Daniels, Weighing Mayoral Run, To Be Honored By Finch For Police Work

David Daniels
Retired police officer David Daniels is considering a mayoral run.

Retired Police Lieutenant David Daniels, pondering a run for mayor, will be honored by Mayor Bill Finch at the City Council meeting tonight (Monday) at 7 p.m. for his 25 years of dedicated service to the city. Full Council agenda here.

In recent years Daniels has had an up and down relationship with city hall. He retired last year following a career of community policing. After moving out of the city he says he expects to find a place in the city shortly in anticipation of a mayoral run.

As the mayoral cycle has begun, no challengers have formed a candidate committee to challenge Finch. Several potential candidates are positioning for political support.

Right now Finch is sitting pretty with $300,000 in his campaign bank account and counting. This mayoral cycle could be a yawner or a wild and crazy sprint, depending on the candidates and their financial strength. Moneywise, it’s getting late. Tough to compete without moolah.



  1. Lt. Daniels, congratulations on the honor and thank you for serving the city of Bridgeport for 25 years and your many contributions to helping the youth of Bridgeport through the DARE program. I would attend just to share in this “Bridgeport” experience if I weren’t attending the wake of John Anthony Compton, the 29-year-old man who was killed while riding an ATV. It doesn’t get much sadder than that. He was a great young man and it is such a waste. Leaving behind an eight-year-old son. RIP.

  2. David Daniels well deserves this recognition. He did wonderful work for the community as a police officer.

    I think Finch last honored him when, after nearly 25 years of service, Daniels was put on the 12:00 a.m.–6:00 a.m. foot patrol on the East Side.

    Bet Daniels likes this recognition just a bit better!

  3. Maybe you’re right, “Baffled in Bridgeport.” This honor will definitely be easier to take, I’m thinking this comes more from other sources. Though with that being said, it’s nice to be recognized for ones work. I love Bridgeport so it was a labor of love and too Steven Auerbach, thank you for considering to attend, my condolences to the family of your friend.

  4. The notice read, “Honoring retired Bridgeport Police Lieutenant David Daniels III for more than 25 years of dedicated service to the community.” Is this something special that was done for David Daniels or is it also done for other police officers? I ask because there have been a lot of Bridgeport police officers who have given dedicated service to the City and I don’t recall reading about it, now maybe that’s my fault.

  5. I was present for the “good news” ceremony honoring David Daniels III following the Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance. Council President Tom McCarthy likes to tell people such recognition ceremonies are held to let people see the “good things” that happen in Bridgeport. The Daniels notice did not include a listing of the many ways retired Lieutenant Daniels had gone above and beyond the call of regular service, during vacation time and when off duty to work for youth in the community. Was the City serious about this recognition? Why not ask Bill Finch or Tom McCarthy where the photograph of the group surrounding Dave is? What, no photographer? Did Public Relations mess up?

    And then the City Meeting … real discussion to change the minutes of a past meeting … motions and seconds to refer communications to committee … motions and second to adjourn. Democracy in action? Where are the debates? Where is the info for the public? Why is there a police officer sitting to maintain public security? It’s all done out of sight, folks.

    I spoke for five minutes. Fast, factual, and closed before Tom could bring the hammer down. (Sending my comments to OIB and Council members now.) One of the few folks in attendance did stop to tell me he, as a taxpayer, was in agreement with my comments. He has my phone number. I expect we will have coffee soon. Another attendee, a college student, wondered how the meeting format could lead anyone to trust the 19 Council members present were representing the public interest. Time will tell.

  6. John Marshall Lee, thanks for the update. I find your comment very interesting, “Was the City serious about this recognition? Why not ask Bill Finch or Tom McCarthy where the photograph of the group surrounding Dave is? What, no photographer? Did Public Relations mess up?” I could be wrong but it sounds like somebody is being used. Dave Daniels said he is running for mayor so is the mayor kissing up to Dave or is the mayor trying to look good to the black community by giving the award or was it what you said, a Public Relations mess-up? Something doesn’t seem right and JML, you could be onto something.


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