Election Voting Update By The Numbers

All that vote-counting you’re seeing in real time in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada is also taking place all around the country, not just in those areas.

Bridgeport elections officials continued the count of absentee ballots on Friday. In total 13,458 were returned out of 15,213 issued, 88.4 percent. We thank attorney Max Medina who was selected to watchdog the voting process for providing the absentee ballot summary by district.

In total more than 40,000 Bridgeport voters cast ballots out of roughly 70,000 registered electors.

Latest voting updates from the Connecticut Secretary of the State website that includes absentee ballots.



  1. Now that’s more like it forty percent (40) out of seventy percent (70) for a fifty Seven percent (57) return. Wonder how that compares to the burbs? Wonder what happened to the forty three (43) percent of Bport that did not vote? Maybe the mailbox was too far? Too lazy? Non voters if you find this offensive get of your butts and vote me out! And while you’re at it replace the city council.

    Let’s aim for 100% turnout.

    Think there’s no typos. Double check Pleaee Mr. Walsh.

  2. My thanks to the 1,847 citizens that voted for me in the 127th. I was expecting to break 2,000, but obviously didn’t work hard enough to reach my goal.
    I do hope that after slapping each other’s backs on their great victories, the delegation will get to real work and return to Bridgeport more than the crumbs we’ve allowed them to deliver for decades.


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