Joe Ganim, you should be very proud of what you had done for the City with election of Mayor Ganim and BBOE member Dennis Bradley.

          3. Dennis Bradley served on Chris Rosario’s 136th TC and ran for state rep. against Chris Rosario and I had nothing to do with either.

            Are you ever able to post accurate and factual comments?

          4. Maria, the truth that you can’t spin is the fact that you were the big reason for Joe Ganim got elected to become mayor and your support that got Dennis Bradley elected to the BOE but they both played you.

          5. “Thomas Hooker School gave Ganim the third largest plurality in Bridgeport. He only wone by 412 votes. If just 207 voters voted for Finch instead of Ganim, he would have lost…”

            Lets do simple math:

            412-207=205 Notice Maria Pereira the BEST and Brightest on the BOE can’t tell you by how much Ganim would have lost. That’s because Ganim would have won by 205 votes. Lets all hope that Maria Pereira is NOT the one calculating the BOE Budget Deficit. Maria Pereira, what did you do with the missing $15 million?

          6. “I didn’t support Dennis against Ed Gomes. Ed beat Dennis by 130 votes and Ed beat Dennis at both our schools by over 180 votes.Enough said.”

            You didn’t say enough. At the same time that Dennis and Gomes were running against each other, you and Stallworth were battling for State Rep. in a district. Excuse me, your district which encompasses part of Ed Gomes Senate district. You were merely holding on to Ed Gomes’ coattail hoping that you’d get enough votes to beat Stallworth. While you helped Ed Gomes win (in your mind) you lost to Stallworth. I helped both Gomes and Moore. You did nothing to help Ed Gomes, it was all about you and your race. How did you help Ed Gomes win? You gave him a five dollar contribution? I bet If I check his campaign contribution records, your name won’t appear.

          7. Joel,

            You publicize your stupidity on this blog repeatedly. Now follow along.

            Ganim beat Finch by 412 votes in the Primary. If 207 Ganim voters voted for Finch instead Ganim; Ganim would lose 207 votes and Finch would gain 207 votes which would result in Finch winning by one vote.

            I raised hundreds for Ed, we took a professional photo with Ed and sent out 800 endorsement letters from the 138th TC, we had the president of Nob Hill Condominium with 376 units send an endorsement letter for Ed, we had Dottie Guman and Gloria Carbone send out endorsement letters, we got over 100 ABs, and We worked JFK for Ed although JFK is not in my state rep. district, and we volunteered at the polls for Ed.

            What did you do to help Ed,Joel?

  13. Flub a dub. Connecticut is the licensing capital of the world. It is so hard to do business here, especially inBridgrpory and this applies to the difficulty in qualified teachers coming from other states into Connecticut. I dont understand your grudge with Teach for America.
    There is an incredible lack of creativity and flexibility with the Bridgeport school system as now exists
    I have walked the halls of Achievement First and Bassick HS and I don’t think there is any comparison in quality

    1. Talking about Bassick HS, did you see the fight video from last week on fb? I lost count of how many principals Bassick has gone through. The current principal knocked on more door than Maria Pereira in an effort to speak and meet with Bassick students and parents before the school year started. Since Maria is the BEST of all BOE members, she should spend more time in OIBassick HS instead of Hartford, Charter Schools, and OIB.

    2. Teach for America is a “non-profit” with over 300,000,000 in assets. They recruit on prestigious college campuses and recruit mainly white affluent college students who don’t understand our communities or students.

      They receive six weeks, but about 40 hours of training to be a”teacher” and are placed mainly in urban school districts. They are frequently not certified and utilize TFA as a resume builder for their future career ambitions.

      They are only required to make a two year commitment to “teaching”. 50% of TFA recruits leave teaching after 2 years and 80% leave by year three. It takes 3-5 years to become an effective teacher. Urban school districts truly need tenured teachers committed to teaching as a profession. A school district has to pay a placement fee to TFA which costs Bridgeport about $7,000 per TEA recruit over a two year period.

      They have received a lot of negative press the last few years and have been exposed to the point that several elite college campuses have blocked them from recruiting on their campuses.

      Their recruitment has dropped by over 20% and they recently closed a training facility in NY.

      One of their main purposes is to break the teacher’s union and they work hand-in-hand with the Charter School industry.

    3. The very same Bassick that you failed to fund annually, and failed to bond for a complete renovation.

      You are completely clueless,Bob Halstead.

  14. Maria, by not supporting these two you are supporting the status quo of the railroading Mario agenda and McCarty’s pathetic Committee chair appointments.

  15. I don’t believe I have stated any opposition to Marcus. I don’t know him. I haven’t stated any support for him either.

    Once again, no supporter, employee or lobbyist for charter schools should serve on the City Council. It really isn’t complicated.

  16. John, I have volunteered in my daughter’s school since Pre-k. I served on the PAC,CHS PTSO, and I adopted a bilingual class at Cesar Batalla for several years.

    As if you know what I have or haven’t done in the last ten years.

  17. Lennie, you have contact information for these gentlemen? I would like to pass it along to the Stratfield Historic District Association so that the Association can invite them to its monthly meetings. Thank you.

  18. Joel Gonzalez, Maria lost to Rev. Stallworth in spite of her lies against Stallworth and it seems like Ed Gomes, Joe Ganim and Dennis Bradley (BBOE) all got elected because of Maria, wow, that’s deep. Maria needs to be the chairperson of the DTC or even the mayor with all of her power and influence over elections.

  19. Let’s be clear, when do nothing bloggers post that someone publicly stated “lies” about anyone, they should be able to specify what those ‘lies” were. If they cannot or will not support their claims with specifics, they have ZERO credibility.

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