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    Thesis by Robert Teixeira

    Democracy, shit doesn’t add up people. 🙂

    Is it math vs emotion, or math and emotion vs a Republic? “Democracy is a charming form of government, full of variety and disorder, and dispensing a sort of equality to equals and unequal alike.” Plato The Republic.

    Did the Republican Arizonians cast a monkey wrench into the chaos and disorder upon the “tyranny that arises out of democracy where the most aggressive forms of tyranny and slavery come from its extreme liberties” Plato, The Republic?

    We have witnessed chaos and disorder in Democracy’s attempt to destroy America and its Republic by the liberties granted by law. Protest guise against tyranny and injustice had descended into extreme chaos, to the point where it is was no longer about tyranny and injustice but transformed into tyranny and chaos itself. These liberties granted walks a fine line between chaos and order. When officers are called for help and confronted by an assailant with a knife and are shot by the officers, where protests ensure that turns into riots, looting, creating its own tyranny that descends on society, propped up and promulgated by the liberal media. You must ask. Where is the line between liberty and tyranny, justice and injustice, chaos, and order?

    Either way, as you guide yourself when you walk that line. This election has shown not only is Democracy a falsehood, but it is the least to provide equality, opportunity, growth, and stability over a Republic, for democracy is a false Idol like the Golden calf worshipped by Moses’s people, who he led out of slavery and bondage in Egypt.

    While America fights for a better union, it also fights to preserve its existence. Did the Republican Arizonians seem to understand Democracy is ultimately a falsehood cloaked, a burka, to cover its truth of tyranny aimed at the destruction of the Republic of America? It was said a lady asked Benjamin Franklin what kind of government they had given the people, and he replied, “a Republic if you can keep it”. Was that why they, Arizonians, had have pulled out their monkey wrench and threw it in the Democracy’s attempt to foster, dissent, and descend this election into chaos, disorder, and discord, to preserve these Republic?

    Since the driving force of Democracy is based on people’s emotions, they tend to live in their bubble, with little regard to someone else’s opinion. So, let me say, Fox News called Arizona for Biden relatively early, and many were not pleased about it. Not only did no other liberal news outlet would call Arizona for Biden they questioned Fox News. Even though you would think CNN, MSNBC, and the other liberal news outlets would be more than pleased to call Arizona for Biden, flipping a red state to blue. But they were not, and there was a good reason, math, people.

    Once you looked at the math after Arizona being called for Biden and you added up the traditionally red states vs blue on the electoral map Pennsylvania becomes irrelevant. Georgia turned blue to assist in the mitigation of chaos and disorder that was methodically planned and scheduled to commence in name of Democracy on the liberal news outlets.

    Not only did Pennsylvania change their laws to have widespread mail-in ballots because of the Coronavirus. Yet they failed to feel the need to change the law to have those mail-in ballots counted beforehand, as many other states did. Surely, they had to know millions and millions, upon millions of mail-in ballots would take time to count. They even when to the SC to have ballots be count three days past the election.

    So, the chaos, disorder, and discord you are witnessed being played out in the media that followed the election was not lonely inevitable but planned. But what caught my eye, none of the major liberal news outlets were doing the simple math. Biden would get to 270 with the traditional and seemingly inevitable Nevada win.

    I watched the crescendo of liberal media outlets and constant coverage who would not only not call Arizona, but practically ignore it. Yet I also witness their constant reporting on the chaos developing out of Pennsylvania, creating further division and discord in America. The coverage seemed to be all about Pennsylvania, and its irregularities from fraud, observers, dead people voting. papered windows, court cases, and challenges, and everything in between, from in a state that technology has become irrelevant because of Arizona flipping to a blue that gives Biden the path to 270, which should have been a much bigger story

    I guess the traditionally Republican state of Georgia state, after the Civil War and Atlanta fell to them, threw some credibility shade in this election chaos manifested out of Pennsylvania, to lend some credulity to the processes. Can you imagine this process and coverage being played out by the liberal media would have had in store for the sheep minded follower of Democracy if Arizona hadn’t gone blue, and this already divisively Trump presidency that it already had created for the last four years, including an impeachment, if the election coverage had come down to just one state, Pennsylvania and all it manifested questions and irregularities? Can you imagine?
    I am having a hard time and fathoming their coverage about Trump defying the election results and not leaving the White House. Like he is Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran, who is going to over overthrowing the United States of America with his band of tiki torch Twitter followers. It is utterly ridiculous news coverage, yet constant on liberal news networks, that constant plays in the psyche of democracy’s philosophy. And they wonder why there is a public mental health crisis.

