Elephants And Donkeys To Conduct Party Endorsements On Same Night

Who’ll be cutting primary ribbon, Ganim or Moore?

Democrats and Republicans will gather Tuesday night to endorse candidates for mayor, city clerk, town clerk, Board of Education, City Council and city sheriff slots. Most of the endorsements on the Democratic side are a foregone conclusion including Mayor Joe Ganim seeking another four-year term.

The Democratic Town Committee will meet 6 p.m. at Testo’s Restaurant on Madison Avenue, the epicenter of city politics, owned by Town Chair Mario Testa.

Some intrigue is engulfing the Republican endorsement for mayor. Ethan Book and Dishon Francis are announced candidates. The party may receive a late mayoral entry in John Rodriguez who defeated Casimir Mizera in an August 2018 primary for State Senate in the 23rd District that covers about two thirds of Bridgeport and a piece of western Stratford.

Republican Town Chair Mike Garrett is rather nonplussed about the Book and Francis candidacies.

The GOP will conduct its endorsements 6:30 p.m. at the Elks Lodge, 735 Old Town Road.

The morning after the Tuesday endorsements opposition candidates in all municipal offices can take out the paperwork from the Registrar’s Office to petition onto the September 10 primary ballot. Challenge candidates need five percent of validated signatures from Bridgeport electors in the respective offices they seek.

The hottest prize is the Democratic mayoralty given the massive registration advantage over the GOP. Bridgeport has not elected a Republican mayor in 30 years.

The campaign camp of State Senator Marilyn Moore, Ganim’s chief rival, is galvanizing supporters to take it to the streets to bank thousands of petition signatures to submit to elections officials for certification. It’s a two-fold process of qualifying for the ballot while crafting a list of potential supporters to bring out on primary day.

Meanwhile, the heavily financed Ganim is showing no signs of taking Moore lightly. He spent part of the weekend knocking on residential doors in support of another term.



  1. The real issue with Republican Town Committee Chairman Mike Garrett about my candidacy is that I’m a non-establishment Republican and that the process being used is a behind-closed-door process. A month ago, I asked him for his support for my candidacy for Mayor. He said he would consider it, that there were several unnamed persons wanting the party endorsement, and that he would make his decision at the time of the July meeting when the Town Committee would make its decisions official. But then last week, I heard that the Town Committee leadership was intending to have John Rodriguez endorsed. Nice guy. Not such a good candidate. He didn’t raise funds, got out little, hasn’t been involved in issues and hasn’t yet established his brand. It’s curious that Garrett has not returned my recent phone calls or explained to me his view of my campaign when at last month’s Town Committee meeting when I had my five minutes to share my platform and my vision that the attending members broke out in applause at the conclusion. So, who is supposed to make the decision and how should that be done. I think that there’s more to Garrett’s thinking !!

    1. The endorsement is not yours for the taking, Ethan. It’s up to the town committee which candidate will be endorsed. If Mr. Garrett is not returning your telephone calls it may be that you are an asshole.

      Sounds like you have a mouthful of sour grapes. You shouldn’t be airing this in a public forum.

  2. Mike Garrett is nonplussed with the Dishon Frances candidacy. Does this come as a shock to anyone? Garrett has never properly acknowledged African Americans or respected them as members of the Republican party.
    Evidently after Garrett’s racist behavior at the Port 5 last month the BRTC needed to find a new venue for it’s convention. I suspect the Port 5,an organization that honors all veterans regardless of race would not tolerate such behavior and would not allow their facility to be used by such an organization as the BRTC after the racist display by Garrett at the June meting.
    I am further shocked and appalled that an organization such as the Elks would allow the BRTC with a history of disrespect to people of color would allow them to host a function at their facility. Clearly they do not vet the people who request the use of their property. I do not believe that the behavior of the leadership of the BRTC is consistent with the beliefs of the Elks lodge.

  3. Joe, problems with the Dishon candidacy include the lack of experience, lack of a solid plan and lack of leadership of the Charles Valentino alternate Republican Committee. Regarding the June BRTC meeting, again you err in attempting to fish out a racial issue where there are no facts to support it.


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