    So why? As I said, America is not just fighting for the betterment of the union to lives up to its creed. It is also fighting to preserve it from those who want it destroyed.

    I reflect on a black lives matter march sponsored by City Hall who was supposed to be lead by Rev. Al Sharpton, in which he canceled his presence and sent someone from his organization because of the division in the Port’s black community leadership, and the PR community as well, I believe.

    While the division is nothing new, its math, I could not help but notice how heavily the guest speaker was anti-American and trashing this country for its history of slavery and the treatment of black people. Yet no mention that it was the Democratic Party and philosophy behind, slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow, who led that charge, or the fact America and it creed did not come into existence until hundreds of years after the fact of slavery or Americas fought and died fighting against Democrat Confederacy Nation to end slavery existence in America, and to preserve the union, this country, and its creed. But it was the American flag that was demonized, not the enemy from within.

    I also reflected on the words of the Port’s very own Board of Education member, Comrade Joe, who demeans the people of the Port who didn’t patriciate and voted in what has become a foregone conclusion of a general election of a one-party rule city.

    I also reflected on who is to blame, is it this country and its creed or the people in it. Just like I reflected on the % of people who voted in a one-party forgone conclusion. Is it the % of votes cast or the people elected that continue to keep the Port shit?

    One must ask, what are the motives behind such words and speeches? If there were 100 % participation or just 1 % of voters in the Port, it would not change the results in the Ports one-party rule, elected candidates in a general to go to Hartford? These views come from an elected official who ran as a Republican to get on the board they switched, I guess my point is, at what point do you stop blaming the country and its creed and look towards the people who are elected and not living up to it’s a creed that? When you hear words and speeches like the whole system must be toward down, that is talking about this country and creed, and are the enemy within.
    I also reflect on a Republican who once said “ I have a dream that one day this nation will rise and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”

    I also reflect on the spectacle I witnessed in a community predominantly black, that was/is known for being a food desert. A community without a meaningful grocery store to serves its needs.
    In capitalism, a reasonable size grocery store should prosper and serve the community. In a Socialism structure, you get what you get what they give you.

    I watched this spectacle of government and the health community praise what is basically, a corner store that sells products that will not survive without government. And is nowhere adequate to enhance a community by providing a meaningful grocery store, when people in the community has gone out of their way, for the ability to spend $30 on groceries that is healthy and will to last a week or so over wasting $20 to eat one evening with some fast food place of some type you are depriving a community of thriving and grow. That is what is behind the untold story, choice.

    However it should not be confused between the needs and wants of society, capitalism and socialism, The % of votes in democracy, or the creed of this country, legitimate protest and rioting, valid rebellion to chaos, led by democracy’s cloak of tyranny of systematic deprivation and oppression.

    In the world of prophet Eminem, I am whatever you say I am.

    P.S Lennie I expect an A on my Thesis 🙂


  2. President Donald Trump will save the United States funding on a Presidential Library because he does not believe in the value of reading or or books? Funny or tragic?

    1. To be fair, JML you are right and wrong. You’re right, Trump the person is not much of a reader who values books. Where you are wrong believing people in government tend to be frugal in spending, especially when the money is not money they earned. For the most part, Trump probably didn’t even read the 4 of those 50+ books he has said to have written and didn’t even read those books completely. 🙂

      So what does that say about the Trump Republican this country under Trump, or the Democrat Party whose been in charge of running the Port City for Decades, with its hijab of oppression in the black communities where a Republican can’t be found in it governance? I know it easy to say racism, But maybe it might be a bit more than racism, to be kind, racial bias, that resides with it, right comrade, Ron and Day? JS people.


      1. But maybe it’s just the % of Melanin behind the Hijab that conceals the racism that resides? Who knows, maybe the answer might be in one of Trump books or a Biden victory of Trump. CNN seems to think so. However, the Republican Trump Presidency didn’t have much to say on how the D’s been running the Port. Although the R’s did put up the worse possible candidate for Governor in a time the sitting Democrat governor was so disliked he didn’t( ever seek reelection. JS



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